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You Big CowCow

If you follow any bloggers on social media then the chances are you have heard of the CowCow brand before. The dresses are stocked on Amazon UK and Amazon US, although the US site has lots more choice. 

The dresses come in a whole of patterns, which then come in a range of colours too - so there is something for everyone. Price wise they range from £5 to £15; but be warned they could take up to a month to arrive!

The dresses previously went up to a size 3X but caught the eye of the plus size community because they are super stretchy and fit sizes much larger than the guide suggested. When I heard that they had extended to a size 5XL I had to buy a couple. 

The cake pattern one came from Amazon US and the unicorn one from UK. I found the UK one ever so slightly smaller but not really that you would notice unless you were looking for it. Size wise I found it fit my body great, I could have sized down and it would have fitted but for a more form fitted style which wasn't really what I was looking for.

With CowCow you are taking a little bit of a risk because people have found that certain styles have come up much smaller or shorter but many of the styles come to less than £10 delivered. They have some amazingly fun patterns, so for me it's well worth the risk!

Have you bought one yet? If not, simply search CowCow on Amazon and see what you like!


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