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Rediscovering Navabi

I have a few days off work and that always leads to more social media browsing and window shopping. Today I saw a few tweets mentioning plus size brand Navabi and thought I would head over to their website. I'll be honest I thought I would just be browsing and lusting over items I was missing out on - because in my head I was sure they went up to a size 28!

When I started looking at items I realised that they did up to a size 32 and so I thought I would share it with you all! For me, discovering brands that do over a size 28 is fantastic and something I'd always share.

Navabi have a really good range of items. I have read loads of reviews from different bloggers and have heard nothing good about the quality of the items on the website - which is always a good thing. Some of the items have a more mature look about them than I would usually wear, but I still feel the importance of sharing retailers that do larger size items! Also, I have seen lot of these items styled amazingly which just goes to show you can make anything work for you!

Some of the dresses available in my size that I really liked are:

I have to give a special shout out to this BEAUTIFUL dress; which would be perfect for a glitzy, glam event! This type of dress is SO HARD to find in top end plus sizes so I love Navabi for doing this UP TO A SIZE 32!!

I love discovering new brands and realising I have more shopping options! If you have any hidden gem shopping recommendations please share them with me :D

I have updated Navabi on 
my list of plus size retailers, because I didn't realise they did up to a size 32 - if there's any brands so I should add, give me a shout!

Debz xx

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