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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Way I Like To Play Roulette

I have to be honest with you, I do enjoy the flutter. Now don’t get me wrong I am not best friends with the local bookmaker or anything but the odd bet here and there is something I really like. For example, I have a National Lottery syndicate with a few friends of mine – we all pay in monthly and then we play the lottery every week. There’s been no big win yet, but I am hoping that it isn’t too far around the corner!

Although I wouldn’t recommend becoming a professional gambler I like the idea of being able to place the odd bet online. I am pretty novice when it comes to this kind of stuff, but when I have bet online before it has always been dead easy  - just what I need!

I say betting online – I mean the odd horse race or perhaps a bit of online bingo. I haven’t really gotten into odds and things as yet but for me, that’s half the fun! I like the fact that the website takes take of all of the hard stuff, so I can get online with the odd spin of a fruit machine or playing a round of bingo without having to worry.

When it comes to casino bets I haven’t really done much except for drinking roulette – You know that cute game with the roulette wheel and the shot glasses filled with random drinks around the side – always makes for a great party game! In fact I am going to a friend’s party in a few weeks in London and we’re hoping to make it a Vegas theme, so I will no doubt be bringing out the drinking roulette!


That said I really like the idea of visiting a casino and trying out roulette for real. There’s something really thrilling about watching that ball spin around the table and wondering where it will land. I can imagine that dressed up, with a drink in my hand doing this in a real casino could be a really fun night.

I did try roulette online the other day just to see what it was like and actually it was lots of fun. A bit like online bingo it’s something I could play without having to think or concentrate too much. I work lots of long hours so when I get home I really want to be entertained but by something that doesn’t take too much brain power.

That said, when I Googled places to play roulette online I was really impressed by how much it is talked about online. There are loads of people who talk about techniques, theories and apparently sure fire ways to win. Perhaps before I actually visit a real life casino I should read up on some of these and give myself a higher chance of walking away a winner rather than a loser!

Do you play any games online? (Pokemon Go doesn’t count). If so, what would you recommend I try next?


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