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Friday, 19 December 2014

When Plus Size Fashion Gets It Right - H&M Did Good!

You will see a few blog posts down that I blogged about the H&M Tulle Skirt. As soon as I saw it on the website I knew I had to have it. It was like nothing I had seen in plus size fashion before. especially in a size 30 (and beyond, considering how stretch it is).

It sounds a bit silly, but news of the skirt travelled quite quickly through the social scene amongst plus size bloggers, simply because it was so unique! Now over the past few weeks you'll have seen a number of bloggers blog it and that is testament to just how good it is.

Lucia from UCantWearThat

Leah from Just Me Leah

Claudia from Curvy Claudia

Naomi from Diamonds N Pearls

Look at all the lovely, different ways it has been styled!

The skirt is SOLD OUT in every size on the H&M website. It came back in stock in a size 2XL one afternoon this week and was sold out by dinner(tea?) time.

Now, tell me that there is no a need for pretty, affordable fast fashion in plus sizes. Tell me that up to a size 24 is all that sells and that there is not a market for 24+. Because if you tell me that, I'll tell you that it is because the opportunities just aren't there! I just know that if people at the higher end of plus size fashion had the chance to buy beautiful clothing in their size they would snap it up. The Estellas by Lady V London and Fuller Figure Fuller Bust are another testament to this! (They're in the sale this weekend - GO GO GO!)

I am quick to complain when fashion retails don't do sizes high enough (#HeresWhatIWouldHaveSpent) but I also want to celebrate when things go well. Fingers crossed the skirt comes back into stock (in a plethora of colours would be fantastic!)!

What have you see that has been done well in the plus size fashion industry lately?


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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Let Me Take an 'Elfie


A few weeks ago the lovely ladies at Yours Clothing sent me this rather lovely Celfie t-shirt. You have probably seen a few other bloggers sporting the t shirt... Not that we're all selfie obsessed or anything!!

The Coca Cola truck visited Morecambe to help kick of Christmas celebrations today so I couldn't resist a little trip out to wear it. If you have ever been to Morecambe before you'll know that it's quite a casual town so I didn't really want to go too dressed up. In fact, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give this Celfie t shirt it's first outing.

As it's quite cold I thought I'd wear this lovely new tangle cardigan from Taking Shape too. The Taking Shape brand only goes up to a size 24/26 but I found that this cardigan (in size XXL) to be a great fit. I probably wouldn't be able to do it  up but I don't think that for an item like this it really matters.

I actually found both items to be well made and a great fit. For being out and about for an afternoon, having my photo taken in front of crowds of people it seemed like the perfect outfit to be wearing!

The Coca Cola truck was loads of fun, with plenty of fair rides and other amusements to keep 1
children entertained. I even met up with a couple of friends while I was there!

Remember If you're new to Yours Clothing you can use my Blogger18 code to get £10 off of a £20 spend on their website.

Debz x

I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very grateful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Bonmarché - It Really Is Good Shopping!

I don't know if you are the same as me, but when it comes to shopping I tend to stick to the same handful of shops. I know that I have plenty of options now when it comes to plus size retailers but for some reason I still tend to stick with what I know.

To me,  Bonmarché has always been a bit of a grown up shop and as someone who wants to stay young forever, I think that has always put me off a little bit. However, actually when they emailed me about the new Ann Harvey range I was pleasantly surprised.

For starters I was pleased to see that that the range goes right up to a size 32 which is great news. I am so used to seeing plus size ranges stop at a 24-26, so anything that goes above this gets my vote!

The Ann Harvey range at Bonmarché  actually has some really love items to choose from, especially if you are looking for a dress or outfit for a special occasion.

They also have a really nice collection of more basic items which would be a good addition to a wardrobe and can be styled in all sorts of ways

For me, seeing another name on the high street and online offering sizes up to a 32 in a range of their clothing is always a good thing! I am definitely going to make sure that I keep an eye on brands like this to see what they're offering, I am pretty sure I'll be able to pick up some gems along the way by doing so!

Have you tried anything from Ann Harvey and/or Bonmarché?

Debz xx

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Massive Fan of Matalan

Earlier this year when Matalan announced that they were going to expand their plus size range, I was excited! Since then they have continued to add items to their range and I have to say I am constantly impressed.

One of the nicest things about the Matalan plus size range is the fact that it goes up to a size 30 and personally I am pleased whenever I see a range that goes above a size 26! When you look at the Matalan range you'll see that there are some lovely going out items and a good mixture of basics, so there is something for everything.

Some of my favourite picks are:

What's even better is that none of those items cost more than £25 and in fact the heart jumper is currently in the sale for £9 - bargain!

Seeing as winter is fast approaching I thought I'd better take a look at the coats and jackets they had and they actually have some amazing choices!

Have you bought anything from Matalan lately, what's caught your eye?

Debz x

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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Clothes That Strictly Have The X Factor!

WOW. Do I Get An award for the worst headline ever?? Probably!

Anyway, after a busy few weekends and another weekend away next weekend I thought I should have a quiet one this weekend - and actually I am quite enjoying! I had a beaut of a curry with my family earlier and now I am watching Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor is to follow!

Often when I am watching TV I find myself online window shopping and lusting over items that I can't afford or might buy in the future! To be honest this gets bigger and bigger each week, there's just so many pretty items out there!

So... I thought I would share with you some of the items I am lusting over at the moment!

Black And Pink Floral Print Midi Dress With Mesh Insert From Yours Clothing

I know it's not a very wintery pattern or colour but I really love this dress! It's in the sale for £22 at the minute too which is a bit of a bargain!

Exclusive Swing Dress In Pineapple Print by ASOS Curve

I haven't had massses of luck with swing dresses but I am determined to try them  more. I really love this unusual print and colouring.

Baby Doll Checked Dress by Simply Be

I have lusted over this baby doll check dress ever since I spotted it at Style XL! It's currently in the Simply Be sale so I would probably snap it up before it goes!

Do You Want Curves With That By Nicky Rockets

Nicky Rockets has a whole number of really funky, curvy character based t-shirts and this is my fave! I've held off so far because I am not sure how it will fit, but I do need to buy one of these at some point!

Dancing Lady Necklace

Something a little different, but this Dancing Lady Necklace from the team over at Black Heart Creatives could not be more perfect!

So there you have it, 5 items that are well and truly on my wishlist at the moment! What are you lusting after?

Debz x

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Friday, 19 September 2014

As Seen On Someone - A Look at ASOS Curve

I don't know if it is just me, but I really feel like ASOS Curve is killing it at the moment. What I like about browsing the range of clothes at ASOS Curve is that it always feels like there is a selection of outfit types... like they're a plus size retailer that actually recognises people like different things. From skater and swing dresses to over sized t shirts and bodycon dresses there is all sorts!

I have bought a few items from ASOS over the last few weeks, some of which I haven't worn yet and some of which I just haven't photographed yet. New additions to my own personal ASOS Curve collection include

I love a bit of floral and I think that ASOS do these patterns so well!

I am off to London this weekend and all of these items are in my suitcase, so I will finally have some photos to show you. In the mean time - here's some amazing bloggers looking great in their ASOS outfits for my As Seen on Someone feature (clever eh?)

Hannah from f looking brill in her ASOS jeans

Miss Kathryn from MissKathrynsMistakes in a beautiful sunflower dress (I regret not buying this)

Mrs Bebe in looking great in ASOS jeans and shirt and some ASOS dungarees

Laura from Laura on Life in an oversize graffiti print dress from ASOS

Lucia from U Can't Wear That in a paisley print dress & a squiggle print dress

Big Fat Betty in her ASOS outfit

Leah from Just Me Leah in a lovely ASOS strapless dress

A bit of smock dress loveliness from Natty Nikki!

Last but not least, Pink Gemma

Of course, I've worn the odd bit of ASOS in the past too ;)

Have you tried ASOS yet? Did you like it?

Debz xx

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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Why Are We Inviting Katie Hopkins Into OUR World?

Yes, I know - I have blogged (ranted) about Katie Hopkins before and the chances are I will again. 

You might have heard that last weekend was the Miss British Beauty Curve pageant which took place in London. There were a few bloggers and familiar faces that took place, so I was looking forward to writing a nice piece this week about peoples experiences and what people thought of their day. Sadly I couldn't make it but I intended to talk lots of people about it...

And then I saw this...

Photo from
Yes, that is Katie Hopkins at the Miss British Beauty Curve competition. A lady who swears she wouldn't hire a fat person, who has talked about fat bodies making her feel ill and making detrimental comments about larger ladies in swimming costumes at a previous beauty pageant she attended (See the article about all of that here) at ANOTHER plus size pageant! 

And then I heard that not only did she attend but she was INVITED! Not only was she invited but she was there as a JUDGE!! Her... the lady who is judgemental about plus size bodies nearly every single of the week (or so it seems) being employed (in whatever capacity, obviously I don't know the ins and outs of her contract/agreement) to judge ladies who were entering a competition as a part of a SAFE SPACE like a plus size event!

This isn't the first time Katie Hopkins has attended an event. I heard a few weeks ago that she was at Big Girls Paradise in London - a BBW night club! The organisers insist that they did not know she was coming - yet she was invited in (I assume she did not pay the same entry fee as everyone else) and had her TV cameras with her - how lovely!

Can we really justify inviting a lady who sends tweets like this, to plus size events?

I understand that Katie Hopkins is controversial, I get that her bread and butter is speaking out loud about issues the main stream media want us to talk about an I know that she has a reputation of being a 'bitch' to uphold! What I do not understand is why we're inviting her into OUR safe spaces? We have to put up with lots of her unavoidable detrimental main stream media articles but why are we going out of our way to give her space in the places that we're supposed to feel most comfortable? 

These plus size events are a little bit of room away from the rest of the world where we don't always feel the most comfortable we could be - or at least for some people anyway - Surely inviting the bullies to tea is defeating the object of creating these safe havens in the first place?

What do you think - Is it good that we're inviting her in to try and educate her or should we shut the door and keep our safe spaces safe?


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Using Primark To The Maxi

This weekend my mum and I headed to Primark for a bit of a shopping spree! Primark always makes me a little sad because of them not doing a 'proper' plus size range - but we can only hope! That said, I never come out of Primark empty handed!

When it comes to bargain shopping, Primark is another reason to IGNORE CLOTHES SIZES!!! Primark goes up to a size 22 if you are lucky, but often you can get items in a size 20. I can hear plenty of you going.. Oh I am much bigger than a size 20, that'll never work for me - but trust me it does!!

This maxi skirt came with a hefty price tag of.... £10!!!! A tenner for a maxi skirt - amazing! I go around the store seeing what has stretch to it and this skirt didn't disappoint. The skirt I am wearing in the pictures is a size 20... I am, as you can see quite a bit bigger than that!

The skirt is really long (this is pulled up to right under my bust) so it would be perfect for someone taller too! It's really stretchy and generous, so it doesn't cling too much which I like for summer! It also comes in a massive range of colour and patterns, I wish I had bought more, and to be honest with you - I probably will go back for more.

The top is an old Forever 21+ top, flip flops are also from Primark (£1!) and so is the heart necklace (£2)

If you do just one thing next time you pass Primark, go in, play with the clothes, stretch the, hold them against your body and think about how you can make it work for you. I bet, most of you if you go into store with an open mind can find an item or two to suit you.

Let me know how you get on!

Debz xx

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Wednesday Wishlist - Another Look At New Clothes

You might have noticed that yesterday I blogged a summer wishlist of items I would buy after my spending ban is up (9 days!!)...Unfortunately I am a glutton for punishment and I can't stop online-window shopping! I thought I would do another little post on items I am lusting after, just because there is SO many nice clothes out there at the moment!! I love that there are some viable choices for fashion out their for plus-size women this season - the fact that there are fashionable clothing choices for people of all sizes!!

Pink Clove

Those cheeky beggars at Pink Clove added another new dress to their website yesterday after my blog post. This pink, lip pattern tunic dress is amazing and only £18!

Yours Clothing

Yours clothing pop up quite a lot on my blog because they're firm favourites with me. What I love about their current selection of clothes is that they have such a range of items - from casual dresses and jogging bottoms to summer dresses and prom style dresses there is everything! Some of my faves include:

ASOS Curve have always been well liked amongst the 'fatshion' community because they offer so much worth buying! This season is no exception and there are SO many nice items I am interested in getting my hands on when my ban is over!

No doubt I'll be lusting over more soon.... So much pretty stuff out there at the moment!

Do you have your eye on anything?

Debz x

Don't forget, if you haven't used Yours Clothing before then you can use the code 'blogger18' to get £10 off of a £20 spend. New customers only but what better excuse do you need to give them a try?

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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Marvellous Matalan

For quite a few years now Matalan have had the Rogers and Rogers collection, offering up to size 30 clothing. I am sure Matalan will forgive me for saying that up until now their collection hasn't really been saying much. I have bought the odd staple item from Matalan but nothing that really excites me! However, one thing that did catch my eye today was their exciting announcement on Facebook today.

Of course, I immediately hot footed it over to the website and I was really impressed! They have loads of dresses, tops, jackets and more. It's great to see fitted items, bright colours and another choice for plus size clothing - I can't wait to visit a store and see what the selection is like on the high street!

The two skater dresses immediately caught my eye and at just £16.00 each they seem like complete bargains. 

Have you tried anything from the new Rogers and Rogers collection? I want to hear all about it if you have!

Debz xx

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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Cut For Evans - Exciting New Collection

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to the Evans store at Marble Arch for the launch of their new Cut For Evans collection. You can read all about the collection on the website, but basically it was an initiative that allowed two fashion students to design their own collection. You can read all about it here.

Being just a small fish in a very big pond, I always get a little nervous at attending these events, but I had a great time. If you love big, bold prints and unapologetic splashes of colour then this collection is well and truly for you.

There are two sides to the collection, the big, bold prints and a really funky knitwear collection (including a knitted skirt that I fell a little in love with). The collection was on display in the store and it was great to see loads of the bloggers and guests trying the items on - seeing them on bodies rather than hangers made a massive difference.

I'll be honest and say at first glance this collection isn't really 'me'. Don't get me wrong, I love the collection and I think it's amazing that Evans would take a massive leap into this, but I couldn't see anything when I looked on the website that I would wear. Now that I have seen the collection, felt the items and seen people wearing them, my views have definitely changed. I was always excited by this new Evans collection, but now I am excited because I can see how I would wear a few of the items - and I'll be investing when I get the chance for sure!

I love that plus size retailers are listening to the fact that we don't all want big tunic tops and trousers to flatter our figure. We want to stand out, we want figure hugging, fitted, bright patterns and everything that 'normal' fashion lovers want, hopefully the new Cut For Evans collection is the first step in the right direction to making this happen!

The event was great and I got to meet lots of my favourite bloggers which is always lovely!

Have you looked at the Cut For Evans collection? What are you loving about it?

Debz xx

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Friday, 31 January 2014

Will Yours Be My Valentine?

Last week, Yours Clothing offered me the chance to choose myself a dress for Valentines Day, which of course I was over the moon about - I really love what Yours Clothing are offering up at the minute.

That said, the eternal spinster in me thought what is the point? Last year I went to France for the day with a friend to 'celebrate' Valentines which was lovely. This year, I have Club Indulge's Valentines party to attend on the Saturday night which I am looking forward to.

I chose this dress because I love it - but also because I wanted to show you that fashion can be affordable. It is all well and good being sent items to review, but I know sometimes the purse strings just won't stretch as far as you would like them to! This dress is currently only £15.00 in the Yours Sale - which is a complete bargain!

In fact, they have loads of dresses for £15.00 at the moment - loads of them perfect for a Valentines Day night out!

Back to the dress I chose - the  Black Dress With Silver Glittery Damask Print To Top is lovely. I found it a very generous fit and could easily have downsized, but I was worried about losing too much on the length. That said, the dress would look lovely with leggings or tights, so all would not be lost if it did come up a little shorter on you.

The silver doesn't show up as well as it could do in the picture, its much more striking in real life! When I wear this out properly I am going to dress it up with loads of sparkly jewellery, I'll make sure I share a pic afterwards!

Have you bought anything from Yours Clothing lately?

If you haven't used Yours Clothing before then you can use the code 'blogger6' to get £10 off of a £20 spend. New customers only but what better excuse do you need to give them a try?

Debz xx

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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very greatful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!