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Monday, 20 January 2014

ABC Of The New Pink Clove Collection

I saw on Twitter a couple of days ago that Pink Clove had put a couple of new items on their website and of course, couldn't resist a little peak! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was when I saw the page - full of colour and patterns! I loved it!

I don't know if dress-envy is an actual condition, but if it is - I have it!! I thought I would take a closer look at a couple of their pieces... so here you have it!

Affordable - Floral Skater Dress

For a skater dress, I can't believe this only costs £18.00. I would usually expect to pay a bit more for a patterned skater dress like this. I like the length that it is on the model and if it came up to a similar length on me I would be very happy. The dress is available up to a size 26/28 and would definitely be on my 'to buy' list, if I had the budget!

Bargain - Animal Print Baby Doll Tunic

What I love about this baby doll tunic is that it's available in two colours - I love it when plus size fashion has choices which is something that we don't often see. I know that for some people tunic length tops are a bit short but as you can see both types go well with leggings. For £18.00 each, these are both bargains and I'd love to see both in my wardrobe.

Cash To Splash - Blue Colour Block Dress or Ballerina Wrap Dress

I had to cheat a little on the Cash to Splash section - firstly because both of these dresses are just £24 each and secondly because I chose both dresses! You probably already know, but I love a bit of colour. Both of these dresses are just so bright and vibrant that I would love to own them!

As yet, I have yet to try anything from the new Pink Clove collection, once I buy an item or two I will be sure to let you know!

Have you tried anything yet?

Debz x

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