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Monday, 4 May 2015

The Infamous Tess Dress - Yours Clothing

Ahhh... The Tess Dress!

I spotted this dress a few months ago when I headed to Birmingham to meet Tess Munster. In fact, you might remember that a group of us bloggers all wore this dress and posed for a photo with Tess! I loved the dress then but it only went up to a size 26. This meant it fitted but not quite as comfortably as I would have liked so I didn't buy it :(

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I spotted it on their website right up to a size 32. I don't know when that snuck in but I was very happy! So, of course I bought it straight away. 

The material of the dress is really nice and thick which means that it doesn't cling if that is something you are worried about. The thick material doesn't mean that it is too hot for summer though as the length is great and the sleeveless arms mean it is nice and cool. Yours now have this dress in a range of colours but for me it was always going to be about bright pink! It's currently £35 on their website (new customers can get £10 off by using the code Blogger18)

I love the dress and will more than likely snap up another in a different colour at some point!

Would you wear the Tess Dress?

Debz xx

P.S Got a tattoo this week!

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