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The True Icons - How Simply Be's Latest The New Icons Misses The Mark

If you follow any plus size influencers online then the chances are you've read about #TheNewIcons over the last couple of days. The prominent Simply Be campaign boasts that t is time to let plus size people to the front of campaigns, movies, adverts etc. and then (in my opinion) fails to do what they promised. The project launched yesterday with a big event in London and the models featured looked amazing (no negative thoughts towards them for this campaign at all) but even the black and gold dresses they wore are only available up to a size 26 - Not really iconic if you ask me!

You have probably seen on social media that I am far from alone in feeling like this and lots of people feel excluded and are fed-up of being excluded consistently in campaigns like this...So, Simply Be... Here are just a few of #TheTrueIcons you're missing out on by continuing to ignore a majority of body types!

L-R The Tall Plus Size - RaRa Poole  - What Gem Curve - Kirsty Louise

L - R - Rebs, Daisy, Lucy, Me!

L - R - Annie, Curvy Girl Thin, Odds and Trends, The Thirty Something Mum 

Want to join in? Tweet or Instagram your pics using #TheTrueIcons - Why not head over to see what is being shared!

Debz x