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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Little Me - What Would You Say?

This week while reading some of my favourite blogs, I stumbled across the 'Love EVERY Body' project arranged by the lovely Leah over at This week I saw people writing letters to their body, what they wanted to thank it for, blame it for, apologise for etc. but most of all what they wanted to love it for.

Then my sister published a blog post about her weight loss journey and how it hasn't made her happier. Yes, she is happier in a sense but not in another - weight loss, dieting and self love is a long journey and somewhat of a roller coaster.

"If anyone ever tells you being thin or a certain dress size will make you happy then they are lying. However you felt about your body and the insecurities you had before your weight loss will be the same no matter how your outward appearance changes."

Over recent weeks, one of my favourite songs has been Little Me, by Little Mix. I love the song, but I also love the message that it presses - that one day, you'll look back and want to tell yourself that everything will be OK.

"Wish I knew back then, What I know now, Wish I could somehow, Go back in time and maybe listen to my own advice. I'd tell her to speak up, tell her to shout out, Talk a bit louder, be a bit prouder, Tell her she's beautiful, wonderful, Everything she doesn't see"

I often get messages asking me how I became so confident, how I can be so happy with the way I look and whether my self-body-love is real! I don't really have the answers - only that Yes, I do like myself and I think you should like yourself! The only real thing I have to say on that is that lots of people think the same as you! There are people out there, who you see as perfect who feel just as unhappy with the shape of their body. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

 So, if you could tell your 'little you' anything, what would you say?

I would tell my 15 year old self that everything will be OK, I'd tell my 21 year old self that moving up North will be the best decision you ever make and I would tell my 26 year old self that everything happens for a reason. I would tell myself as a teenager that one day you'll love yourself and as a twenty year old, you'll learn to embrace your body and like it! 

What about you?

Debz xx

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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Gym'll Fix It! My Sisters Story From The Otherside Of The Coin.

Anyone who knows me personally will know that my little sister has lost quite a lot of weight over the past 2-3 years and fantastically well she has done at it too! But, after a conversation with her tonight (YAY for sister time) I realise that we all take for granted just what weight loss does (or doesn't do) for you.

I'm not going to get into facts and figures because we all know that I feel those aren’t important, being happy in your own skin is far more essential that wearing the jeans size that the media says you should. What is important is that she set herself a goal and stuck to it - as she does now!

Would You Ever Ask Someone What They Weigh?

I don't think I have ever asked someone what they weigh! I am not sure I would even ask someone their dress size (unless it was for practical reasons) let alone what the scales read when they take the (sometimes brave) step to step onto them.

My sister told me today that since she has lost weight, she has been asked how much she weighs more times than she cares to remember... She recalls that when she was 'fat' no one ever asked her this. It seems that people see the transformation she has gone through has given people a reason (excuse?) to ask her what she weighs... This isn’t just friends, but work colleagues and people she barely knows!

You Look So Much Better Now!

You would imagine that our media obsessed world would lead to compliments of "you look so much better now you are thin" which she says happens... But that isn’t where it ends. She gets comments such as "Oh, have you put on a bit of weight, you look so much better for it"... She hasn’t gained weight & to be honest, is that anyone else’s business? People telling her she looks better thin, others telling her she looks better (when they think she is) bigger... How is anyone supposed to win!?

I don't want to go into personal details of her life (and I have asked her if I can blog about this) but it made me realise (once again) that it isn’t just fat people that get comments on the way they look. She has worked hard at her body and yet people still tell her she looks good thin, or that she looks better a bit bigger. Not people whose opinion she has asked for or even someone who has entered into discussion with, but just people who feel it is their right/obligation/job to comment on whether she looks good at whatever weight they think she looks better at.

To me, she has always been beautiful and I would never comment on it and she's my sister - why other people think they should is baffling... I am sure she is not the only person who goes through this. In fact I know she isn't - many of us deal with peoples comments on OUR body every single day.

Let's all just remember we are not put on this earth to be visually pleasing to other people at all. We are put on this Earth to live our life exactly how we want & we do not and should not live our life in a way that just pleases others. If people do not like the way we look then they can simply choose to look the other way!

Debz xx

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