Friday, 6 November 2020

Digital Agencies Make Online Trading Plain Sailing

Is your business about to go virtual? The current climate is leaving many businesses with no other option than to take the next logical step in order to keep making sales and therefore continue operating.

However, switching to online trading does present some challenges specifically when you start to look deeper into online security and function. Business owners will try to face these challenges head-on but the majority find that hiring a professional web developer can ease the stress of the set-up process and give a better result.

Let’s explore some of the hiccups that will require expert assistance along the way.


Even websites are not exempt from teething problems once they have gone live. Websites can be prone to glitches in within function and layout/presentation. Fixing website problems by yourself can be time consuming if you aren’t familiar with online issues. The internet will offer a variety of appealing solutions, but it can be difficult to find precisely which one is likely to restore your website back to full health.

This is the main reason why Stockport website design experts offer a bespoke service to all their clients, because every website glitch is different. Offering an online service means that you’re susceptible to server downtime and functional issues which require speedy, on call solutions. Maintaining an exemplary web presence means catering to these issues and getting the resolved as quickly as possible.

Secure Web Hosting

The ideal web hosting provider is crucial in establishing a website, with a presence which has little to no faults in speed and security.

It’s good practice to be aware that a professional website requires the safest security and the fastest speed if you want your site and therefore your company to be reputable online. Lower priced packages from budget providers will result in more time spent trying to fix downtime problems.

Luckily, professional digital agencies have expert knowledge about which web hosting providers are going to give you a fulfilling service which brings your website safe, speedy, and quick response which helps retain clients and maximise pleasurable user experience.

The reality is that, in the modern world, underperforming websites are going to leave users with a bad impression of your company. Secure web hosting will keep your customers happy and help generate sales.

Knowledge On Call

Anyone is able to learn how to advertise online but not everyone can be a pro. However, as you get to know your website you’ll want to start to improve or tweak elements of the design or function.

Hiring a digital agency to be your expert knowledge forum will help you make changes that are not only important for your websites appearance but also to accommodate immediate changes such as opening hours, contact details and recent posts.

Bespoke Customer Service

Spending time with a team of committed experts will ensure not only that your responsive web design is impeccable, but that your other online needs are met.

From SEO to social media management, digital agencies are there to adhere to all your companies requests, as well as give you the best digital marketing advice to make sure you’re gathering the market share of your target market online.

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Tuesday, 3 November 2020

How To Keep Your House Tidy During Lockdown

There is no denying that 2020 has been a strange year, and now that we’re about to enter another 4-week lockdown period, it seems that this isn’t likely to change any time soon

Although lots of people have been shielding since March and, for most of us, activities have been reduced, the news of a 2nd restriction across England has been tough to take.

During the last lockdown, most of us benefited from good weather, not bad pay and, of course, the opportunity to bake banana bread! This time, we’ve got darker nights, rainy days and the worry of what Christmas will bring.

For me, rather than worrying about all of that, I wanted to use this time to get organised. I’m generally a messy person – I love organising events & making sure everything day to day is planned, but when it comes to household chores, those aren’t my favourite things at all. This means, my house has lots of clutter and lots of drawers filled with things that need sorting!

The best advice I can give you this lockdown period is just to look after yourself. Social media will be full of people baking, crafting, reading etc. and it can seem like there is a pressure to keep up – but there really shouldn’t be. We’re in unprecedented times and therefore, you just have to do what is best for you and the people in your household.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

I’m a big fan of work smart, don’t work hard. So if there is something that is going to make my life easier – I want it! Banking apps, emails on the go, getting my boyfriend to do the washing-up – all of it!

I recently came across Laundryheap and let me tell you, if I still lived in Birmingham I would be taking advantage. Founded in 2014 they basically are a collect and then deliver back launderette – what a genius idea!

As someone with far too many clothes, you wouldn’t believe that I often have times where I have nothing to wear! I am sure many of you can sympathise. Then you have that one outfit that you live in, you’re reliable outfit – and it’s dirty! Well, as Laundryheap do a 24-hour turnaround service, you can get away with sending it to them on Friday and still wearing it out on Saturday night, what a good idea.

Not only that, but they do ironing too, so your clothes come back to you literally ready to wear. They’re currently servicing London, Manchester, Coventry and Birmingham, but if they ever extend to Hampshire I’m pretty sure I’ll be trying them out!

How To Keep Your House Tidy During Lockdown

The truth is, that you really don’t have to if you don’t want to. Just do whatever it is that makes you happy and feel safe. I would say that if you’re able to keep on top of basic chores then this generally helps your mind to feel better anyway. That and your wardrobe of freshly cleaned and ironed clothes will hopefully help you feel okay during lockdown – and then we can all get on with hoping 2021 will be better.

If you have any quick, easy to implement, tips for tidying please share them below.



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Karndean is the Master of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Who doesn’t love art?

Art gives a unique sense of self to any space. Throughout the decades art has changed and adapted, so your taste in art now will reflect so much more than just your favourite colours, it tells people who you are.

Vinyl flooring may not come to the forefront of your mind when you think of art, however,  the Karndean click vinyl flooring ranges have all been designed with distinct luxury in mind, which can only be delivered through truly artistic design.

Da Vinci

Iconic and renowned for being the pinnacle of fine taste.

Using a traditional finish which incorporates a bevelled edge, this vinyl flooring range is as classy as they come. Luxury vinyl delivers a sleek, smoother plank than alternative flooring choices which a diverse textured layer on tile options which make a lasting impression.

The fantastic Limed Silk Oak and Coastal Driftwood shades demonstrate class and sophistication best in the Da Vinci range.

Van Gogh

The Van Gogh range is deliberately mesmerising. Showing individual qualities which are there to prove how diverse and unique luxury vinyl flooring can be.

Van Gogh brings a variety of taste and texture to any home. For those that love urban-chic style, warm or cold shades can make your home into the ultimate urban home. The complex designs of Van Gogh are produced to look unique and will are a tougher surface to the touch.

Van Gogh vinyl flooring boasts a 0.55mm wear layer which is guaranteed a longer-lasting floor use. Homeowners or interior designers looking to create a calm natural atmosphere turn to Van Gogh’s for its uncanny replication of authentic woods in natural shades.

 A Price That is Less

Karndean doesn’t cost even half the amount it would restore say… a priceless work of art which hangs in a museum. Instead, Karndean state of the art technologies to allow easy maintenance of both planks and tiles for years to come.

Using advanced manufacturing methods, Karndean promotes health and safety awareness. Each moisture-resistant plank and tiles give safety by adapting to changing temperatures, so the PU surface layer doesn’t gather condensation or heat up if near a fire or paired with underfloor heating.

The anti-slip properties also provide a heightened capacity to act as protection against children running around the property or when spilt liquids make your kitchen a hazard.

Let’s not forget the amazing anti-stain properties that can take the worry away from spilt red wine or food. Your artful vinyl flooring can be restored to its former glory using a simple mop and brush, with warm soapy water mixed with vinegar to bring back its original shine and luxury colour palette.

Karndean click vinyl flooring will have all your guests walking with their heads down through your home, they won’t be able to look away from your artistic flooring.

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Tuesday, 20 October 2020

The Importance of Skincare & Listening To My Own Advice

Ironically, I have woken up this morning with a massive spot on my chin, so probably not the best day to talk about how important it is to look after your skin. That said, as someone who makes barely any effort with looking after my skin, I should probably heed my own advice with this one.

Skin Type

Before you can look into what skincare products you'd benefit from, you'll need to consider what type of skin you have. Faces are complicated things and many of us have varying skin types, which can make it hard to know what products to use for the best. Sometimes it be a matter of trial and error before you find something perfect. However, keep up with trying because the benefits are great.

I have in the past taken great care of my skin and I definitely can tell the difference with how it looks and feels compare to times when I have let my routine go a bit. If you are looking to do something more with your skin, you’ll be happy to know that there is something for everyone – whatever time and budget you have to spend on products. Do some research, have a browse of what is out there and go from there.

Skin Care Options

The good news is that there are loads of options. From Body Shop and the high street to CBD for skincare. To many people, CBD skincare options are something really new and therefore a bit daunting. However, I have read up a bit on The CBD Guide and it doesn't look nearly as scary as you might imagine. We all know that CBD is good for helping with all sorts of health issues and ailments, so it makes sense that it is well placed to help with something as complicated as our skin. 

When you look at the benefits of a good skincare routine, there are loads! With CBD skincare you get to benefit from anti-ageing elements as well as reduce the efforts of Psoriasis and Eczema. It is also said to help with acne and dry skin – something I could really use at the moment! Lots of people have reported all sorts of benefits, so it is worth considering how it could help you.

Looking After Your Skin

Although there are plenty of products out there that can help with skin, sometimes we need to do a little more too. I notice that my face feels fresher and less tight when I have made an effort to ensure I drink plenty of water throughout the day. A good nights sleep and ensuring I remove my makeup each night definitely helps too!

As with anything, these are all personal choices – there are no right and wrongs when it comes to deciding how much of a skincare routine you want to undertake. For me personally, when life is busy cleaning my face each day with Micellar water is about as good as it gets, and that is okay! Just feel confident in who you are, which is the most important thing.

If you have any skincare tips, I would love you to share them below, I'd love to read them!


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Monday, 12 October 2020

The A-Z of Qualifying for A Reverse Mortgage

There is a self-awakening that comes when people are close to the retirement age, especially for those that are 62 years of age and older and do not have enough financial resources to cater to their post-retirement needs. One way to fix this issue conveniently is to apply for a reverse mortgage loan. This type of mortgage helps you cater to several expenses while maintaining ownership of your property. You can go on vacations, purchase new furniture and home appliances, or even buy a new car, without breaking the bank.

What Type of Reverse Mortgage Can I Access?

Before you reach out to a lender, it is vital to know the types of reverse mortgages and how they meet your needs. Reverse home loans are of two types, namely:

·         Private single-purpose reverse loans

·         Home equity conversion mortgages (HECMs)

Private reverse loans cater to property taxes, home developments, and repairs. Homeowners with small or mid-size incomes can access this type of mortgage. On the other hand, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides HECMs. This loan comes with insurance and rules.

Receiving Funds from Your Home Equity

According to federal law, there is a limit to what you can borrow. In actuality, you can only borrow up to 60% of your home equity, as some part goes toward paying off your existing mortgage, closing cost, and other related bills. Another factor worth noting is that you can receive specific funds based on your age. Your lender will use a calculator to evaluate the amount.

How You Can Benefit from a Reverse Mortgage

Unlike the regular mortgage where you make monthly payments on your home’s principal, a reverse mortgage puts money in your pocket based on your home’s equity. Interestingly, you do not have to worry about meeting deadlines, provided you can pay property taxes, home insurance, and home maintenance costs. You have to be a permanent resident at your primary home; this gives you the freedom to live in your apartment for as long as you want without being disturbed.

On What Grounds Can I Lose My Home?

Although, with a reverse mortgage, it is hard for you to lose ownership of your home because of the opportunities it provides. However, if you do not meet specific conditions, then there are chances that you will lose your home.

·         If you stay outside your primary residence for six months or longer due to non-medical reasons

·         If your home is not your primary residence anymore

·         If you spend more than 12 consecutive months away from home

·         If you do not maintain your home based on FHA requirements

·         If you are no more and there is no trustee on the reverse mortgage

·         If you cannot keep up with the cost of maintenance, property tax, and home insurance

A reverse mortgage provides you with the opportunity to receive payments in three different ways. For one, you can set it up as a line of credit, where you can borrow money when needed. However, this option comes with limits. You can also receive it as a lump sum – an ideal choice for individuals with multiple emergencies. Finally, you can receive your payments as monthly paychecks; this is necessary to cater to monthly expenses. Having a reverse mortgage gives you the financial freedom you need for a post-retirement lifestyle.

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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Choosing Jewellery For A Special Occasion

Although it is not often I go out-out these days, when I do - I am a big fan of accessories. I don't tend to wear high heel shoes so I find that wearing bold jewellery helps me feel dressed up. I like to be comfortable, even when attending special occasions and I find jewellery much easier to wear than shoes that are going to leave my feet aching after a couple of hours.

Choosing Jewellery

The great thing about accessorising with jewellery is that there is something for everyone. Whatever your style, taste and budget you'll be able to find something that suits exactly what you're looking for. Necklaces, earrings, finger rings and even brooches can help to dress up an outfit, making you feel dressed for any special occasion.  Places like Carus Jewellery have loads of choices, so you'll be able to find the perfect bit of sparkle for any occasion.

Something Different

If you're looking for something a little different, or perhaps a stunning piece of jewellery to give to someone as a gift then vintage or antique jewellery can be a perfect choice. 

There are some really exquisite jewellery pieces from the past, especially 1940s and even later - when they really appreciated stunning jewellery and wanted stand out pieces. For example, this 1940s gold oval picture locket which is bound to be full of memories. You can replace with your own photo if you wish, but what a lovely piece of history to wear to any occasion.

What To Wear

The choice of what to wear is very much a personal decision, as well as dependent on the occasion you're attending and how dressed up you wish to be. I find that if I want to feel really dressed up, I tend to wear a necklace that is bold and sparkly - just a personal preference for myself.

I like the fact that something like this will stand out, and people are likely to ask me where it is from and where I got it. I tend to go for bold choices like this with outfits - lots of colour is definitely a personal preference for me. That said, if you're looking for something a bit more understated then you will find plenty of jewellery choices that match this also.

Investing in Jewellery

If you're buying 1930s accessories or antique pieces then this is often something that you'll want to see as an investment. These are pieces of costume jewellery that you can wear once and then never think about again. Of course, there are different places on the high street that you can find fun, cost-effective pieces of jewellery for your standard night out. These pieces are definitely for those extra special occasions, or perhaps as a gift for someone you love.

Whatever you wear, if you're attending a special occasion then be safe, have fun and don't worry about too much else! You are deserving of a nice time so go out and enjoy it  - I'd love to hear all about it!

Debz x

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4 Tips to Make a Wedding Reflect You

 close up photography of silver-colored wedding rings on pink gerbera daisy flower

Your wedding day is one that everyone looks forward to. Your parents get the chance to see their child enjoy one of the most significant occasions of their life, and your friends will revel in the opportunity to party all night long. However, while you want everybody to have a good time, you also want a wedding that reflects you and your partner to ensure it’s a day to remember.

Encourage Candid Shots 

If you’re someone who hates the idea of posing for a photo and never feel you’re looking at the camera right or believe your smile is just too false, encouraging candid shots can add a natural look to your wedding snaps. 

When you come to plan your wedding, you may fret and worry over which photographer to choose, but while a professional is useful, you can also ask guests to get involved as well. Leave a disposal camera on each table, and you’ll get something more authentic. Of course, you can’t solely rely on guests, so a professional photographer is always vital. 

Create a Signature Cocktail 

Artisanal cocktails and drinks are big in the wedding scene right now, and creating a signature cocktail from your and your partner to serve to your guests is a fantastic way to include some unique flavours. 

You can go for your favourite couples’ cocktail, or you can channel your inner bartender and create something no one has ever had before. This comes with its risks, though, so make sure you don’t pack it with too much alcohol that no one makes it to the dancefloor. 

Photos Through the Years 

What better way to celebrate your journey than by placing photographs throughout the years around the venue? To be honest, there isn’t, and while you may have spent some of your life apart, you can look forward to the next journey you will go on together. 

From cute toddler pictures to those awkward teenage years you’d tried so hard to forget about, it’s a celebration of how you and your partner have matured and managed to find happiness at the end of it. 

Pick Your Playlist  

The wedding playlist is one of the most frustrating things to work out. Do you go for a band and let them play whatever they like? Do you hire a professional wedding DJ who could clear the dancefloor with tunes that have not been popular for twenty years? 

One solution is to pick your own playlist. This gives you the chance to include all the songs you want to hear as well as pepper them with popular songs that will get people moving. One of the biggest things at a wedding is the atmosphere, and you can’t have an atmosphere without a pumping dancefloor. 

Your Day 

At the end of it all, it’s your day, and you want it to reflect you, your partner, and your relationship as much as possible. The beauty of a wedding is that you can do it however you like, and if people don’t like it, that’s on them. You are the only one that gets a say.