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A New Years Revolution

I remember a few years ago, sitting around a table on New Years Day with a whole host of people - all catching up about their New Years Eve over a cup of tea. As it so often does, the conversation turned to the changes people had planned for the New Year and of course their resolutions. It seemed to go almost like clockwork around the table as people told everyone else of their plans - to walk more, to go swimming 3 times a week, to give up sugary drinks etc. Then it became 'my turn'... I immediately said that I had made none - and was met with silence. I don't think it was that people thought I should "improve" myself but more that they couldn't believe I didn't want to change anything - they were flabbergasted.


That's the thing isn't it? It isn't about what we have always wanted to change or what made us unhappy in September but instead a date in a calendar tells us that we simply must think of a flaw and work to improve it.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am always someone that feels you should make the improvements you want to make. If there is a part of your life that is holding you back or is affecting your life negatively then you can make the changes you need to - if and when you want to. However don't allow the date on a calendar dictate that you must do that now,

It's a difficult one - because for many people 1st January can be the motivational date they need to make changes they have always wanted. It's the month of searching for new jobs, clearing out your wardrobe and making other changes you want. 

Of course you can't mention New Year resolutions without weight loss talk and eating "better". I will say this - your body is your body and you are the only person who has to live in it. If you want to make changes then I will never tell you not to - do what you need to be happy! That said; don't allow the world that you NEED to change. Do whatever you need to do for your body but only because you want to. Your body, your rules. And if you do want to change anything about your body then don't use a marked date on the calendar tell you that now is the time to do it. Do it when you're ready and not a minute soon.

This New Year make your resolution to be part of a revolution and vow not to make any changes at all. You are perfectly fine this January just as you were before New Years Eve and don't you forget it! Use your time now to think about all you have achieved, overcome, helped others achieve and so much more. Think about the times you have laughed, lived and enjoyed yourself. You did all of that without having to "improve" your body and you can do it again in 2016!

That said, if you are wanting to use the start of a new year to start a fresh then Sophie from Busy Little Fee has come up with a great idea - 16 in 16. Read all about it here. Her at lots of bloggers have put together the things that they would like to achieve this year. These aren't on a whim ideas or was to change your body, but instead solid ideas on what they want to have happen this year. Give it a read!

Debz xx

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