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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Someone Left My Cake Out In The Rain - Featuring Lady V London

If you follow me on any type of social media then you will see I got VERY excited about the new range of Estella dresses that Lady V London released last week! I have raved about the Estella dress before and I have no doubt that I will again - it's a beaut!

When I realised that they had bought it out in their infamous cupcake print, I literally could not have been happier. Is it normal to be that excited about a dress? I bought it within the hour! Good job really as it was sold out in my size just a few days later!

As you can see the dress fits lovely, they have now improved the stitch on the bust area and I really like it that way now. The cream Estella I have is lovely but I wear it with a vest top underneath, I don't think I will need to with this style!

One thing I have to say about Lady V London is that the quality is amazing. I am always out for a bargain and spending £50 on a dress all the time is definitely not something I could do all the time but I don't regret spending it on this because it is such a thick, quality material so you know it is something that will last!

What is your favourite Lady V London print?

Debz xx