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I Didn't Read The Memo: Fat Girls & Stripes

Apparently a few years ago, a memo was sent out to say that fat girls shouldn't wear stripes. SHOCK HORROR they apparently aren't flattering at all and you should always dress to look smaller - who knew?!

I 'unfortunately' missed this memo and have been gleefully wearing whatever I wanted, without worrying about what it did to my body shape. This week while at my parents I needed to buy some emergency leggings - and as Yours Clothing do next day delivery I opted to use them! Now, when you're buying just leggings and paying £7 for delivery, it seems rude to not at least browse the sale section before you check out to see what is there. 

                           Bag from ASOS. Shoes from Just Fab

I came across this really nice knitted tunic at just under £12 and had to get it. I actually sized up in this because I wanted the oversize look and it was nice to be shopping with a brand where I could actually do this - however I probably didn't need to as it is a bit 'too' big, I still really like it though!

I love the length (bear in mind I am short) and the fact it looks nice but is still so easy to just throw on and wear out. I wore this to dinner with my parents and it was nice to be sat comfy and cosy, without worrying about looking drab.

I really want a wardrobe with more of these easy to wear pieces - any recommendations?

Debz x

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