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British Plus Size Awards: Best Achievement

If you follow me on any social media platform then you are probably already of my endless posts about The British Plus Size Awards at the weekend. I will do a proper post about the night, outfits and more but firstly I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!

You might know that I had the pleasure of being nominated for two awards this year - Best Blogger and Best Achievement. I was really proud to be nominated for both of them,  but the Best Achievement won definitely meant the most to me!

The award was related to the hashtag #WeAreTheThey which WE ALL worked on earlier this year. If you're new to We Are The They then you can read about it here and here. You may remember that WE ended up trended with the hashtag on more than one occasion, which was amazing in itself.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who voted for me but it doesn't seem enough. After all, I didn't make the hashtag trend on its own - YOU DID! Anyone and everyone who used the hashtag made it the amazing success that it was. You helped to support and uplift other people and for that, I am so thankful!

Of course, I am proud to have started the hashtag but as I said at the awards "This is for anyone who has ever been told they can't wear something because of the way they look".

With presenter Jeff Brazier

The awards was amazing and in all honesty, walking away with the trophy was the absolute icing on the cake. I can't even put into words how happy I am and how grateful I am to everyone that helped make it happen!

I know, this is a something and nothing post but I wanted to post and say thank you as soon as possible because I am truly blessed and you all made it happen!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Debz xx

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The Plus Size Awards: What To Wear

Voting has closed, they're being counted because..... The Plus Size Awards are just 5 weeks away! 

I'll be hot-footing it down to London to attend the awards, mainly because last year was so much fun and the food was delicious. This year will be a little more nerve-racking because I am nominated for two awards... I KNOW!!!! #Excited

I am so lucky to be sponsored by Lady Voluptuous this year so I will be wearing one of the fabulous Lady V London dresses to the awards ceremony on the 21st November. However spending the weekend with Scarlett & Jo has got me lusting over very pretty dresses so I thought I'd do a little wishlist post on other dresses I could wear!

Simply Be

Yours Clothing


Lots of these dresses would be perfect for Christmas parties too! There are quite a few options this year so make sure you shop around and find something perfect for you. You will see that I haven't got full on awards ceremony for some of the dresses, but I think it's really important that you feel comfortable with what you wear. When spending this amount of money on a dress it's great if it's something you can wear more than once - which is exactly what you get with any of these!

What sort of dress would you like to wear to an awards ceremony?

Don't forget tickets are still available if you'd like to attend the British Plus Size Awards 2015
Debz xx

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Why I'm Excited To Attend The British Plus Size Awards

As a plus size blogger I always love to hear about new events within the plus size community. Shopping events, fashion shows, night clubs, seminars and more, when it comes to plus size events I have been to them all! Each and every one of them have been different, but yet give me the same warm fuzzy feeling.

To someone who hasn’t experienced it or in fact needed a community like this, it can seem a strange concept but I tell you now it really is like nothing else. When I started my blog I didn’t know much about this community or what it could offer me but finding it has been life changing!

That is why I love the fact that the British Plus SizeAwards have been invented, to celebrate something that I feel so passionate about. When I attend plus size events I get to be surrounded by positive people who feel just like me. People living in larger bodies knowing that they are worthy of happiness and not letting their dress size hold them back. When you write it down it seems like such a simple concept but often harder than it seems.

I attended my first British Plus Size Awards last year and I had a ball. For starters as a fashionista I loved seeing so many women dressed up to the nines. I had proper dress envy over some of the outfits people wore - a proper array of colour and sparkle which set off the evening perfectly.

I then sat back and watched plus size women, men, brands and more celebrated for what they bring to the table. It was fantastic watching people support others and of course feel proud of their achievements. It was fantastic to see people realising what they have done is so important and being recognised for that!

I love that there are different categories – for new bloggers and more established ones for example. I think it’s great that we celebrate models, fashion companies, underwear choices, entertainers and much more. It really was a great night and the perfect excuse to don a posh frock and eat good food.

Of course it goes without saying that I cannot wait to attend again this year. I am going with a 
handful of friends but I know that when I get there everyone will be friendly and welcoming. Everyone who attends the event is there for the same reason – to celebrate just how much this plus size industry has come. It’s made some very important steps forward this year and on the 21st November we’re all getting together to celebrate – will you be there?

Debz xx

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Trying Something a Little Different From Lady V London

If you have read my blog before then you will know I am a massive fan of the Estella dress by Lady V London and Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. I honestly feel that the Estella dress was something quite revolutionary - in that you just can't find pretty, vintage style clothing in sizes 28+.

Lady V London were kind enough to send me a dress to the British Plus Size Awards - which you can read all about here. I initially wanted an Estella dress but unfortunately you all loved them so much that they sold out in my size. Lady V London actually offer 3 plus size dresses - the Isabella and the Hepburn alongside the Estella. I looked at the measurements for the Hepburn and even though it's 2 sizes smaller, the way it is cut means the they weren't too much smaller than the Estella style I was so in love with.

They sent me the Violent Violet Poppy Hepburn dress and I was over the moon when it fitted. I love the shape of the dress and the pattern is not one I have seen much before at all. I probably would benefit from a size up was available, but once again it just goes to show that you can ignore labels and make 'too small' clothing fit you.

I went to the awards with Lucia from U Can't Wear That who managed to bag the Estella Damask print dress before they all went - she looked lovely!

I have 3 Lady V London dresses now and I haven't a problem with any of them. I have always loved fast, affordable, bargain priced fashion. However an investment piece like this is far more likely to make my wardrobe than it did before and that is all down to the quality offered by Lady V London.

I wait with baited breath to see what other Estella patterns they bring out next!

As part of their Black Friday Deals, Lady V London have up to 60% off of dresses until midnight. I snapped up an Isabella to complete my Lady V London collection. When it gets here I will have at least one of each of their dresses... Review coming soon, of course! 

Debz xx

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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very grateful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!

The British Plus Size Awards 2014

On Saturday I went to the British Plus Size Awards at the Blu Raddison hotel in London. At £130 a ticket I would probably have not have afforded to go, but I was lucky enough to win tickets via BGP Magazine and so I attended with Lucia from U Can't Wear That.

I don't want to talk too much about the awards, because there are so many blog posts floating around already and I am sure there will be many more. What I do want to say is that the night was lovely, much nicer than I anticipated. It was really lovely to get dolled up, eat nice food and drink glasses of champers on the red carpet as you do!

There were a number of awards given out, which I'll link at the end of this. It was lovely to see brands like Taking Shape, Yours Clothing and Curvy Kate supporting the awards. I do feel it was a big shame that brands such as Asda and New Look didn't get behind the awards, I'd love to see them there next year supporting the cause! The feeling of being in a room full of plus size women and their supporters is amazing.

I love attending blog events and feeling the support of women who know what it is like to be in your shoes. Doing this within the glitz and glamour of an award ceremony, surrounded by women wearing AMAZING dresses was fantastic!

The hotel was fantastic, the service was brilliant and there was so much glamour in the room that you couldn't fail to have a good time.

The lovely team at Lady V London were kind enough to send me a dress to wear for the awards. I choose the Violet Poppy Print Hepburn dress. I initially wanted one of the Estella dresses but they have proved so popular that they've sold out in my size already - which is pretty amazing to be honest! 

The Hepburn only goes to a 26/28 but I thought I would try it anyway and have to say I love how it fits. I have some proper outfit photos and details which I'll pop in another post later on in the week!

Whether it's award ceremonies blogger events, Facebook groups or just a get together with body positive friends we need to continue this trend of supporting each other and lifting each other up - because it's a feeling like no other!

If you could give someone a Plus Size award - what would you give?


And The Winners Were:

Best celebrity Female - Lisa Riley, Best celebrity Male - James Corden, Best Entertainer - Sarah Millican, Best Model - Haley Hasselhoff, Best High street Retailer -  Yours Clothing, Best Online Retailer - ASOS, Best Designer - Lovedrobe, Best Accessories Range - Chunky Cat Cuddler, Best Footwear Range - New Look, Best Lingerie Brand - Curvy Kate, Best Swimwear Range -  Yours Clothing, Best Magazine - Big Is Beautiful, Best Bridal Range - Curves and Couture, Best Supermarket Range -  George at Asda, Best Lingerie Blog - Curvy Kate, Best New Blogger - Hollie @ Pretty Big Butterflies, Best Fashion Blog - Georgina @ She Must Be Loved, Best Person In Business - Andrew Killingworth @Yours Clothing, Best Blogger - Betty @ Pamper and Curves, Best Fashion Event - Plus North, Best Achievement - Sarah Hadzipasic

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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very grateful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!

Katie Hopkins Attends Plus Size Awards - Thoughts?

In case you didn't know - the Miss BBW International and Plus Size Awards took place in Central London last night. I go to a few events arranged by the team who put this together, but sadly I could not afford the ticket price and therefore did not (could not) attend. However, to be honest with you I am quite glad I didn't.

I found out a few days before that Katie Hopkins had been invited to the awards to collect a 'Cream Cake Award' for being unsupportive of the plus size industry. Seeing as the event was to celebrate plus size fashion, designers, writers and general advocates, I was just surprised she had been invited to such an event, even if for a negative award.

What flabbergasted me even more last night was when I saw Gemma Collins at the awards, next to Katie Hopkins proclaiming what a "nice lady" she was... This was about 10 minutes before Kate Hopkins tweeted that fat women should change for the better.... #Ironic #YesIUsedAHashTagInABlogPost

I wonder if Gemma Collins still thinks Katie is such a nice lady?

To be honest, I was upset and angry that she would tweet something while at the actual event. If she doesn't like fat people, that's up to her - but why attend an event for POSITIVITY and bring it down with such hurtful thoughts while still in the building?

And then I saw this...

I get that Katie Hopkins makes a career out of being a bitch - I hope that she is a character rather than actually being a bullying, racist, child hating woman  - but who knows!

What I don't get is why she was allowed to tweet such drivel while AT THE EVENT! These women have taken a massive step to get up in a room full of people and show off their bodies - how dare someone ridicule them? These plus size events are set up to celebrate our bodies, our confidence & as a safe haven to recognise achievements... Even if you don't agree with plus size, or awards, or pageants - why would you come into a room where this is happening, just to put down the women who are taking part? ITS BAFFLING!

When she sent tweets like this before the event - surely people realised it would only end in belittling and bullying?

Anyway, I sent quite a few angry, ranty tweets last night - as did a few others. A couple of mine were picked up by Katie Hopkins and Retweeted - which lead to a flurry of new twitter followers and of course some interesting replies - including 'insulting' me by calling me a fat lesbo & asking if I have normal size friends... blah, blah blah... because fat is obviously an insult!

However, what also surprised me was a few tweets I got telling me that I was over reacting, that Katie Hoping was right, that I should just ignore her thoughts, that I should just walk away, block Katie, not saying anything at all etc.

So anyway... The whole point of this bumbling, ranty blog post is that I would love to hear your points of view! Are you angry that Katie Hopkins that attended or should she have been allowed to go? Were the Twitter gang right to tweet about the event, or should it have been ignored? I could not have kept quiet about it, or ignored bullying but I would love other peoples thoughts and feelings on it!

If you were there - I'd love to know what it was like, did you talk to her? Were people, in general, talking about it on the night? Did anyone approach her?

Thanks so much - enjoy your Sunday!

Debz xx