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Dorothy Perkins Curve - A New Plus Size Offering

You might have seen on social media this morning that Dorothy Perkins have launched a new curve range. As I am sure you can imagine when I heard this announcement the first thing I did was check what sizes they do.

I am pleased to say that they are planning up to size 28. Yes, I would loved to have seen up to a size 32 or beyond but up to a size 28 is a great start - especially if they stock their curve range on the high street because size 24+ is much needed on most high streets!

It's coming on 8th October and I thought it was something that should be celebrated though so I thought I would whip up a quick blog post to spread the word.

Here are my favourite items so far.

Don't worry though, it's not all dresses.  I think they have actually done really well to have a range of items to suit everyone

DP said "Adding a considered, curve conscious collection through DP Curve means that Dorothy Perkins is a one stop shop for every woman on the British high street," said the brand's head of design, Mel Mercer. "The signature handwriting from our core collection can be seen in the product offer but we have used advanced design techniques throughout our fit process to design with a fuller silhouette in mind" which I hope means we'll see it in lots of their high street stores as well as online!

Of course, I can't give my opinion until I have tried it for myself. I'll be running out to buy an item or two when it launches! You can see some more of the range here

What do you think to the range so far?



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