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A Big Fat Step in the Right Direction

I have blogged before and no doubt will again but the reasons to surround yourself with positive  media and influences. We are surrounded by subtle (and not no subtle) messages telling us to be thinner, more toned, healthier - better. Sometimes we read, see and hear these without even realising - but they do go in! For me, my happiness comes from surrounding myself with something different. I choose the bodies I see, the articles I read and the body positivity I surround myself with. 

What struck me today is that actually there are so many different ways to do this so there are no excuses. Over the past few weeks there have been some amazing opportunities for people to take part in - and many more to come I am sure!

For example last weekend I attended an Ezine get together in Manchester. Now don't worry if you haven't a clue what an ezine is, I didn't either. However, I went along to the 'A Fat Activist Show and Tell with Kirsty of Hard Femme/Make It Work workshop' and I am so glad I did. For just oven  an hour I spent time with a whole host of fat babes generally chatting about life, issues, fat activism and sharing tips. It was great!

This weekend you could have gone along to a Fat Positive Clothes Swap in Leeds (there was also one in London last weekend). In London it was also the very first Body Positive dance class hosted by Ashleigh Owen. As I type this the video of their first ever dance has gone viral with over 10,000 hits since yesterday afternoon - amazing!

(c) Ashleigh Owen

This week friends of mine in London also attended a plus size yoga class in order to record a video to promote this - and details are expected to be released too!

In April I went to a plus size night club in Birmingham and next month one takes place in Manchester. In fact on the 18th July you could choose to attend a plus size club night in London (including speed dating), one in Manchester or Style XL a plus size fashion event in Birmingham. The Curve Fashion Festival is coming up in Manchester in September too!

GET OUT THERE! Find these events, create them, join Facebook groups, join in with hashtags and anything else you can do to surround yourself with positive minds and bodies I promise you - it's worth it!

So, what are you going to be doing??

Debz x

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