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A New Baby - What Does It Mean For The Future?

I am not a mother (obviously) but  I often think about what I would want for my children if I were to be one. I am not maternal really - I think that is down to being too immature to look after myself, let alone a small child. 

The Royal Baby has had everyone talking about births, children and of course what Baby Charlotte means for the future of our country. It got me thinking about I'd want for this Taurus woman in the future.

For me, I want to see a world where positive body image is much more at the forefront of everyones mind. Princess Charlotte is going to grow up with the eyes of the world looking at her - she'll need to be strong and put up with some judgemental opinions in the future. As a child she'll probably be fine - but we have to think about the fact that this small child will grow into a woman.

As females, we're often almost bombarded with media and 'advice' on the way that we should look. I can only imagine the amount of pressure that Princess Charlotte will be facing. Setting up a small person for their whole life seems like such a responsbility!

I'd love to see a world where body positivity is taught to our children. I surround myself with positive media (poetry, talks, speeches, photos, hashtags, blogs etc) so I know that the stuff is out there. I would love to see us promote this more to our younger generation - to show them that Heat Magazine are not the holy grail of how to look and what is right or wrong with your body. 

Let's show the people of Princess Charlotte's generation that they don't need to drop 10lbs in 2 weeks in order to wear a bikini. Healthy minds are just as important as bodies and it is time we started to do more to make this happen.

What would you like to see for the future generation?

Debz xx

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