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Loving Denim with Lovedrobe

Happy Sunday!

How annoying is this weather? One day I’m getting sun burnt and the next I’m walking to walk in the drizzling rain – so unpredictable!

That is why I was really happy when I saw this Lovedrobe shirt on my shopping trip to Topsy Curvy a couple of weeks ago. It is the type of thing I would have seen on the website but probably not ordered because it is hard to second guess sizes and with no stretch, it’s the type of thing that has to fit right.

When I was at the Topsy Curvy offices last weekend, Jo encouraged me to try this on and I am really glad I did. I really love the way it fits and I feel like it’s the kind of shirt that could be thrown on with pretty much anything.

Since I bought this I have seen loads of my favourite bloggers in it, which is fantastic too! I love seeing different shapes and sizes in the same outfit. It’s currently sold out on Lovedrobe I believe but Topsy Curvy have it in stock on their website!


What is your latest purchase?

Debz x

Summer with Topsy Curvy

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see that last week I visited Manchester and popped into see jo at Topsy Curvy. It was at her temporary premises but still amazing – she moves into her new permanent shop hop next week and I am really excited to see what it is like!

One of the things I love about Topsy Curvy is that they do lots of clothes which have plenty of stretch, this means I can get away with things technically too small. When you’re used to being sized out of plus size fashion, this is a really nice feeling! I’ve spoken about it before and I love Jo for her passion for plus size fashion – she is constantly striving to stock items above a size 26 and she’s doing really well at it!

This floral jersey dress is a size 26, but it fits me well and I love the length of it. They have also recently started to stock over brands and this denim shirt is one of the items that have come from Lovedrobe. I wouldn’t usually wear something like this, but Jo encouraged me to try it on and see how I felt about it – and I have to say, I really like it and I am so glad I did.

Topsy Curvy are doing great for fast plus size fashion lately and it’s amazing to see the brand grow! I can’t wait to see what the new premises brings, hopefully more items like this!

Debz x

Topsy Curvy For The Perfect Summer Jacket

I won't lie to you, I am not the biggest fan of winterwear at all. In fact if you looked in my wardrobe you would notice a significant lack of anything remotely sensible to wear when the weather is colder - which is probably why I am not a fan of the winter months in general.

I know that there are lots of people who get excited about layering and wearing snuggable clothing, but that doesn't float my boat at all - I want to be able to throw a dress and leggings on and leave the house without having to worry.

You would think that July is the perfect time of year to do this - we should be in the full throws of summer by now, but we're really not! Now I am throwing on a dress and leggings and then wondering what the weather will do for the rest of the day before I leave the house.

I noticed this jacket on the Topsy Curvy Facebook page and thought it was lovely. I was even more excited when they announced that it went up to a size 32! 

The jacket was in my hands a few days later and I fell in love. I'm not exaggerating when I say I take this jacket out with me nearly every day - it's perfect! It's nice and lightweight when means on a warm day it's not too much,  but if I get caught in a rainstorm on the way home from work it offers a little protection!

Size wise it's brilliant! I really admire Topsy Curvy who are without a doubt one of my favourite smaller independent brands. I know that they are keen to introduce bigger sizes to their range and are always pushing their suppliers to do more - which this jacket is proof of!

They have loads of different jackets to choose from too!

Both dresses will feature in future blog posts - one is from Simply Be and one is from CowCow

Have you bought from Topsy Curvy? What did you buy?

Topsy Curvy Christmas Swing Dress

You have probably noticed this, the Christmas jumper has had to take a step back this year in favour of the Christmas swing dress. I don't know about you but my Facebook newsfeed has been full of people advertising and sharing their purchases of an array of Christmas dresses! 

I loved them all, except the fact that they all stopped at a size 24. I love the idea of a bit of Christmas jazz but I wasn't keen on wearing a dress that was too small. On Facebook chat groups I saw that I wasn't alone in this feeling - another time when size 24+ plus size women were left out!

As ever, those beautiful ladies at Topsy Curvy listened and did what they could to tell. Less than 2 weeks later this gem dropped through my letterbox - how exciting!  This swing dress by Topsy Curvy goes right up to a size 28/30 and as you can see on me, it's pretty generous!

I love the exciting pattern on this dress, with its Christmas trees, Santa's and decorations. I actually also really like the fact it's on a darker material with a brighter pattern which I think helps it stand out fro the rest. The long sleeves also make it perfect for this time of year.

I really love Topsy Curvy for pushing the boundaries and listening to their customer base to try and deliver more. They have a whole host of Christmas dresses so make sure you head to their website and see if anything takes your fancy! Use the code 'CurvyChristmas' to get two for £25 - bargain! I think they have sold out of this exact print now, but they lots of other plus size Xmas dress options!

Debz x

Debz Goes Topsy Curvy - A Plus Size Shop Review

Firstly, apologies because this post is well overdue! It's one of those that I kept meaning to write but kept forgetting. 

A good few weeks ago now the lovely ladies at Topsy Curvy invited me down to check out their shop in Manchester. I decided to make a day of it and take a long my mama for the day - and what a lovely day it was.

Considering I hadn't been to the shop before and I don't know Manchester well, I found the shop SO easily. Hop on a bus from Picadilly Gardens, it's about 20 minutes away and the bus stops right outside perfect.

The shop itself is really, really lovely. You can see that the girls are passionate about creating an enjoyable shopping experience. The lay out of the shop is perfect with everyone easily seen and rails that aren't too close together - don't you hate that? They're attentive and happy to help. Perhaps one of the things I love most about Topsy Curvy as a brand is how much the girls know their stuff. Since they launched I have become good friends with Jo, Charlotte and Bethany and it's been a real pleasure to see them learn and their brand grow. ANY items that you ask them about on the rail (or on their website) they know about the fit and if it will suit you. They can advise about sizing up or sizing down, which is essential when you're shopping online.

I give brands a hard time about clothes sizes, but I do know how hard it is to source items above a size 26 even if I would love shops such as Topsy Curvy to have more in my size. 

Anyway, I know that Topsy Curvy are helping the campaign for change. They tell me regularly about conversations they have with suppliers asking for MORE! For example about a fortnight a go I started to complain about all of the Christmas swing dresses stopping at size 26 - the girls listened and now have one dress up to a size 30, with the idea of more to following. AMAZING!


Perhaps one of my favourite things about their store is the dressing room. For starters the mirror in the room is MASSIVE, which is perfect for seeing how items look on you. There is seating in the room and even a pair of high heeled shoes for you to slip your feet into if you want to see the outfit in something different. They even have a little stand with perfume,baby wipes, handcream and deodorant so you can freshen up after a trying on session, perfect!

Oh No, That's Far Too Small - A Topsy Curvy Review

Two blogs in a day - I'm on a roll, are you proud?

Another day, another blog post on Topsy Curvy! These girls really can do no wrong in my eyes. They're a brand that really listen and they're constantly expanding and offering more.

I was lucky enough to hang out with the gorgeous trio at The Curvy Convention a few weeks ago - where they featured on the catwalk and had a stall there too!

I had my eye on this dress on their rail and asked what sizes they had with them. The largest they had left (yes they sold lots) was a 20, so I was, of course, a bit disappointed. However, Jo knows me well and told me to try it on anyway. Now, she knows me and she knows her brand, but I was not convinced. 

Despite believing it would have no chance of fitting, I put it on and it fit like a glove. The dress is designed to be more of a swing style but I am not a fan of swing dresses on my body so this suited me perfectly. I couldn't believe it  -  a size 20 dress on my body! (I think they have since rejigged the sizing on this one so speak to them before you order).

I love the pattern of this dress and the fact that it is long sleeved. It makes it a really unusual piece and something that I would wear again and again. I wore this with plain black leggings and shoes just for a day around the shops but you could easily style it much differently if you wanted to. 

The Topsy Curvy girls are great at describing how things fit on their Facebook page as well as showing photos of people with different body shapes and sizes wearing their items, which makes the online shopping experience much easier! 

That said, I do want to make a trip to their shop, it looks like it would be so much fun!

Debz x

Plus Size Christmas Jumper? You're Having Olaf!

I'm not going to lie, I think that might be my favourite ever blog title... Go Team Debz!

Anyway, when the lovely team at Topsy Curvy updated their Facebook page a few weeks ago to announce they had Christmas jumpers in stock I was over the moon.. When I saw that they went above size 22 I got my debit card out and placed an order. I haven't seen any Christmas jumpers in a size 28-30 this year except these by Topsy Curvy and I know character jumpers are just as rare.

So, I bought it and then waited for an excuse to wear it - not that it took much! Seeing as today is Christmas Jumper Day on behalf of Save The Children I thought I would blog about it today. I think the idea of Christmas Jumper Day is to wear one to work, but I work in my onesie most of the time so that wouldn't work!

Christmas Jumper Day is a way to raise awareness and funds for the Save The Children Charity. I've donated and so should you :) That said, I don't want to write too much about the charity as their website does a much better job than me! So head their to read everything they have to say!

I am really impressed with Topsy Curvy's stock range at the moment. They seem  to be listening to what people want and really doing what they can to get in some great items! I bought this jumper for just over £20 delivered, which is a bit of a bargain if you ask me.

Are you wearing a Christmas jumper today, or at all this season?

Debz x

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Summer Wish List - My Shopping Ban Is Nearly Over!

You might remember a month ago I announced that I was going to give up clothes shopping for Lent! Quite a few people decided to join me and though some have fallen by the wayside there is still a few of us going strong!

Now that I am on the final stretch of the shopping challenge (10 days to go!) I find my self online-window shopping and lusting over the items that I am going to buy when I finally am allowed to spend. Of course with a list as long as my arm, I can't possibly buy them all but with so many vibrant patterns and colours out there it's going to be hard to decide what I want to get my hands on first! I know we often moan about the lack of choice when it comes to plus size fashion, but I really feel (in my as far from expert opinion as you can get) that the retailers are doing us proud  this season!

Here's a look at the retailers that have not been making my shopping challenge very easy!

Pink Clove

Pink Clove seem to have updated their New Arrivals page twice in the last week (Yes, I stalk them that much) and both times I have gasped and then done a little dance of excitement. The colour of the page alone makes me smile - I love so many of their items! My top 3 (today, this will change tomorrow) are:

Tropical Floral Trousers, Sweetheart Neck Skater Dress (available in lots of colours), Floral Spot Skater Dress

Scarlett & Jo

Sold through Evans Online and a handful of Evans stores, if you haven't come across Scarlett & Jo before you're about the experience a revelation! I have blogged about these lovely dresses before and you'll see lots of bloggers also rave about them. There is just so much right about these dresses - the fit, the colours, the shade, the style - everything! This season they have launched a range of prom dresses and my goodness, they're beautiful!

2 in 1 Floral Prom Dress and the Floral Layered Maxi Dress

Topsy Curvy

Still quite a new player in the world of plus size fashion Topsy Curvy just seem to be getting it right time after time. Sadly I haven't been able to try any of their new stuff yet because of my spending ban, so I don't know about quality - but LOOK AT THOSE COLOURS!!! These girls seem to hit the nail on the head when it comes to giving plus size ladies a choice when it comes to clothing & I can't wait to see what else they have to offer! You can buy via their website although their Facebook seems to get items added quicker and that's where I spend my time lusting!

Neon Newspaper & Flower Midi Dress, 60s Print Cut Out Swing Dress and the Leopard & Rose Swing Dress

Lusting Over...

All of these are items that I would love to buy & most probably will splash the cash on at some stage. I also wanted to add a little lust-list in the shape of Silly Old Sea Dog - a vintage style dress company that have recently started a plus size range. Their dresses are available up to a size 28 and they are BEAUTIFUL! The dresses are (sadly) a little out of my price range but if you're looking for a dress with a difference and are willing to invest I would definitely head over to their site!

So.. .What are you planning to buy over the next few weeks, has anything pretty caught your eye?

Debz xx

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British Plus Size Fashion Weekend

I heard a lot about last years Plus Size Fashion Weekend, but sadly was unable to attend - I hope to change that this year. From what I hear, British Plus Size Fashion Weekend is about bringing together plus size brands and consumers, to showcase brands up and coming lines and let them see reaction from the people who are likely to buy it.

The British Plus Size Fashion Weekend website promises a weekend of fun, fashion and more - with catwalk fashion shows and the chance to shop at your favourite retailers (with some of them offering a discount).

Don't just think that it is big name brands that will be taking the stage, so far I have heard that names like Topsy Curvy and Syreeta Badu will be in attendance showing their clothing, so it is set to be a fashion filled day.

There are different tickets available (I need to decide which one I want!), so why not have a browse and see what you fancy? I am always excited to attending new plus size events and love that next month is going to see me attending my first plus size fashion show.

Will you be going?

Debz xx

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Christmas Dress - A Tartan Treat

Happy New Year and all that jazz! I hope that 2014 turns out to be everything you could hope for and more!! 

I wanted to do a quick blog on the dress I wore on Christmas day, which is a lovely tartan midi dress that the lovely ladies at Topsy Curvy were kind enough to send me just before the big day! I am in love with the current tartan trend & think that the pattern and colours are so lovely!

I really like the vibrant red on this dress, which I think made it perfect for the festive season. I got a size down from my usual size however it didn't feel to small at all! I like the snug fit so it was perfect for me. I really like the black side panels which I felt broke up the pattern of the dress a little! I teamed it up with some leggings from One One Three (which are amazing by the way - lovely thick material and great sizing!). I have bought from Topsy Curvy before (you can use their website or Facebook to purchase from there) and find their stuff always comes quickly, well packed and generous sizes!

The dress is currently only £21 on their site too!

I have seen loads of your festive blogging outfits - if you have any more to share I would love to see them!

Debz xx

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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very greatful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!

Pink Skater Dress & Birthday Drinks!

On Saturday I was lucky enough to go on a night out with some of my favouritest people in the world to celebrate my birthday! We headed to Reflex in Watford to dance to cheesy 80s tunes and drink way too many £2 jagerbombs - good times!

In the days leading up to the night out, I started to wonder what I would wear... I spotted this dress on the Topsy Curvy website a few days before and bought it. Luckily it came on Saturday morning and when I tried it on, I thought it was perfect for what I wanted!

The dress is quite short, so I would definitely always wear it with leggings. That said, it is a lovely fit and the material feels a really good quality! Considering I picked this up in their sale for a bargain price of £15 I am more than happy! (I also got it in teal, but haven't worn that out yet)

Dress: Topsy Curvy
Leggings: Simply Be
Belt: Yours Clothing
Necklace: Primark

My lovely friend Lucia spent the afternoon doing mine and my sisters make up - thank you!! 

I won't scare you with the photos from the night out - we did get quite messy! If anyone saw a fat girl, in bright pink dancing to Chesney Hawkes at 2am on Saturday night/Sunday morning it was probably me!

As for now... I am off to eat birthday cake for breakfast and then have a birthday dinner with my friends tonight - what a lucky girl!

Debz xx