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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Brit Mums Xmas Do

On Monday I attended the BritMums Xmas Do... As I am not a parent blogger (I know shocking, right?) I don't get to hear about many of these events! Thankfully my flatmate is a mummy-to-be blogger and she heard about the event - with the promise of sparkling Christmas lights and cake I couldn't resist.

There were around 80 bloggers at the event - which was packed full of delicious goodies from Morrisons to try - lots of their Christmas range was there to tickle our taste buds (I thoroughly recommend the salt sea caramel pretzels)... We were treated to lunch and then given a goodie bag to take home - the team behind Brit Mums and Morrisons really looked after us!

I was really taken back by just how friendly everyone was - even to a non-parent blogger like me! Lots of people came up to say hi, ask about my blog, if I was enjoying the event etc - I even got 'spotted' from attending Blogfest a couple of weeks ago! 

Thank you to BritMums for letting me come along - Hopefully see you all soon!

I didn't know what to wear to the event - it started at 10:30am, so this was definitely not a dress up occasion! In the end I went for this trusty dress from New Look and a new beige cardigan from Just For 5 Pounds. I blogged about them last week and how good value their plus size range seemed - They kindly sent me this cardigan to try for myself. I have to say I was really impressed with the quality and the fit - it is a very generous fit and feels really nice on. In my opinion it is a complete bargain for a fiver and I am very tempted to try something else from the site!

Light Batwing Cardigan -

Have you started your Christmas organising yet?

Debz xx

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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very grateful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Places You Didn't Know You Could Shop!

I know, I am a little guilty of this - assuming that you can only shop in plus size shops or at least those that have an infamous plus size range - ASOS Curve, New Look Inspire etc. etc. Don't get me wrong, these shops are great but they are not your only options. Since I started this blog and started looking properly into plus size fashion options I have discovered that there are lots of different places you can shop - that you might not even think to consider!

Just For 5 Pounds

This website has loads of items for.. you guessed it! £5.00. With a range of clothes, bags, shoes and accessories for this bargain price you can really pick up items without breaking the bank. However, what I never realised before (I didn't even think to check) is that they have a plus size section. What is even better about this plus size section is that they have items up to a size 30. Now, as you can imagine the bigger sizes go quickly but it is well worth checking out what is available and what you could pick up for almost the same price as a cup of coffee. The items on the website change - but at the moment they have items like cardigans and jumpers which well look like they are worth picking up.


Loads of us know that eBay is a great place to pick up bargain items and save yourself some money, but I still get surprised at how many people who don't realise you can pick up plus size items too! When you search via the fashion section of the website you can put in size and even what type of clothing you want, which helps to narrow it down. Of course shopping this way on eBay is hit and miss and you have to search out the bargains, but as you can get some great pieces - it is well worth doing this!


Places like Asda and are known for having their own ranges of clothes and if you look at their pieces you can find the odd hidden gem! What many people don't realise is just how big the clothes sizes go - both on their websites and in-store. Next time you are picking up some bread, why not have a browse their the clothing section and see what you can pick up. 

I'd love to hear about your hidden clothing shops & places you'd recommend

Debz xx

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