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Exciting New Discoveries Online

Today is my day off work - YAY!  I love mid-week days off but because most of my friends are at work I generally have no one to hang out with - boooo! That means the day because one of those catch up days, where you do all of the boring stuff you've been meaning to do around the house but never get around to.

Before I got around to that today I sat and watched This Morning and started exploring the internet. You know those days where you click from site to site, easily distracted by adverts and links - exploring new things and discovering new ideas! I thought I would share a little bit about what I discovered today!

Cheese Posties

I don't know about you, but I love a cheese toastie. On TV today they were talking about subscription boxes and they bought up Cheese Posties. On this website you sign up for a weekly delivery of a cheese toastie. You get a box filled with everything you need to create the perfect cheese toastie - but they go above and beyond the usual cheese and ham offering so many of us are used to. I will definitely be signing up and trying one - it's so exciting!

Simply e-Liquid

A friend at work is trying to quit smoking and asked if I could find her somewhere to buy e-liquids. Today I came across an e-liquid online store which looks perfect for her. She gets easily bored so I like that Simply e-Liquid have loads of flavours for her to choose from, this means that she can buy a few at a time and make sure that she always has something new to try and keep her interested - great news!

Mr & Mrs Smith

Some friends of mine are getting married and instead of a gift have asked for money towards a honeymoon. They have made it nice and easy by signing up to The Smith Collections, so people can sign up and leave a message to wish them luck in their new life - what a cute idea!

Now, off to decide which Lady V London dress I want to wear to the wedding!!

Hope you're having a good Tuesday!

Debz x

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