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Easter In Blackpool: A Shopping List

After a pretty bleak start to the year I am so excited to be off to Blackpool next weekend. My friends and I have turned Blackpool into a yearly tradition and I really can't wait. I know Blackpool isn't the ideal holiday destination for everyone but just having 3 days away with plenty of cheap drinks and the odd walk down the promenade is perfect for me.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been trying to plan what to take with me and if I need buy anything. One of the first things I did was promise myself I wouldn't buy a new dress.  I have so many beautiful dresses that are barely worn so I am trying to be more sensible in 2016 and re-use dresses! I'm not on any type of spending ban but just trying to be a bit more aware of my dress spending!

What To Wear

So... I have packed this beautiful Lady Voluptuous dress to take with me. I have packed one of the new Phoebe print dresses to take with me; which I'm really excited about! I love the flamingo print one I have so I'm looking forward to see how the new ones compare!

On My Face

I thought it would be nice to look at some new make up to take with me. I often don't do much with my lips but I thought I might treat myself to a lipstick. You might have guessed but I am not a massive make-up expert; so I headed over to the House of Fraser website. One of the things I like about their lipsticks is that they stock loads of brands so I found it easy to have a look through and decide what I wanted. These were my favourites.

I know my choice of lipsticks are pretty tame, but they're something I am still getting used to - loved all these shades of pink though!

What To Drink

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, something like this would be perfect:

What would you pack for a cheeky weekend away?

Debz xx

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Twos Company: Lady Voluptuous

A couple of weeks ago Lady Voluptuous announced their newest dress addition - The Ursula!

I loved the wiggle style dress straight away and knew it was a cut I would be really keen on. The patterns are so lovely too, which makes it a firm favourite of mine.

They sent me a couple to try and asked me to keep my fave... Can you guess which one it was?

I actually like both of the prints and think that they would be at home at different style events. I like that there are dark and light patterns similar to each other, to help ensure that there is something for everyone.

As you can see the dress worked fine on me, even though I am much shorter than Georgina. However, I think with this type of dress you can get away with shorter and longer lengths so that's just fine. I found the size to be similar to the Bellatrix, nicely fitted and I love the short sleeves.

BUT - Which one do you think I kept?

I kept the black simply because I loved the bright floral pattern against the black background. However not one to play by the rules I found a new way to wear it too - don't you just love a dress that is versatile?

Debz x

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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very grateful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!

Lady Voluptuous - Out of My Comfort Zone

There is no mistaking my love for Lady V London and their sister label, Lady Voluptuous. If you search my blog you'll find numerous posts about the brand and what I love! 

What you will find is that I have stuck to old faithfuls when it has come to their brand - they do tight fitting dresses well and that is what I have loved. I am a big fan of the Bellatrix and even sized down on the Cosette so that it fitted me tighter.

A few weeks ago the lovely people at Lady Voluptuous offered to send me some of their other dresses to try. I decided to take a leap out of my comfort zone and try something different. So I went for a skirt of theirs and a Lyra

The Lyra is a beautiful dress with soft material and a wrap over style neckline. It's lovely but not something that would draw my eye to a page of dresses, which is why I had never bought one before. However I have to admit, I was wrong.

As soon as I put on the black dress I saw it transform. Yes, it doesn't have the bold colour of a Cosette or a the fitted style of a Bellatrix but just look at it. It flows over my body so nicely and it feels so comfortable on. It's one of those dresses that you could pull from your wardrobe in a crisis, shove it on in a rush and know you are going to look fabulous! Now that I have tried it on, it's something I would reach for time and time again.

I tried the skirt because curiosity got the better of me. I love dresses but sometimes skirts feel a little scarier, but I am glad I tried it. Size wise it did come up a bit small so size up if you can, but as you can see the style, length and overall look of the skirt is great.

Lady Voluptuous were kind enough to lend me these dresses to take some photos in. They have listened to feedback from people wanting to see their styles on bigger bodies and so here I am! We have a few more blog posts in the pipeline. There's actually little I like more than a brand that listens!

So, what do you think of the skirt and the Lyra? Are they items you'd invest in?

Debz x

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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very grateful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!

Cosette, I Love You Very, Very Much - A Lady Voluptuous Review

I have blogged about Lady Voluptuous very many times, so I won't  talk too much about them. You can have a look at previous blog posts about them to learn all about the brand.

A few weeks ago they sent me one of their brand new Cosette patterns to try for myself. I love many of the Lady Voluptuous dresses but this probably isn't one I would try for myself at first glance. The Phoebe and the Bellatrix were perfect for me because of their shape. I prefer short sleeves to long and a wrap effect is sometimes hit and miss so I often avoid. That said, I love that this brand even though it is in its infancy have a range of styles for everyone.

I initially got the Queen of Hearts Cosette in my normal size but it was too big on the upper part of my body so I sent it back and exchanged it for a 26/28 - it fits like a dream. My only issue with the sizing is the belt which did not fit me - however, the 30/32 belt fit perfectly so it is a shame. However, remember they're a new brand and always learning and listening to feedback so I have every faith this is something that can be fixed.

What I love about all of the Lady V London dresses I have tried so far is the quality of the material. The material is nice and thick which gives a nice fit and helps you to feel supported when you wear it. This makes it comfortable to wear all day/night.

I love the length of this dress on me and I think it really helps to add to the vintage fit and feel. I have to mention that these vintage style dresses go up to a size 32, which is fantastic. All of the other brands tend to stop at least a few sizes smaller than this, which is such a shame.

The pattern of this dress is lovely and I can only imagine what it would look like dressed up with a petticoat - perfect! I am so glad I stepped outside of my comfort zone to give it a try!

Do you own a Lady Voluptuous dress yet? Which is your favourite?

Debz x

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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very grateful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!

Great Flaming Flamingos - A Lady Voluptuous Review!

*No actual flames.

I don't want to talk too much about  Lady V London and their sister brand Lady Voluptuous, because I have swooned over them on many a blog post previously. If you haven't browsed their selection then I suggest you do, if you're between a size 16 and 32, they will have something you'll love I'm sure. (Lady V London actually do much smaller sizes too, yay for inclusive brands).

As soon as I saw the Phoebe dress I knew I had to have her. I have loved all of the dresses so far and you might remember I reviewed the Bellatrix a few months ago. As much as I loved them all, I knew that the Pheobe would be right at home in my wardrobe. The fitted bust and the flowing knee length skirt are a style I know and love - the built in petticoat an added bonus.

Size wise I would say that the dress comes up slightly small, especially if you have a large bust. I wore my normal sizes as I don't mind fitted items at all, but it could be worth sizing up if you prefer being able to breathe ;) (It wasn't that bad).

As with all of the Lady Voluptuous dresses, you can tell that this has been thought about. The arms are a great fit and the skirt is generous. Due to having a large belly (who knew) I haven't always got on with petticoats in the past, they just don't sit right. However, the petticoat added to the underlayer of  the Phoebe dress is perfect and gives a little lift to the dress - perfect!

NOW! Let me tell you about the pattern - Well, I don't even need to tell you about it. JUST LOOK AT IT!!!! BRIGHT PINK FLAMINGOS! 

I know I have said it before and I will say it again, but plus size retailers please stop saying that you don't sell clothing options in bigger sizes because people don't want them. This dress SOLD OUT in a day... in my size I bought the last one available 18 hours after it was released....

I find the whole concept of Lady Voluptuous really exciting and I can't wait to see what Georgina and the Lady V London team  have up their sleeves!

Have you got a Lady Volup dress? Tweet me and show me, I'd love to see!

Debz x

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When Retailers Get It Right - #WeAreTheThey

A really, really quick blog post today, my world has gone crazy! So many people are supporting are #WeAreTheThey and it's amazing. Today it's been featured on The Huffington Post, Look Magazine, Plus Size Model Magazine, The Daily Telegraph and so many other places. So much positivity and I am in love with everyone who supports it.

As if on cue Lady V London have bought out a brand new range of dresses under their Lady Voluptuous umbrella. If you are new to my blog then have a read through old Lady V London blog posts - I have shouted my love for them from the rooftops many times!

The new dress is called Phoebe and she is beautiful!

The reason I wanted to rush out a blog post about them is because as a collective Lady V London stock dresses from a size 8 right up to a size 32. There are a few retailers that stock a fantastic range of sizes but a brand that stocks size 8 to 32 is literally amazing to me.

Over the last few days we have seen the #WeAreTheThey take off as living proof that we do need something like this. It is proof that as women we need clothing ranges that suit us and that small sizes, big sizes and everything in between.

Personally I think I need the flamingo dress in my life, but they're all beautiful - There are also new versions of the Cossette dress!

#WeAreTheThey and we need fashion just as much as anyone else! 

Lady V London you did good!

Debz xx

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The Bellatrix - I Finally Got My Hands on a Lady Voluptuous Dress!

I have made no secret of my love for Lady V London and in particular the new Lady Voluptuous dresses they released in collaboration with Georgina of Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust fame.

When Georgina whispered in my ear(well at least that's how I imagined it!) and asked me if I would like to try a dress from the range I knew immediately that I couldn't possibly choose anything other than the Bellatrix. All that colour, all that figure hugging material, the fish tail frill at the end - perfection!

I received my dress on Friday and immediately tried it on. Now, you know me - I am a sucker for a pretty dress and when it comes to pretty dresses I have an abundance. However I can see this as being  a dress I would keep and wear forever.

Yes, it's not a dress I would wear to do the weekly food shop but I have hundreds (almost literally) of those. Instead it's a well made, high quality, occasion dress in my size - and we all know how rare those are in plus sizes.

The dress appears very long on me, but then I am very short. But to be honest with you, I quite like the almost ankle length on me so it's a definite positive. You can tell that the dress has been given a lot of thought - the arms are roomy and have been designed in a way that they are not restrictive when you move around. I also really like the fact that it is lined inside. This gives a bit more support and means that the outer, thick material is not as clingy to my body as it could be. Now, I don't mind a bit of cling but I know that many people don't so I like the thought that has gone into the dress in smaller details like this.

The material itself is nice and thick, with a tiny bit of stretch and give to it. This makes it fit my body nicely and look flattering, as much as that is a word that I dislike. The colour and pattern are beautiful, but there are also plain colour styles in the Lady Voluptuous l collection if this is something that you would prefer!

When I checked last night, only 6 of the 16 dresses available were left in a 30/32 which shows that these dresses are being snapped up. This literally fills me with joy because it shows that if you give fat women the RIGHT fashion options they will snap them up - other plus size retailers and their 'stop at size 26 collections' take note!

Never one to play by the rules when it comes to dresses I also had a little play around with the style. I can really some short style dresses feeling right at home within the Lady Voluptuous range! 

I am told that there is more to come from the Lady Voluptuous collection and I for one can't wait to see what it brings. What would you like to see?

Debz xx

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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very grateful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!

Life Is Too Short, Your Skirt Isn't!

I feel like every time I post now I am either ranting about an issue or blogging about dresses I wish I owned... That will change soon, promise! I have just started a new job so things are a bit hectic at the moment but I do have some great reviews coming featuring Topsy Curvy and Lady V London.

Which, brings me to today's rant :) 

Today the wonderful Lady Voluptuous launched their newest dress - The Bellatrix. As soon as I saw this dress I really liked it - It's fitted, it;s colourful and I know as it's from Lady V London it'll be good quality - so what's not to love?

Being the super-nosey, social media addict that I am, I wouldn't help but have a look at the Facebook comments to see how much other people loved these dresses... and love them they did! So many comments about how Georgina looked in the dresses and how fabulous the patterns were.

And then came these...

This isn't to call anyone out or tell them that their feelings are bad, however...

Whatever your shape or size, your body deserves a pretty dress! Your body works hard for you and if you like a floral dress then why not drape it over your body? Life is too short... Too short to wait until your tummy is flat until you wear the dress of your dreams. I can promise you that if you put on a fitted dress your day will still go on as normal. 

Even if you are very fat - WEAR THE DRESS! See a dress you like, buy it and put it on your body. Sometimes it can take a little while to get used to seeing our bodies in a different, but this doesn't make the way you look bad just different! 

Life is too short to wait until your chubby thighs are smaller before you wear a short skirt. It is too short to wait until you are toned before you go on the beach wearing a bikini. If you wait until you are 100% happy with your body then you are missing out on a wardrobe of pretty dresses - some of which will be gone forever!!! (dramatic, much?).

If you see something you want to wear - WEAR IT!

Debz xx

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Paying Homage To Some Voluptuous Ladies

As you will have noticed, I am a big fan of the new Lady V London/Fuller Figure Fuller Bust partnership Lady Voluptuous. I haven't yet blogged an outfit post of me in the range - but it's coming! I did blog about my love of the range here!

Over the past few years there have been different retailers telling us that we don't need a varied plus size range and that the type of clothing we're all keen to wear, just doesn't have a market!

So... I wanted to put together a post of lots of women wearing different items from the range. To show that all shapes and sizes want all sorts of fashion and that retailers are wrong when they tell us it is not needed. I put out some shout outs on social media and these lovely ladies sent their photos - don't they look AMAZING!?

U Can't Wear That and Arched Eyebrow bloggers in their Cosette dresses!

Jen from Other Side of the Wardrobe and Hayley from Curves and Curls /  Facebook styling their Teal Lyra dress

Cheeky mirror shot from Danielle Vanier in her Leopard print Medusa

Lolly Likes Fatshion shows off two prints of the Cosette dress

The lovely Jodie!

The Beautiful Linn Annett from Instagram in her Medusa dress!

Jody Empson(Photo by her boyfriend) showing off her Lyra dress all the way over in Prague!

And of course, the creator Georgina looking great in some of her own designs! She's also on every photo on the website but I wanted to include these ones to show how the dresses can be styled differently to suit you!

The range has only been out a week so not everyone has taken photos etc yet - but doesn't this show that these ranges are needed and that women are crying out for different styles to wear no matter their size?

Perhaps I'll do another of these in the future when I can grab even more photos from even more amazing ladies!

Have you got a Lady Voluptuous dress yet? Which is your fave?

Debz xx

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Fuller Figure Choices for a Fuller Wardrobe

If you follow any plus size bloggers on social media then the chances are that you have heard of the new Lady V London collection launched today.

In case you haven't heard blogger Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust has teamed up once again with Lady V London to bring us vintage dresses. When the Estella came out in sizes up to a 32 I could have cried with happiness and I have raved many, many times about how much I liked them. When I saw that Lady Voluptuous was a COLLECTION of plus size dresses up to a size 32 I thought my heart would burst.

You can see all of the dresses all over social media and I will post some pics here, but I wanted to talk about what this collection means to me and perhaps others in my shoes.

When you are at the larger end of the plus size market you get used to being told that things aren't meant for you. You hear of celebrity plus size collections ending at size 26, because, you know anything above that is just TOO plus size for many minds to cope with. And then you get the 16-32 collections that have 25 items, where perhaps 3-4 of them actually go up to a 32. You get used to missing out and lusting over items that other plus size bodies have access to, but you miss out because you are "too fat".

When I went on the Lady V London website this afternoon the first thing I did was tick the '30/32' box to see how many of the 12 dresses were available to ME (selfish I know!)... Without sounding dramatic I was BESIDE MYSELF with joy when I realised that every single one of those dresses I COULD BUY! 

No one had decided that pink was too bright for a body of my size or that I couldn't possibly need a body con clinging to my body. They made THEM ALL accessible to me... Every single last one of the beautifully made, patterned dresses I could get out my debit card and BUY! I can't tell you the feeling that gives me... I really can't put it into words!

I know, I am talking a lot about me and my needs but it really does go beyond that. As plus size women we are constantly told that our bodies shouldn't be dressed in a certain way. We're told by retailers that they haven't made clothes in our size because they are just NOT NEEDED! That only bloggers are brave enough to wear items like this and that if the demand was there they would make them.

Well.... Let me put this to you right now.

8 hours ago Lady V London released 12 dresses. Now only 10 of them are available in a size 30/32 because two of the patterns are sold out! There are NO OTHER sizes of ANY dress that are sold out... Just the largest size! Surely that speaks for itself? Out of the 10 dresses that are left in my size, 3 of them are already 'low stock'.... PEOPLE ARE BUYING THESE DRESSES!

I know, you could argue that they made less of them because the demand isn't there or any other of the many reasons why this has happened. But the fact of the matter is, however many of them they made they have sold them or are selling them fast. The demand is bigger than anyone thought and that is because plus size women do want these options, we just don't have them!

I know, this is quite a lengthy, ranty post for a set of 12 dresses but honestly, it feels like so much more to me. I love that Lady V London are a major brand in the world of vintage clothing and they have taken a risk, a leap of faith in us and our larger bodies. They have created dresses that no one else has, in sizes that other people haven't bothered to make yet. 

Yes, the collection might not be for everyone and yes, there are probably styles, patterns, colours that you wouldn't want to wear but honestly this is a massive step forward when it comes plus size fashion. I, for one am SO excited to see what happens with this.

Which of the dresses is your favourite?

Debz xx

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