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Friday, 26 July 2013

The Baffling World Of Online Dating...

I know I have blogged about this subject before and I know without a doubt that I will blog about this subject again.

As I have been sat in tonight (on a Friday of all days!)  I thought I would log into a dating site or two and see what was happening.

First I decided to give Plenty of Fish some attention... and that bought this gem out of the woodwork.

And then, as dating websites often do a BBW dating website I am on bought an old 'friend' out of the woodwork. I would love to say that this is a rarity, but unfortunately it is not.

This conversation is copy and pasted direct from the site - It is, unbelievably a conversation that actually happened.

Him :how are you then tonight ?xxx

Me:  You do realise that the first time we spoke you were extremely abusive to me? Why 
would I chat to you again?

Him: i dont remember that, but if i was then im sorry, of course being online and keep getting let down all the time, sometimes puts people in a foul mood, im sure i didnt mean to take it out on you. sometimes i get moody. i dont mean to. recently ive been looking for work again, so of course being let down all the time makes me down in the dumps lol.

Me:  Oh. I remember... and last time I reminded you of it (when you messaged me again - this is the 3rd time) you blamed your friend for using your account.
You told me I was too fat and that I would never get a boyfriend unless i lost some weight - whatever foul mood you were in, there is no need for that so I really have no motivation to have a conversation with you!

Him:  shame as i actually think your quite pretty as you

Me: Perhaps you shouldnt have told me that I was too fat to ever get a boyfriend then.

Him: well, i dont think you are.i would love someone as nice as you on my arm.xx
that was cruel of me and im not normally like that, i assure you. truly not.xx

Me:  I couldn't care less to be honest with you. I don't have friends who are judgemental of others let alone potential dates.

Him: Well i would love to date you, really would.xx

Me: I would recommend that in future girls you find attractive and would like to date, you try not to put down their looks and damage their self esteem by telling them they will never be good enough for a guy - you'll have much better luck with getting them to agree to go out with you.

Him:  well, i hope you except that im sorry and let me get to know you ?xxxx

Me: No. 

I am not sure what it is about dating websites that let men (and probably women, I haven’t dated them so I don’t know) say what they want without having to worry about it... The above gentleman only abused me the first time after he has asked me out and I didn’t reply quickly enough to his messages or with the answers that he wanted - there is nothing quite like a man scorned!

Between him and the offer to take hardcore drugs with a stranger on a Friday night I am left wondering if online dating could work for me.

I would love to hear your online dating experiences!

Debz xx

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