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Fuller Figure Choices for a Fuller Wardrobe

If you follow any plus size bloggers on social media then the chances are that you have heard of the new Lady V London collection launched today.

In case you haven't heard blogger Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust has teamed up once again with Lady V London to bring us vintage dresses. When the Estella came out in sizes up to a 32 I could have cried with happiness and I have raved many, many times about how much I liked them. When I saw that Lady Voluptuous was a COLLECTION of plus size dresses up to a size 32 I thought my heart would burst.

You can see all of the dresses all over social media and I will post some pics here, but I wanted to talk about what this collection means to me and perhaps others in my shoes.

When you are at the larger end of the plus size market you get used to being told that things aren't meant for you. You hear of celebrity plus size collections ending at size 26, because, you know anything above that is just TOO plus size for many minds to cope with. And then you get the 16-32 collections that have 25 items, where perhaps 3-4 of them actually go up to a 32. You get used to missing out and lusting over items that other plus size bodies have access to, but you miss out because you are "too fat".

When I went on the Lady V London website this afternoon the first thing I did was tick the '30/32' box to see how many of the 12 dresses were available to ME (selfish I know!)... Without sounding dramatic I was BESIDE MYSELF with joy when I realised that every single one of those dresses I COULD BUY! 

No one had decided that pink was too bright for a body of my size or that I couldn't possibly need a body con clinging to my body. They made THEM ALL accessible to me... Every single last one of the beautifully made, patterned dresses I could get out my debit card and BUY! I can't tell you the feeling that gives me... I really can't put it into words!

I know, I am talking a lot about me and my needs but it really does go beyond that. As plus size women we are constantly told that our bodies shouldn't be dressed in a certain way. We're told by retailers that they haven't made clothes in our size because they are just NOT NEEDED! That only bloggers are brave enough to wear items like this and that if the demand was there they would make them.

Well.... Let me put this to you right now.

8 hours ago Lady V London released 12 dresses. Now only 10 of them are available in a size 30/32 because two of the patterns are sold out! There are NO OTHER sizes of ANY dress that are sold out... Just the largest size! Surely that speaks for itself? Out of the 10 dresses that are left in my size, 3 of them are already 'low stock'.... PEOPLE ARE BUYING THESE DRESSES!

I know, you could argue that they made less of them because the demand isn't there or any other of the many reasons why this has happened. But the fact of the matter is, however many of them they made they have sold them or are selling them fast. The demand is bigger than anyone thought and that is because plus size women do want these options, we just don't have them!

I know, this is quite a lengthy, ranty post for a set of 12 dresses but honestly, it feels like so much more to me. I love that Lady V London are a major brand in the world of vintage clothing and they have taken a risk, a leap of faith in us and our larger bodies. They have created dresses that no one else has, in sizes that other people haven't bothered to make yet. 

Yes, the collection might not be for everyone and yes, there are probably styles, patterns, colours that you wouldn't want to wear but honestly this is a massive step forward when it comes plus size fashion. I, for one am SO excited to see what happens with this.

Which of the dresses is your favourite?

Debz xx

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Pink Clove: Here's What I Would Have Spent

When Pink Clove launched last year with an array of tartan dresses, print tops and leggings that went up to a size 32 I was one of the first to sing their praises from the roof tops! I love the fact that they offered fast, fashion in sizes right up to a size 32.

Slowly I started to notice that their new arrivals would shrink quite considerably when I ticked the 30/32 box to see what was available. To me it was such a shame that a range that started so well went down hill. I understand there are probably some restrictions as to what they can offer & that some 30/32 options is better than none - but I'd love to see more!

Today I thought I would head to the Pink Clove website to see what they were saying... Firstly they had this AMAZING dress in a size 32 which made me very happy, it's an item I'll be adding to my wardrobe for sure!

Seeing this in my size spurred me on to see what else was available. Their New Arrivals page is pretty exciting at the moment and I love seeing these plus size options. Sadly as soon as I tick my size I go down from 18 pages of available items to get 8... Which if you ask me, is a massive shame.

I feel like we need to start letting retailers know what we would buy, if they would give us the option. After all, they're not going to start stocking it until they know the demand is there!

So... Pink Clove, Here's What I Would Have Spent!

I really feel that alot of this is great for plus size fashion... Extend the sizes offered and I'd be even happier! Keep up the good work Pink Clove, but do what you can to make a fat girl happy please ;)

Debz xx

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When Life Gives You Lemons

Just a very short post today, because I sadly can't see this dress on the Simply Be website anymore. 

I saw this dress on someone weeks ago and had to have it! Then I saw on sale online for £15 so snapped it up - and I am so glad that I did. I know lots of people shy away from colour for winter, but I will definitely be giving this an outing or two over the colder months!

What do you like to wear over the colder months?

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Debz x

ASOS Lace Skirt - Two's Company

A few weeks ago this skirt popped up on ASOS at a price of just £13 - how was I supposed to resist this?

I wore this for dinner and drinks out on Sunday afternoon in London, after a heavy night out in London the night before (School disco party at Club Indulge was never going to be pretty). I teamed it up with a plain black cami top (also from ASOS), a grey kimono (New Look) and a pink heart shaped bag (from New Look).

It was a bit windy when I took the pics so you'll have to excuse the windswept look, but it gives you an idea of just how pretty the skirt is! It is a little outside of my comfort zone of what I would usually buy but I am really glad that I bought it - it's so pretty!

Dinner at Grill Shack and Yates cocktails - no better way to spend a hungover Sunday afternoon!

Lucia from U Can't Wear That bought the skirt too! 

As you can see she looks brill in it - read her review here

What sale bargains have you grabbed lately?

Debz xx

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£10 Could Be Yours!

Tomorrow I get the honour of celebrating turning 32! To help me prepare for this beautiful, lovely feeling of old age approaching Yours Clothing have given me £10 to give away to one of you guys - YAY!

To me, Yours Clothing are another plus size brand that are doing so well at the moment. They have been to a few of the events I have been at recently (Style XL and Plus North) and it seems that they're really listening to what customers want at the moment, which is always a good thing!

If I won £10 I'd definitely put it towards some of these great items! What would you buy?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!!

Debz xx

Plus North Review - A Different Perspective!

First of all let me tell you now - Plus North was AMAZING! A different perspective just means I am going to review it in a different way to most people, just because I like to be difficult :D

I have spoken before about the importance of surrounding yourself with the right type of media. It can be tough living in a body that doesn't fit the media version of perfect that so many of us are force fed, often without us realising it. It's up to us to change that and surround ourselves with something new - an alternative version of good, so that we can change the influences our brain sees as positive.

Which leads me on to Plus North - an event which oozes inspiration. If you haven't attended Plus North before, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you go next year, there is literally nothing quite like it. I have no doubt that over the next few days there will be bundles of reviews and photos posted, so I wanted to share something different with you.

Photo thanks to Plus North. Some of the blogger babes on Sunday

I have to tell you that being in a room full of women that are strong and confident is amazing. When you can see plus size fashion being modelled on actual plus size women it is just perfect. When you see those women laughing together, sharing stories, supporting eachother, wooping, clapping and cheering for each other it gives you that sort of warm fuzzy feeling. Talking to brands and being able to tell them what you want from fat fashion and where you think they are going wrong is a crazy sort of liberating - Imagine being able to go into Asda and tell them what's wrong with their bread, it's amazing! 

(c) Plus North 
You can get measured, try make up, have your photo taken, browse clothes, buy clothes, win prizes or simply sit and enjoy a drink - all in the surroundings of plus size women who just like you fight the media's idea of a perfect body and live a happy, loving life. I know it sounds a bit cliche, but there is nothing quite like seeing someone like you living the life you would like for you to see that you can be fat (*plus size, bbw, larger, cuddly, curvy...) and happy because those people ARE DOING IT!

That is without the almost startling concept (for me at least) that maybe plus size fashion isn't quite as limited as it once was. I saw hundreds of women at this event, all looking AMAZING in different outfits across three different events (Saturday day, Saturday evening and Sunday day), which just goes to show that over the years plus size fashion has really improved - definitely steps in the right direction at the very least! 

Plus North had its 3rd Annual event in Leeds this year - with fashion shows, brand talks, blogging tips, pub quizzes, raffles and an after party that was beyond fun. All this was alongside ladies you see on Instagram, read the blogs of, chat to on Twitter and generally nosey on their lives - it's amazing! I have everything crossed that there will be a Plus North 2015 and if there is, make it your mission to be there!
Debz xx

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SHOCK HORROR! Thin Lady Spots Chubby Girls Wearing Shorts To Go On Holiday!

This rant is going to be about Linda Kelsey's article in the Daily Mail today. I'll link to it here if you haven't read it yet, but please know it is a horrible article & only read if you want to - you're not missing much by avoiding it!

The article by Linda Kelsey is no doubt written and printed to cause upset & attract a response, perhaps I am playing right into her hands by writing this... but how anyone (and a national paper) can feel it is OK to print such bullying words I do know not!

The Daily Mail piece starts by saying that she saw a group of three young women in an airport queuing up to board a flight to go on holiday to Spain. Nothing unusual there, except poor Linda was FORCED to stare at these size 18 girls who dared to wear shorts to visit a hot country. Poor Linda couldn't just go about her business and not care about what anyone else wore or looks like, instead she was forced to look at this happy group of friends and their fat bodies... Poor, poor Linda.

Linda goes on to talk about how being fat is not attractive to her and that for that reason alone, we should all be thin. I guess she is right - I mean, what is the point of our lives if we're not considered attractive to Linda Kelsey? That's what we all strive for right?? She has decided that she is the person who can set the spectrum for what is attractive and what isn't... and who are we to go against that?

We shouldn't strive to find partners to love us, to set up a home that we're proud of, carve a career for ourselves, make friends, have fun etc etc - instead we NEED to be considered attractive to Linda Kelsey, or at least that is what she tells us.

SHOCK HORROR LINDA - People will be fat whether you tell them it is OK or not! People DO NOT get dressed in the morning and wonder what you would like to see them in, they get dressed and put on their own clothes on their own body - possibly a difficult concept to get your head around judging by your article... but perhaps something you should give some thought to? 

If you see a chubby girl and she's wearing shorts she hasn't thought 'Oh no, Linda won't like this'... she probably hasn't even given any thought to you and your small minded views at all.

If you don't like what you see, CLOSE YOUR EYES

Debz (A fat girl who likes to wear shorts!)

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*Photos borrowed from Google, I do not know the original source

Wild Horses

You might remember a few months ago that I blogged a So Fabulous wish list, of items I would love to try. I hadn't yet tried anything from Very but I did this post on what I liked from their range - including a lovely horse print dress!

As window shopping often does, these remained in wish-list state and I never got around to trying them! 

A few weeks ago Naomi from Diamonds N Pearls sold a few dresses on Facebook and this one popped up. I bought it as I loved the print and then remembered how much it was like the one I blogged in my wishlist!

I can't find any links to buy this online as it is old stock, so I realise that it is quite unhelpful. However the dress is a little different for me and so I wanted to share it. 

I quite like the contrast of long sleeves and legs out. I don't often wear sleeves but it really suits this dress. It was quite warm to wear as it is a thick material but that makes it perfect for cooler days!

Shoes are a £6 Primark bargain - their wide fit shoe range is amazing at the moment!

Do you own any dresses that are a little different to what you normally wear?

Debz xx

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Life's Pretty Rosey

Yesterday, I had the second of three 'leaving parties' in London and what a night it was. I went to Reflex in Watford and had a great night with lots of my favourite people. As you know I am on a no clothing spend for Lent so I was a bit worried about what to wear. When Yours Clothing kindly offered to send me something I picked up this floral number and I love it!

The material itself is thick and stretchy which means that it gives a nice fit. I would say the size is quite generous and I could have gotten away with it being a size smaller. I wore it with leggings just because of the weather but I am pretty sure when it is warmer this will be a dress I could wear to get my legs out.

I really love the floral print of the dress and think it's really pretty and girlie. Yours Clothing seem to have loads of pretty dresses at the moment, definitely worth checking out! This one can be bought here & is currently the bargain price of £28.00!

Have you bought anything new lately? I would love to hear all about it!

Debz xx

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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very grateful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!

The 99p Yours Dress Challenge

You might have seen a few weeks ago that a few of us were lucky enough to snap up dresses from Yours Clothing at the bargain price of 99p each! The sale had 5 dresses to choose from, so inevitably lots of us ended up buying the same dress... We obviously have good taste ;)

I wanted to see how everyone styled their less than £1 bargain, so I set up the 99p Dress challenge. There were 5 dresses to choose from, so every day this week people will blog about a different one of the dresses, whichever one they managed to snap up! 

You can expect amazing posts to include:

Anyway, if you want to keep track then you can follow the #99pDressChallenge on Twitter!

If you managed to snap up a dress and have already blogged about it, or aren't a blogger just share the love on Twitter anyway, the more the merrier!!

Don't forget, if you haven't used Yours Clothing before then you can use the code 'blogger18' to get £10 off of a £20 spend. New customers only but what better excuse do you need to give them a try?


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Tiara Fabulous Blogger Challenge

The lovely Leah has reached out (once again) to bring together a group of people to blog about something fun. Today she has challenged bloggers to post pictures of them wearing a tiara... So here you have it!

These are old photos, but Leah is going to re-do the challenge at a later date - and I will take some new photos for that for sure!

I might not wear a tiara in every day life, but I do love a bit of sparkle and I love mine!

This might not be a tiara as such - but I do love a Christmas crown! 
This is me and my lovely nan last Christmas! <3 

Last year I was honoured to be asked to be my friends bridesmaid - how exciting! When we got there to get ready for the day, she gave us all a beautiful tiara - I loved it!! This is me getting ready for the day!

Me on the day.

So there you go. Please make sure you check out the other lovely ladies taking part today too! You can find them on Twitter under the #tiarafabulous

Girls I know taking part (they might be others) are:

Leah -
Nikki -

Nic -
Sam -

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Discovering Marisota

I have to be honest here, while I have known for ages that Marisota do plus size fashion (up to a size 32) they're not really a brand I think to check when I am looking for a new outfit. However, I love the fact that they exist, because choice is always good!

Last week they invited me down to an event in a beauty salon in Soho to be treated to a bit of a pamper and the chance to browse through some of their offerings this season... How could I resist?

I have been meaning to do something with my eyebrows for ages - I was an eyebrow treatment virgin. In the end I got them waxed and tinted as well as my eyelashes tinted - I love them!

I have to say - I was really impressed with the clothes that they had. When I saw the rail which was bursting with colour & shape I had to smile... It was so nice to see so many nice clothes, something I didn't expect at all.

I'll definitely be keeping a much closer eye on Marisota from now on.

Have you ever shopped there? What did you think?

Debz xx

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British Plus Size Fashion Weekend

I'll be honest and say I didn't take a whole heap of photos at the weekend - I figured that blogs would be saturated with write-ups and reviews and that I wouldn't be able to add very much to it at all. However - I did have a fab time - Thanks to British Plus Size Weekend for the competition that allowed me to win tickets - YAY!

When I got there I wandered around the market place which was fab. It was a little quiet but there were plenty of stalls to browse. It was so lovely to chat to shops that I speak to on Twitter etc in the flesh. Stalls at the market place included Syreeta Badu, Ms SVG, Slink, Live Unlimited, Simply Be, Taking Shape, Topsy Curvy, Evans, Tutti Rogue, Apples and Pears and loads more that I have probably forgotten - sorry! The stalls were set out with plenty of room so you could easily browse through what was on offer and see new collections from brands - YAY!

Me with Team Ms SVG and Team Topsy Curvy - all such lovely, lovely ladies!!

Who said plus size fashion has to be boring!?

After that I headed down to the 4pm fashion show - which was amazing! An hour and a half of seeing different brands showcase their goods - past, present and future. I didn't get any good pics but if you look on Twitter under #BPSFW you'll see loads I am sure!
Before the show I did manage to have a quick chat with Whitney from America's Next Top Model - she was lovely!

I was unsure about attending British Plus Size Fashion Weekend, because of reports I had heard of the previous year - but I was glad I did. It was really lovely to catch up with lots of blogger babes, meet the brands and of course see the cat walk -I'll definitely go back next year. This year was only the 2nd annual British Plus Size Fashion Weekend, so I'll be excited to see the event grows!

Did you go, what did you think?

Debz xx
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Christmas Dress - A Tartan Treat

Happy New Year and all that jazz! I hope that 2014 turns out to be everything you could hope for and more!! 

I wanted to do a quick blog on the dress I wore on Christmas day, which is a lovely tartan midi dress that the lovely ladies at Topsy Curvy were kind enough to send me just before the big day! I am in love with the current tartan trend & think that the pattern and colours are so lovely!

I really like the vibrant red on this dress, which I think made it perfect for the festive season. I got a size down from my usual size however it didn't feel to small at all! I like the snug fit so it was perfect for me. I really like the black side panels which I felt broke up the pattern of the dress a little! I teamed it up with some leggings from One One Three (which are amazing by the way - lovely thick material and great sizing!). I have bought from Topsy Curvy before (you can use their website or Facebook to purchase from there) and find their stuff always comes quickly, well packed and generous sizes!

The dress is currently only £21 on their site too!

I have seen loads of your festive blogging outfits - if you have any more to share I would love to see them!

Debz xx

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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very greatful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!