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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Is Plus Size Fashion MissGuided?

You have probably seen online today that online retailer MissGuided launched their first plus size range. I have to admit that before last week I hadn't heard of the clothing website, mainly because their main range seems to stop at a size 14, with a handful of pieces in a size 16.

Their Curvy+ range launched today and has been met with love. The range (which stocks sizes 16-24) seems to be a good extension and representation of their existing range, which is always good news!

Now, you could say it is because I am bitter that I can't fit into their Oxblood Gilet, but I am disappointed that the range stops at a size 24. I guess seeing as they previously did up to a size 14/16 it is a massive step in the right direction but I want to see retailers taking leaps! 

Now a days, buying a size 24 dress online is not a novelty. We have an abundance of retailers who now stock plus size collections up to a size 24/26. Yes, some of the MissGuided pieces are brilliantly fashionable but who decided that fashion stopped at a size 24?

With retailers like MissGuided shouting from the roof top for days before their collection that they're launching such an exciting product - I would love for it to be something more than we normally see.

I honestly think people who believe plus size fashion should stop at a size 24 are misguided. There are so many bigger women who are crying out for pieces like this, we just need a retailer to listen!

I love the MissGuided plus size range and I can see why it has been so well received, but I would love to see more! 

What do you think?

Debz xx

Monday, 17 November 2014

House of Fraser: Plus Size Saviour?

I am always pleased to hear about plus size options, so House of Fraser offering plus size clothing is fantastic news to me! Actually House of Fraser and their plus size collection is nothing new, but it seems that their offerings have really improved over recent months. 

In October I had the chance to try House of Fraser for myself and I was pleasantly surprised by their offerings. I would say that they're not exactly breaking boundaries - because they're offering items that are already on sale by other brands. However, the chance to buy from a range of brands in one place is always good for me. Brands you can buy from include: Evans (including Scarlett and Jo), Taking Shape, Samya, Juna Rose and much more!

They had a good sale on when I went too - and most of you will know I am quite the bargain hunter! They also do right up to a size 30, which is another bonus.

I chose this Spotted Skater Dress from Evans

I love the fact that it is only £20 too! For me the fit is perfect and the pockets are a nice addition. Its a really nice material which makes it nice to wear in colder weather. I teamed it up with leggings but the length meant I could have easily worn it without too.

Have you bought anything from the House of Fraser Plus Size Collection?

Debz x

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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very grateful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Kimono: Old Style New Look

Kimonos are nothing new, they have been around for a number of years. However this season that are as fashionistas would say 'bang on trend'. I am so pleased that so many plus size retailers are taking this on board and providing plenty of choice! I have a few of them and they are definitely fast becoming a staple diet of my wardrobe. 

One brand that seem to be doing this quite well at the moment is New Look, who have plenty of in stock online and in store. They recently sent me a lovely grey kimono which I really love. I wanted it because lots of the kimonos around at the moment seem to be big, bold, brightly coloured patterns.

Normally I wouldn't be one to shy away from a bit of colour, but when you have a bright coloured pattern dress it is hard to team this with another bright, colour pattern - which is where this grey kimono is so perfect! The grey kimono I have doesn't seem to be on the website any more, but they have loads of nice tops and kimonos from the Inspire range so make sure you check them out! I haven't included outfit pics of this because it isn't available any more but there are so many good alternatives.

A glimpse of the grey kimono - such a lovely colour

For Plus North, I wore my trusty Yours Clothing kimono, which has become a firm favourite of mine. I teamed it up with this amazing Topsy Curvy t-shirt, which I have practically lived in since they sent it to me. 

Topsy Curvy are a brand that actually listen to their customers, which for me is amazing! They know that the larger end of plus size is often under-catered for and so are trying to push out new products, including this t shirt which they stock right up to a size 36!

I have also worn this kimono with an amazing maxi dress I got from New Look a few weeks ago and this has fast become one of my favourite outfits. As is so often the case with New Look dresses, I found this maxi dress to be a generous size.

One thing I have become more used to recently is mixing and matching brands. Each brand has something different to offer, so matching a plain Topsy Curvy top with a bright Yours Clothing kimono or a plain New Look kimono with a bright ASOS dress is fine!

What is your go-to item at the moment?


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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very grateful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!

Friday, 18 April 2014

Plus Size Clothing - You Do Have Options!

Over the next few weeks I have a number of different posts planned, all around the topic of plus size fashion and the choices you/I/we have. Over the past year I have noticed a definite change in the way plus size retailers work and the options that they present us... Yet, I still see people on Facebook (and other places) talking about being a size 20 and having no where to shop or a size 28 and not being able to find the dress they want for a party! It makes me sad that there are still people who feel like this - simply because I used to be that girl! 

Now a days you can find retailers like New Look, Yours Clothing and ASOS Curve who have items that directly match and rival what is being offered by 'standard' size fashion retailers. Even the likes of new-comers Pink Clove and Boohoo are really saying something and to me, that is fantastic news for plus size women everywhere!

Over the next few weeks I'll be exploring plus size retailers that offer items in sizes 12 right up to a size 36! I didn't realise just how many retailers offer options for all sizes, but they really do! You have the likes of Simply Be where you can a dress in a size 12 or a size 32 (and all combinations in between) and Yours Clothing who have around 200 items on their website up to a size 36. 

Of course, you could argue that we still have a long way to go - the current Boohoo Plus range 'only'' going to a size 24 for example... But we're getting there and it is pretty exciting to see!

So... Before I get onto those blog posts I wanted to remind you that I have a list of plus size retailers here on this very page. Over the past 12 months I have pieced together a list that now has over 50 PLUS SIZE RETAILERS LISTED! That's 50 retailers for you to choose from who all stock plus sizes!

If you're reading this blog then the chances are you're already well aware that you do have options, but I want to let women everywhere know that they do have places to shop. So please, share this blog post, share my link and share the little button above. It can make such a difference to a plus size woman to know that she has clothing options and it is us that can make it happen!

Where are your favourite places to shop?

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Summer Wish List - My Shopping Ban Is Nearly Over!

You might remember a month ago I announced that I was going to give up clothes shopping for Lent! Quite a few people decided to join me and though some have fallen by the wayside there is still a few of us going strong!

Now that I am on the final stretch of the shopping challenge (10 days to go!) I find my self online-window shopping and lusting over the items that I am going to buy when I finally am allowed to spend. Of course with a list as long as my arm, I can't possibly buy them all but with so many vibrant patterns and colours out there it's going to be hard to decide what I want to get my hands on first! I know we often moan about the lack of choice when it comes to plus size fashion, but I really feel (in my as far from expert opinion as you can get) that the retailers are doing us proud  this season!

Here's a look at the retailers that have not been making my shopping challenge very easy!

Pink Clove

Pink Clove seem to have updated their New Arrivals page twice in the last week (Yes, I stalk them that much) and both times I have gasped and then done a little dance of excitement. The colour of the page alone makes me smile - I love so many of their items! My top 3 (today, this will change tomorrow) are:

Tropical Floral Trousers, Sweetheart Neck Skater Dress (available in lots of colours), Floral Spot Skater Dress

Scarlett & Jo

Sold through Evans Online and a handful of Evans stores, if you haven't come across Scarlett & Jo before you're about the experience a revelation! I have blogged about these lovely dresses before and you'll see lots of bloggers also rave about them. There is just so much right about these dresses - the fit, the colours, the shade, the style - everything! This season they have launched a range of prom dresses and my goodness, they're beautiful!

2 in 1 Floral Prom Dress and the Floral Layered Maxi Dress

Topsy Curvy

Still quite a new player in the world of plus size fashion Topsy Curvy just seem to be getting it right time after time. Sadly I haven't been able to try any of their new stuff yet because of my spending ban, so I don't know about quality - but LOOK AT THOSE COLOURS!!! These girls seem to hit the nail on the head when it comes to giving plus size ladies a choice when it comes to clothing & I can't wait to see what else they have to offer! You can buy via their website although their Facebook seems to get items added quicker and that's where I spend my time lusting!

Neon Newspaper & Flower Midi Dress, 60s Print Cut Out Swing Dress and the Leopard & Rose Swing Dress

Lusting Over...

All of these are items that I would love to buy & most probably will splash the cash on at some stage. I also wanted to add a little lust-list in the shape of Silly Old Sea Dog - a vintage style dress company that have recently started a plus size range. Their dresses are available up to a size 28 and they are BEAUTIFUL! The dresses are (sadly) a little out of my price range but if you're looking for a dress with a difference and are willing to invest I would definitely head over to their site!

So.. .What are you planning to buy over the next few weeks, has anything pretty caught your eye?

Debz xx

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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Places You Didn't Know You Could Shop!

I know, I am a little guilty of this - assuming that you can only shop in plus size shops or at least those that have an infamous plus size range - ASOS Curve, New Look Inspire etc. etc. Don't get me wrong, these shops are great but they are not your only options. Since I started this blog and started looking properly into plus size fashion options I have discovered that there are lots of different places you can shop - that you might not even think to consider!

Just For 5 Pounds

This website has loads of items for.. you guessed it! £5.00. With a range of clothes, bags, shoes and accessories for this bargain price you can really pick up items without breaking the bank. However, what I never realised before (I didn't even think to check) is that they have a plus size section. What is even better about this plus size section is that they have items up to a size 30. Now, as you can imagine the bigger sizes go quickly but it is well worth checking out what is available and what you could pick up for almost the same price as a cup of coffee. The items on the website change - but at the moment they have items like cardigans and jumpers which well look like they are worth picking up.


Loads of us know that eBay is a great place to pick up bargain items and save yourself some money, but I still get surprised at how many people who don't realise you can pick up plus size items too! When you search via the fashion section of the website you can put in size and even what type of clothing you want, which helps to narrow it down. Of course shopping this way on eBay is hit and miss and you have to search out the bargains, but as you can get some great pieces - it is well worth doing this!


Places like Asda and are known for having their own ranges of clothes and if you look at their pieces you can find the odd hidden gem! What many people don't realise is just how big the clothes sizes go - both on their websites and in-store. Next time you are picking up some bread, why not have a browse their the clothing section and see what you can pick up. 

I'd love to hear about your hidden clothing shops & places you'd recommend

Debz xx

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

I Can't Shop On The High Street, I'm Fat: A Look At Simply Be, Manchester

When I read things written by fat girls a lot of it revolves around fashion and the limitations they feel they have. Outside of the beautiful world of 'plus size blogging' many people still feel that they can not shop like a 'normal' person but this is not the case at all!

I have already started my ABC of plus size fashion features to try and introduce people to new retailers. My list of 'recommended plus size retailers' at the top of the page now has over 30 stores listed for the same reason!

Now I want to try and show you that you can shop on the high street, whatever your size - as long as you know where to look!

As you know this weekend I was in Manchester on a Hen Party and I stumbled across my very first Simply Be Store in The Arndale Centre there. I dragged the (skinny) hen inside so I could have a nosey. Rather than try to explain to the cashier what I was doing I also sneakily took some photos while I was inside!

I have to say I loved the layout of the store (which is teamed with Jacamo much like Top Shop/Top Man) and found the staff were really friendly and helpful. 

The shop was clean, tidy and easy to get around! They had lots of choice too. It was lovely to see some of the items I had spotted on the website 'in real life'.

Some of my favourite items:



Simply Be Stores:

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

A Walk On The Wild Side

Two posts in one day - you lucky lot!

As you know, on Wednesday evening I attended a bloggers event for Pink Clove. For a few days before I ummed and ahhed over what to wear. With so many fabulous bloggers in attendance I knew I wanted to make sure that I was 100% happy with my outfit. I also wanted to try and minimize the chance of anyone else wearing the same outfit as me!

In the end I opted for this leopard print gaga dress from Yours Clothing. I have had this dress for ages and so I thought, the chances of someone else wearing it would be minimal.

I am very lucky in that one of my favouritest people in the world is a make up artist, so she came over to my flat before I went to give me a make over - and I was really happy with the results! Lucia also blogs over at so make sure you check her out! 

I teamed up the outfit with black leggings, white shoes with a black bow and a black and white bag. Of course this was too monochrome for me, so I had to add a splash of colour with my fabulous Black Heart Creatives, Wannabe Princess neckace!

Strike a Pose.
Dress: Yours Clothing
Belt: Yours Clothing
Leggings: Simply Be
Shoes: Primark
Bracelet: eBay
Necklace: Black Heart Creatives
Earrings: Primark
Handbag (pictured below): Primark

The event was held at Hush Restuarent in Mayfair, which was really lovely! The setting outside was really nice, walking down a cobbled street into the courtyard was beautiful!

Posing in Mayfair

I had a really nice night and the pieces on offer from Pink Clove are lovely - I thoroughly recommend checking them out!

I attended the event with Leighanne from Bump and Beyond and Lucia from U Can't Wear That. Here we are all dressed up and ready to go, before leaving the house!

Me, Leighanne and Lucia
What have you been up to this week?


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Thursday, 22 August 2013

So, So, So Fabulous!

I know - no prizes for inventive headlines this time around!

I saw a tweet by the So Fabulous team today, which reminded me that I hadn't yet blogged about their dresses - Oops! Sorry. I love loads of the So Fabulous times on their website and with a range that goes up to a size 28 they are perfect (they even have a handful of dresses up to a size 30!). 

The  So Fabulous Front Page

I have yet to try the So Fabulous range but I have heard good things about them and can't wait to try them out for myself. I thought I'd do a little ABC feature so you can all get an idea of what they offer!

Absolute Bargain - Horse Print Wrap Dress

At just £16.00 there can be no denying that this dress is a bargain. What I really love about this dress is the unique and funky pattern. It's a way of being a little quirky without being too 'out there'. There is also a floral version of the same dress available for £22.00. I think that the wrap affect on the dress is going to allow it to be very flattering. Depending on the length on you, you will be easily about to wear this with leggings, tights or bare legs! Dress it out with some funky accessories and wear it to your next night out :) You can buy this dress here

Best Value For Money - Dipped Hem Chiffon Dress

I have been looking for a dress to wear for my birthday and this one is definitely on my list. I love the deep colour purple of this dress and think that the cut and fit would be flattering. It is a little different to the style of dress I would usually wear but I think I would be able to pull it off. With some subtle accessories and some pretty shoes it could easily be the perfect birthday girl outfit! At just £35.00 it's fantastic value for money. You can buy this dress here.

Cash To Splash - Lace Skater Dress

To be fair at £44 this dress is still a bit of a bargain, if you have a slightly bigger budget anyway. What I love about this dress is that it is great for those who aren't sure about showing their cleavage  The lace affect is pretty and doesn't deter from the rest of the dress. I don't have much lighter clothing but I do think that as it is a skater dress cut it would fit well at home in my wardrobe. You can buy this dress here.

Have you got any So Fabulous items? What did you think of them?

Debz xx

Thursday, 15 August 2013

ABC (or should that be 5,6,7,8) of Dresses By Claire Richards

I will be honest, I don't often pay much attention to celebrity fashion ranges, perfumes etc. I judge something on whether I like it and not the name behind it. I heard about the Claire Richards range for Fashion World a few weeks go and only got around to checking it out this morning. I have to say that I think there are some really pretty pieces on offer and all of the dresses I looked at go up to a size 32, which is always a positive thing!

As the collection is quite new, most of the pieces are averagely priced, but as they are all so nice I thought I would give an ABC feature a bash anyway!

Absolute Bargain - Bird Print Dress

I guess the word bargain means different things to different people - this wouldn't strike me as the cheapest dress you could buy ever (quite simply because it isn't) but for the price it is a lovely, staple item to add to a wardrobe.

The dress is a little longer than the style I would usually wear, I have to confess to not having very many midi length dresses in my wardrobe. What I loved about the dress with the way it comes in at the waist and the lovely bird print pattern  If you have any tea parties or events coming up, for £50 this could be a welcome addition. You can buy this dress here

Best Value For Money - BodyCon Textured Dress

I don't own very much black, but I am starting to love bodycon dresses. What I love about this dress is that even though it is black, the textured pattern gives it another layer. It isn't simply another black dress. I can imagine wearing this to more formal events and think teamed up with some nice jewellery and pretty shoes this would be really lovely. At £65.00 it isn't the cheapest dress you could buy, but if you are looking for a black dress to add to your wardrobe then I think this would be fabulous! You can buy this dress here.

Cash To Splash - Sequin BodyCon Dress

Another black dress but the sequins on this give the dress a lovely sparkly shimmer which really brightens it up. At £95.00 for this dress it most definitely is an investment piece but as you will be able to dress it up with different accessories you'll most definitely be able to make sure that you get value for money out of the dress! I like the shape of the dress and I know the long sleeves will appeal to many people. You can buy this dress here.

All in all, I think the Claire Richards Fashion World offering is a good once - I would have loved to see a bit more colour in the pieces though! I guess many people still assume that us fat girls want to hide and slim away in black but that isn't always the case. As I said i haven't tried any of the dresses so I cant comment on fit or quality but I do like the look of these 3 dresses.

Have you tried any? What did you think


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Monday, 5 August 2013

Pink To Make The Boys Wink - Inspiring Fashion From New Look

I went shopping in Blackpool this weekend and had a bit of a mooch in New Look. The Blackpool store isn't one of the biggest I have seen but I was really impressed by their Inspire range. Although store displays say that they do up to a size 26 I saw plenty of items up to a size 32, so it seems that they are rolling out bigger sizes in their stores as well as online.

It made me realise I hadn't browsed the New Look website for a little bit so I had a look this morning, what better way to brighten up a dull Monday morning! I love some of the pieces that their website offers at the moment, here is my ABC look at some of their pink items!

Absolute Bargain - Bright Pink Ruffle Neck Dress

Currently in the sale this bargain of a dress is just £6  - you probably won't get much more of a bargain that that! Even at full cost it was just £12.99, so it really is good value for money. I love the fit of this dress and even though it relatively plain piece the bright colour and the ruffle neck line more than makes up for it. If you like to wear bright colours then this is a great staple piece to add to your wardrobe! You can buy this one here!

Best Value For Money - Coral Crochet Collar Sleeveless Chiffon Dress

The sleeveless look is one that I don't rock often enough but a dress like this is could more than change my mind. I love the coral colour of the dress and the lace neckline makes it a really pretty dress. I have a couple of weddings come up in the next few weeks and at just £19.99 I think this could be a perfect, bargain outfit to wear! You can buy this dress here.

Cash To Splash - Praslin Pink Floral Sweetheart Dress

It is hard to find a cash to splash item in the Inspire range because they offer such value for money. However, this sweetheart dress jumped out at me because I love the colour and pattern. It's just £34.00 and if the pink shade isn't for you, there is a black shaded one that looks just as lovely. You can buy this dress here.

If pink isn’t for you, New Look Inspire have loads of options and pieces up to a size 32 so they are well worth looking at!

Is your wardrobe dominated by one main colour or do you try to vary things?

Debz xx

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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

ABC Of Rainy Day Clothes From Evans

So... I hate to say it, but I think it might be over. Has summer really upped and left us? I think so! We had 2 weeks of pure, blissful sunshine where we all moaned it was too hot and that we couldn’t sleep... Seems like Mother Nature has listened to our moans and sent us rain, thunder and lightning - lovely!

The problem with this weather is that it is so interchangeable & unpredictable... I went for drinks one evening last week in a dress and flip-flops, by the time I was on my way home it was full thunder and lightning - not ideal!

So anyway, I thought would do a little piece on items that can be layered easily and are perfect for when the weather just doesn’t know what it is doing! As a plus-size retailer Evans really seem to have upped their game recently & I love some of the pieces they have bought out... Once my bank balance allows me I'll definitely be purchasing some to do some proper reviews for you

Absolute Bargain - Swan By Clements Ribeiro Lips Print Jersey Dress

On sale for just £15.00 this would make a fantastic addition to any wardrobe. What I love about this dress is that it is so easy to dress up or dress down. I can picture it with tights and a nice sparkly shrug for an evening out or leggings and a cardigan for on the day. As a jersey dress the material is going to be lightweight, so you can layer it without having to worry too much about being too warm in this weather. You can buy it here.

Best Value For Money - Scarlett & Jo Purple Waterfall Stud Detail Dress

At £40.00 this dress is a little more expensive that other items I put in the best value for money section, but I really do think that it fits here perfectly. I love the waterfall stud detail on this dress and feel that it is perfect for those nights when you want to wear a pretty dress but not something that screams "look at me" too much! I love many of the Scarlett & Jo pieces and can't wait to own one - I have seen reviews from other bloggers and know that they talk highly of the quality and fit of these products. You can buy this one here.

Cash To Splash - Scarlett & Jo Black and Grey Sheer Yoke Dress

I love, love, love the cut of this dress - it is exactly the cut and shape that I love to wear. At £55.00 it is a cash to splash item, but what a lovely choice! I love the black and grey pattern of this dress - it is perfect to wear to an evening party or get together, especially as you can easily get away with wearing a cardigan with this to protect you from the unpredictable weather. You can get this one here.

So there you have it - a couple of choices from Evans for this sunny, rainy and then sunny weather again!

What do you like to wear when the weather is unpredictable like this?

Debz xx

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Monday, 29 July 2013

Skater Girl Indulges

I know I rant quite a lot about body image issues, but as a BBW blog I feel it is important to also bring you plus size bargains and clothes that I like. I know that as a self-confessed fat chick it can be hard to fit clothes you like, that fit, that you can actually afford.

One of my new-found faves is ASOS Curve. I know I am quite late to the party with this website, but I really am loving everything that they have on offer at the moment.

Last week I picked up this bargain of a grey skater dress and decided to wear it to Club Indulge on Saturday.

Skater Dress With Sweetheart Neckline And Short Sleeve

I really like the fit of the dress and the fact that it is long enough to wear without leggings - although it would look pretty funky teamed up with leggings. That is the beauty of a dress like this, the choice is yours! I found it very flattering around the bust and it was more than comfortable to wear all night. I bought a size down from my usual size and it still fit fine. For just £15.00 in their current ASOS Curve sale, it really is a must have for any wardrobe. Get yours here

I teamed it up with my other new found love - a necklace from Black Heart Creatives. I have three of these now - I'll blog about my other favourite necklace another time. I got comments on my necklace all night long, with loads of other ladies wanting to get their hands on one!

I wore the outfit to Club Indulge - which is a relatively new plus size party that was held in London Bridge. Held in champagne bar right next to the Hilton Hotel the summer mixer event did threaten to be ruined by rain but actually the 4th Club Indulge was quite possibly my favourite one yet. The next one is at the end of August and if you haven't been to one before, I would recommend it!

The night did get a bit blurry - I blame the wine!
Dress: ASOS Curve
Shoes: Primark
Belt: Yours Clothing (old season)
Necklace: Black Heart Creatives

What did you get up to this weekend?

Debz x

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