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Will Yours Be My Valentine?

Last week, Yours Clothing offered me the chance to choose myself a dress for Valentines Day, which of course I was over the moon about - I really love what Yours Clothing are offering up at the minute.

That said, the eternal spinster in me thought what is the point? Last year I went to France for the day with a friend to 'celebrate' Valentines which was lovely. This year, I have Club Indulge's Valentines party to attend on the Saturday night which I am looking forward to.

I chose this dress because I love it - but also because I wanted to show you that fashion can be affordable. It is all well and good being sent items to review, but I know sometimes the purse strings just won't stretch as far as you would like them to! This dress is currently only £15.00 in the Yours Sale - which is a complete bargain!

In fact, they have loads of dresses for £15.00 at the moment - loads of them perfect for a Valentines Day night out!

Back to the dress I chose - the  Black Dress With Silver Glittery Damask Print To Top is lovely. I found it a very generous fit and could easily have downsized, but I was worried about losing too much on the length. That said, the dress would look lovely with leggings or tights, so all would not be lost if it did come up a little shorter on you.

The silver doesn't show up as well as it could do in the picture, its much more striking in real life! When I wear this out properly I am going to dress it up with loads of sparkly jewellery, I'll make sure I share a pic afterwards!

Have you bought anything from Yours Clothing lately?

If you haven't used Yours Clothing before then you can use the code 'blogger6' to get £10 off of a £20 spend. New customers only but what better excuse do you need to give them a try?

Debz xx

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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very greatful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!

Live Unlimited: New Season Stock

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited along to Live Unlimited Head Quarters to get a sneaky peak at their new range for Autumn/Winter. For those that don't know, Live Unlimited are a newish range of clothing on Evans.

Upon meeting the lovely ladies behind this new brand, I learnt that they are very passionate about the cause. Every single one of the ladies I met knew the range of clothing inside out and were more than happy to take on feedback we gave.

Being the loud mouth blogger that I am I didn't give glowing feedback on some of the items - I wanted less cover up, more colour for example. That said, the range is BEAUTIFUL and the ladies were more than happy to talk to us about our needs and what we would like to see from a plus size clothing range. 

The brand has been designed by a team of ladies that have been working with Evans for years. After seeing the Evans brand grow, they wanted to create something - and so they did! With lace biker jackets and sparkly Christmas dresses there can be no denying that they got it right - very right!

The items are slowly being dripped onto the Evans website so it is well worth looking at what they have on offer!

Me and The Live Unlimited Team
Have you checked out the range? I'd love to know your favorite pieces! Here's mine:

Debz xx

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Campaign To Standardise Womens Clothing Sizes

I have blogged a couple of times about the difference in clothing sizes depending on what you buy and where you buy it from. It is OK when you get an idea of how clothing sizes run for you (ASOS are very generous, I find Yours Clothing a little small) but it is a pain! 

When I order something online, I want to know it is going to fit. I don't want to have to wait to try it on to see if it fits as it should, whether it's too baggy (ha ha) or whether I need to send it back for having it too small. I didn't realise until quite recently that there is no industry standard for clothing sizes. In essence, clothing shops can put whatever size labels they want on their clothes, there are no rules!

So imagine my excitement this afternoon when I was tweeted by the Curvacsous Collective about their campaign to standardise womens clothing sizes in the UK! I am SO excited about this and can't stress enough what a good idea I think it is. I think standardising clothing sizes would lead to so much easiness and feeling better when you are clothing shopping. I know how upsetting it can be when you don't fit into your normal clothes size and have to 'size up' - more often than not this is because of the cut/fit/size of the clothing rather than you having actually put on any weight.

I have signed the campaign and honestly think everyone else should too!

"The aim to stay within a certain size range can trigger many women to engage in behaviour symptomatic of eating disorders. Whether we like it or not, women’s self-esteem and body image hinges on the size she wears. The varying sizes from different brand labels, all claiming to be the same, needs to change. Women's clothing should be sold in measurements just like men's garments. Women will be more eager to shop and purchase clothes, if sold by measurements (waist/ hips /bust size). Government of the UK, we urge you to take this small step, creating and enacting legislation standardising the size labels of women's clothing, as one step in the right direction towards happier and healthier women."

What do you think? Is this something you would like to see more of?