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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Big Fat Clothes Swap

On Sunday I headed down a clothes swap in Bethnal Green and I am so glad that I did. I have never been to anything like this before and right up until Saturday I was unsure about going... But I went and I loved it! 

It was held in a cute room in Bethnal Green - packed full of fat babes, both bloggers and non-bloggers. Everyone bought bags of clothes and the items were separated out into sizes. Then people could take their pick of what they wanted. It was such a lovely atmosphere, with everyone recommending items for each other, giving styling advice and helping people try on items. It was really lovely to see everyone & see lots of new faces. I have come away with a bundle of new outfits which I now can't wait to wear! How exciting.

I am still on my little self-made mission to dress a little differently and this time I went for it with my hair. I always, always wear my hair flat and it's a bit boring to me. I couldn't sleep the night before, so at 3am I washed my hair, plaited it and went to bed.

with it wet. I love the effect that this had, although it isn't quite as wavy as I hoped. I love the volume it gave my hair & I actually quite like the geek-chic look I ended up with for the day! 

I am proper going for the geek look at  the moment - I picked up these glasses for a massive investment of 99p delivered! I have them in purple and red too - how exciting! The t-shirt is one I picked up in a random shop in Belgium when I was there last year - I threw it on over a red New Look skater dress just because it is a little bit short.

Thanks to Kirsty and everyone for organising it. I would definitely recommend everyone go to the next one.

What did you get up to at the weekend?

Debz x

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