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Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Taurus Men In Love and Relationships: 5 Signs Your Taurus Man Is In Love With You

So you’ve got yourself a Taurus man. You have been dating for a while. You want to say those three precious little words, but a nagging question fills your mind…Is he in love with you? You would hate to put your heart on the line just to find that he does not reciprocate your feelings. Read on to see if he is really in love or just lust. Learn more about Taurus men traits here.

1. His Touch
Does he reach for your hand? Does he place his hand lightly on the small of your back? Does he manage to catch your eye when you are in a crowded room? Does he bump his hand against yours inviting you to wrap your fingers in his? These are just a few of the physical signs that your Taurus man is in love with you.

Taurus men are subtly passionate. He will have a smile that is only for you and will find ways to be close to you without being overwhelming. Your man will find any excuse possible to be close to you.

2. His Personality
You might never guess it, but most Taurus men start out shy. He will want to know how interested you are in him. Are you going to commit to him if he commits to you? As you discover your bond and fondness for one another, he will open more. He will be more confident in himself and share more intimate details about his life with you. In return, he will want to know more about your life. He genuinely cares for you and what happens to you.

Did he introduce himself by fumbling over his own name? Did he stare at the ground when he first started talking to you? Did it take him a long time to even ask you out to begin with? Chances are this is more than just “like” for your man.

Your Taurus man might even be protective of you. If you have a bad day, he will want to find any way possible to fix it for you and protect you from future pain. If someone makes a rude comment about you, even his friends, he will stand up for you. He wants to be your best friend as well as a lover.

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3. His Lifestyle
Has he introduced you to his friends? What about his family? Has he asked to meet your family? Has he invited to you over to his house or apartment? Has he even let you spend the night?

As he falls in love with you, he will open up all aspects of his life to you. Not only that, but he will want you to share your life with him. He will ask to meet your friends, your family, and other people who are important to you. He will also take up some of your hobbies just because you enjoy them. You might even find that you share some of the same hobbies which will make hanging out with your man that much more enjoyable.

Can you carry on deep, meaningful conversations with your man? Does he actually listen to what you say and even respond with thoughtful comments and discussions? Taurus men genuinely care what you have to say and value your opinion. Just another sign that he is in love with you.

4. His Financial Concerns
Your man is financially responsible. He does not carry a lot of credit card debt, and he might even be a financial advisor or analyst. He has a math-oriented brain and enjoys working with numbers.

Does he notice that you shop for the best deal on shopping trips? Does he offer to pay for your dinner? Does he wait for the best possible deal on something that he really wants?

A Taurus man is not only concerned about his finances; he is also concerned about yours. He might even compliment you on your spending and saving habits. If you don’t have good financial habits, he will probably offer to help you budget your money or offer other financial advice.

When a Taurus is in love with you, he will help you work out a plan to become more financially aware. He will probably even offer to take care of some of your financial issues for you.

5. His Attention
Does he buy you small gifts? Has he brought you flowers lately? Does he take you to upscale restaurants for your dates? He might be in love with you then.

When a Taurus man is in love with you, he will give you his undivided attention. He will want to spend all of his time with you. He might even get jealous when you have to spend time with other people that does not include him.

Small, thoughtful gifts, as well as some bigger ones sometimes, are his ways of showing you he cares about you. He might even keep getting you similar presents because he knows it is something you like to help you build a collection so when you look at them, you will be reminded of how much he cares for you.

Lastly, he will pay attention to the people that matter the most to you. Do you have a relative that you enjoy hanging out with that might be a little weird, but he manages to find time to spend with him or her? Does he willingly go to family functions with you? If they matter to you, they matter to him.

There are many ways for a Taurus man to show you he loves you. These are just a few. Hopefully when you tell your man that you love him for the first time he will pull you into his arms, stare deep into your eyes, and say the words right back to you.

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Friday, 26 July 2013

The Baffling World Of Online Dating...

I know I have blogged about this subject before and I know without a doubt that I will blog about this subject again.

As I have been sat in tonight (on a Friday of all days!)  I thought I would log into a dating site or two and see what was happening.

First I decided to give Plenty of Fish some attention... and that bought this gem out of the woodwork.

And then, as dating websites often do a BBW dating website I am on bought an old 'friend' out of the woodwork. I would love to say that this is a rarity, but unfortunately it is not.

This conversation is copy and pasted direct from the site - It is, unbelievably a conversation that actually happened.

Him :how are you then tonight ?xxx

Me:  You do realise that the first time we spoke you were extremely abusive to me? Why 
would I chat to you again?

Him: i dont remember that, but if i was then im sorry, of course being online and keep getting let down all the time, sometimes puts people in a foul mood, im sure i didnt mean to take it out on you. sometimes i get moody. i dont mean to. recently ive been looking for work again, so of course being let down all the time makes me down in the dumps lol.

Me:  Oh. I remember... and last time I reminded you of it (when you messaged me again - this is the 3rd time) you blamed your friend for using your account.
You told me I was too fat and that I would never get a boyfriend unless i lost some weight - whatever foul mood you were in, there is no need for that so I really have no motivation to have a conversation with you!

Him:  shame as i actually think your quite pretty as you

Me: Perhaps you shouldnt have told me that I was too fat to ever get a boyfriend then.

Him: well, i dont think you are.i would love someone as nice as you on my arm.xx
that was cruel of me and im not normally like that, i assure you. truly not.xx

Me:  I couldn't care less to be honest with you. I don't have friends who are judgemental of others let alone potential dates.

Him: Well i would love to date you, really would.xx

Me: I would recommend that in future girls you find attractive and would like to date, you try not to put down their looks and damage their self esteem by telling them they will never be good enough for a guy - you'll have much better luck with getting them to agree to go out with you.

Him:  well, i hope you except that im sorry and let me get to know you ?xxxx

Me: No. 

I am not sure what it is about dating websites that let men (and probably women, I haven’t dated them so I don’t know) say what they want without having to worry about it... The above gentleman only abused me the first time after he has asked me out and I didn’t reply quickly enough to his messages or with the answers that he wanted - there is nothing quite like a man scorned!

Between him and the offer to take hardcore drugs with a stranger on a Friday night I am left wondering if online dating could work for me.

I would love to hear your online dating experiences!

Debz xx

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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Am I The Only One Left Confused By Online Dating?

I know, two blogs in one day can be over the top, but when inspiration hits me - I just have to type!

Anyone who knows me will tell you I have a chequered past when it comes to dating. I am, what you would call an online date. I am on and have been on different dating websites in the vain attempt to meet my Mr Right, or at least someone who wants to take me out for dinner!

And then, I have afternoons like today where I have conversations like this and I am left wondering if online dating is the way forward.

Conversation One

Him - Love a bit of bounce
Me - k
Him - You like skinny boys?
Me - I like polite boys, which actually rules you out
Him - What have I said that isn't polite? Please don't rule me out
Me - 'Love a bit of bounce" Would you say that as the 1st thing you said to someone in a club
Him - Probably
Me - I'm not your type anyway, so let's just leave it as that.
Him - Why are you not my type? I really fancy you
Me - (I quote from his profile" "Would prefer someone who keeps in shape but not so much that they have big muscles. No whales, sorry. I like to weigh more than the girl I am seeing"
Him - That's just a joke. You are very much my type, I like them big
Me - You referred to girls as whales just to make a joke? That makes you not my type. Happy fishing.
Him - you look fun but you seem like you take yourself a bit seriously. Don't know why you're being grouchy. Give me a chance and let me take you out
Me - No.
Him - I haven't been rude to you, your acting like I've done something awful. I'm here to find a relationship
Me - You referred to girls bigger than you as a whale, I'm not interested in anyone who refers to fat women in this way.
Him - Can I send you some flowers to say sorry?
Me - No.
(More mindless conversation....)
Him -  I'm a nice person. You're hurting my feelings a bit
Me - Boo Hoo Hoo
Him - What size are those boobatrons?
Me - Whale sized.
Him - I don't care about peoples size. I just want someone to cuddle
Me - If you don't care about peoples size then you shouldn't mention on you profile that you don't want to date a specific type of person and use derogatory term to get your point across.

I'm still not sure what this 'man' wants... whether he's trying to be amusing or he's just not very clever? All I know is that this unorthodox approach to messaging girls on dating websites doesn't seem to be exclusive to him!

Borrowed from :)

Conversation two today:

Him - I'm a big lad, not many can handle it
Me - I'm here to date not talk about the size of your penis
Him - Liar.
Me - Nope.
Him - You know you wanna date a toyboy hung like a horse
Me - Nope. I want to date a decent guy who is nice and fun to be with.

Why, Oh Why?

Sadly, these two men are not alone - and I know that many females reading this will be nodding with acknowledgement that they have had similar messages or conversations (Guys... Is it the same for you? Are us women just as odd?).

I don't know when it became acceptable to ask a woman's bust size, or how much she weighs when messaging her. I don't understand why people who message others on dating websites don't use the same rules for conversation making as they would in real life. You probably wouldn't ask a girl what size bra she wears before asking her how she is in a club, so why should a message on a dating website be any different?

I'd love to hear your dating experiences!

Debz x

Monday, 27 May 2013

The Subtle Approach...

I understand that messaging someone on a dating site can be a tough chore - how do you know what to say? Have you said too much, or perhaps not enough?

I think, that people like this man (whom I have never spoken to before) need to adjust this blatant copy and paste message though!

Have you ever had any interesting messages on a dating website?

Friday, 24 May 2013

World Wide Weirdos? Does Internet Dating Actually Work?

Oh Hi - Another blog post! 

I know I keep my posting sporadic, but I do (as ever) intend to make every effort to write regullary once again.

If you are one of my friends, then you know my internet dating life has been somewhat colourful. I have had made cries from friends to write a book about dating, however as I can't seem to write more than 2 blogs a season that seems like an idea that will never happen!

There can be no denying that the World Wide Web is more accesible to us than ever - with smart phones and tablets we can now access the internet almost anytime, anywhere. However, realistically there is only so much you can do online, so what do you do when you've run out of stuff to do? Well in my experience, people turn to online dating!

Now, I would never say that online dating doesn't work - but for me, it has been some what of a rollercoaster ride... One that has even seen me spotted out and about on the town after being on a dating website (I know... it's my fault for living somewhere small and personal like London).


I know, he seems persistent! However, as persistance goes... This gentleman below really wins the prize! His messages (of when you can see are plenty) range from a simple smiley face, to him telling me know he knows I have read his message to him begging me to reply & go out with him. I have replied to just one message of his after he wouldn't stop messaging to tell him I was not interested... as you can see, he isn't one to give up easily!

So far for me, internet dating has done nothing but give me a few hours entertainment with crazy messages and a few dead end dates with men who couldn't commit if their lives depending on it!

However the Bridget Jones of the internet work (Complete with big pants) I hold out hope of finding my Mr Right... in the mean time, I have messages like this to keep me smiling!

Have you had much luck, or entertainment with internet dating? Do Share!