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Debz Goes Topsy Curvy - A Plus Size Shop Review

Firstly, apologies because this post is well overdue! It's one of those that I kept meaning to write but kept forgetting. 

A good few weeks ago now the lovely ladies at Topsy Curvy invited me down to check out their shop in Manchester. I decided to make a day of it and take a long my mama for the day - and what a lovely day it was.

Considering I hadn't been to the shop before and I don't know Manchester well, I found the shop SO easily. Hop on a bus from Picadilly Gardens, it's about 20 minutes away and the bus stops right outside perfect.

The shop itself is really, really lovely. You can see that the girls are passionate about creating an enjoyable shopping experience. The lay out of the shop is perfect with everyone easily seen and rails that aren't too close together - don't you hate that? They're attentive and happy to help. Perhaps one of the things I love most about Topsy Curvy as a brand is how much the girls know their stuff. Since they launched I have become good friends with Jo, Charlotte and Bethany and it's been a real pleasure to see them learn and their brand grow. ANY items that you ask them about on the rail (or on their website) they know about the fit and if it will suit you. They can advise about sizing up or sizing down, which is essential when you're shopping online.

I give brands a hard time about clothes sizes, but I do know how hard it is to source items above a size 26 even if I would love shops such as Topsy Curvy to have more in my size. 

Anyway, I know that Topsy Curvy are helping the campaign for change. They tell me regularly about conversations they have with suppliers asking for MORE! For example about a fortnight a go I started to complain about all of the Christmas swing dresses stopping at size 26 - the girls listened and now have one dress up to a size 30, with the idea of more to following. AMAZING!


Perhaps one of my favourite things about their store is the dressing room. For starters the mirror in the room is MASSIVE, which is perfect for seeing how items look on you. There is seating in the room and even a pair of high heeled shoes for you to slip your feet into if you want to see the outfit in something different. They even have a little stand with perfume,baby wipes, handcream and deodorant so you can freshen up after a trying on session, perfect!

If you're around Manchester then I recommend that you pop into store, because it's exactly how you'd imagine your perfect plus size high street shop to be!

Topsy Curvy
82 Bury Old Road
Whitefield, Manchester
M45 6TQ

Debz xx

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