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How To Get Your Ex Back

How to get your ex back

This sounds like a familiar situation we’ve once found ourselves in at some point in our lives, right? Yes, am talking about break ups. In as much as love is always regarded as a good thing, it can turn people to monsters when you start having misunderstandings between you and your partner and finally hell brakes lose and just like that you broke up.

Good thing however is, if this was something that was meant to be the two of you will most probably find a way to sort things out and hopefully get back together again. But then, what do you need to do when you finally realize that it was you who was on the wrong side?

Unless you wanted it to happen, more often people become remorseful and start to look for ways in which they can bring back the love they once shared and be happy again. In the process of trying to get back together with your ex, some of us do things that will only worsen the situation hence ruin their chances of getting back together. Anyway, if you ever find yourself in this situation, below are some few pointers that can help you on how to get your ex back.

  • Give space
If you just broke up with your partner, it is always not a wise thing to go running after him or her after a month and try to contact them.

Some try to contact their ex even before a month is over. This is wrong as both of you need to take some time and cool off probably try to come in terms with the situation.

Remember that you’ve just been in an argument and your ex might probably be irritated. Trying to contact them will only make the situation worse.

  • Friends and families
Friends will be there when things are not going well but family will always be there. You don’t need to isolate yourself from them as they might give you some help and all the support you need during your tough times.

Open up and talk about it with them, let it all out and free yourself from it. This will prevent you from doing something stupid and keep you in good mental and emotional state.

Some often keep things to themselves and then suddenly decide to commit suicide when they can’t handle it any more. You can keep yourself occupied by going out with your friends and try to feel free as this will help you feel better.

  • The challenge ahead
After realizing that you are the course of the problem, it will be up to you to try and make things better. This is usually the most challenging part you will have hence the need to be fully prepared to face it.

As said before, it is important if you share your thoughts and feelings with other people so as to help you feel better. Keeping everything to yourself and leaving with sorrows can be dangerous as this might lead you to do things that will only worsen the situation.

Try to go for some confidence and boost your self-esteem by getting fit and also improving on your general look. Click here to see how to handle a break up.

  • Try a slight contact

Remember when we said you need to give yourselves some time to chill out? Well, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you go mute forever. After some time, you can try going for a slight contact and perhaps try texting just some casual stuff.

Ask about how he or she has been and things like that. Remember to be more careful not to blow up your chances by pushing her to meet with you or even start asking stupid things. Just be light on the conversation, keep it short and precise.

  • Don’t play games
Well, there are many games that you can go ahead and play but don’t make yourself cleaver and think that you can make your ex jealous by quickly finding another partner.

This is always not healthy at all as it will make your ex to feel that he or she made the right choice breaking up with you thus ruining your chances of getting back together.

A lot of people always struggle to find love and would do anything just to have a perfect relationship with their partners.

However, since no man is perfect, you might face a few challenges here and there but the right thing to do is find a way to solve the issues together as partners.

You need to build a great trust between the two of you and be patient enough to give each other time to adjust. But if none of that is working and you find yourselves breaking up, these tips might help you get your ex back if done correctly. Also, there might be signs that you should get back together, don’t ignore them. 

Looking for signs? 

Read this:

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Am I The Only One Left Confused By Online Dating?

I know, two blogs in one day can be over the top, but when inspiration hits me - I just have to type!

Anyone who knows me will tell you I have a chequered past when it comes to dating. I am, what you would call an online date. I am on and have been on different dating websites in the vain attempt to meet my Mr Right, or at least someone who wants to take me out for dinner!

And then, I have afternoons like today where I have conversations like this and I am left wondering if online dating is the way forward.

Conversation One

Him - Love a bit of bounce
Me - k
Him - You like skinny boys?
Me - I like polite boys, which actually rules you out
Him - What have I said that isn't polite? Please don't rule me out
Me - 'Love a bit of bounce" Would you say that as the 1st thing you said to someone in a club
Him - Probably
Me - I'm not your type anyway, so let's just leave it as that.
Him - Why are you not my type? I really fancy you
Me - (I quote from his profile" "Would prefer someone who keeps in shape but not so much that they have big muscles. No whales, sorry. I like to weigh more than the girl I am seeing"
Him - That's just a joke. You are very much my type, I like them big
Me - You referred to girls as whales just to make a joke? That makes you not my type. Happy fishing.
Him - you look fun but you seem like you take yourself a bit seriously. Don't know why you're being grouchy. Give me a chance and let me take you out
Me - No.
Him - I haven't been rude to you, your acting like I've done something awful. I'm here to find a relationship
Me - You referred to girls bigger than you as a whale, I'm not interested in anyone who refers to fat women in this way.
Him - Can I send you some flowers to say sorry?
Me - No.
(More mindless conversation....)
Him -  I'm a nice person. You're hurting my feelings a bit
Me - Boo Hoo Hoo
Him - What size are those boobatrons?
Me - Whale sized.
Him - I don't care about peoples size. I just want someone to cuddle
Me - If you don't care about peoples size then you shouldn't mention on you profile that you don't want to date a specific type of person and use derogatory term to get your point across.

I'm still not sure what this 'man' wants... whether he's trying to be amusing or he's just not very clever? All I know is that this unorthodox approach to messaging girls on dating websites doesn't seem to be exclusive to him!

Borrowed from :)

Conversation two today:

Him - I'm a big lad, not many can handle it
Me - I'm here to date not talk about the size of your penis
Him - Liar.
Me - Nope.
Him - You know you wanna date a toyboy hung like a horse
Me - Nope. I want to date a decent guy who is nice and fun to be with.

Why, Oh Why?

Sadly, these two men are not alone - and I know that many females reading this will be nodding with acknowledgement that they have had similar messages or conversations (Guys... Is it the same for you? Are us women just as odd?).

I don't know when it became acceptable to ask a woman's bust size, or how much she weighs when messaging her. I don't understand why people who message others on dating websites don't use the same rules for conversation making as they would in real life. You probably wouldn't ask a girl what size bra she wears before asking her how she is in a club, so why should a message on a dating website be any different?

I'd love to hear your dating experiences!

Debz x