Going braless is a personal choice

Tips to feel confident about not wearing a bra

Going braless is a trend more and more women nowadays choose as a lifestyle. The reasons can be diverse; comfort, ideology, or simply because of fashion trends. Whatever your reason is, if you want to try it but don't feel courageous enough, this post may help you.

If you've been thinking about not wearing a bra but couldn't find the way to reach there, you shouldn't worry, it is completely logical. After years and years of wearing bras, going braless is not as simple as throwing your
comfort bra to the trash. NO! In fact, it may feel uncomfortable at first, especially if you have large breasts, because not everyone can take this challenge in just one step and feel comfortable and confident about it. Moreover, if you don't feel at ease with your body. There are ways to make this process easier, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident; you can take it slow or fast, you decide the pace.
Let’s get to it!

Getting comfortable and confident without a bra

As we said, to go braless you just have to stop using your comfort bra, but to feel comfortable and confident while doing so is not as easy. Here are some tips that will help you through it.

Start at home first
You can approach this process gradually. You can start by going braless at your home first, then you can try to climb another step by meeting anyone who visits you at the door, this will allow you to experience how you feel without wearing a bra in public.
After feeling comfortable with those steps, you can try not wearing a bra while walking your dog in the mornings, and then go up another level by skipping your bra for the whole day or even for a night out. Without realizing you will be braless at work; however, it is important to follow the work dress code and keep your outfits within the professional guidelines according to your job.

Try a bralette
If you don't feel confident enough to go braless right the way, you can use a bralette as a tool to get there. It will help you psychologically, making the transition smoother.

Pay attention to your posture
If you depend on the support of the bra to help you with the weight of your breasts, you should practice good posture of your body to avoid back pains. Your back should be straight with your shoulders pulled back and down while standing up. In addition, when you are sitting down, try to do it in a chair with a backrest to support your back, make sure to keep your feet flat on the ground.

Nipple covers can work magic
Of course you can let your nipples show, but most women feel uncomfortable with this. Moreover, concealing the color or shape of their nipples is one of the main reasons to wear a bra at all. If this matter troubles you, a good option is to get a skin-colored nipple cover and your problem will be magically solved.
Anyway, it is important to clarify that nipple censorship is a social dilemma that occurs because of the constant sexualization of the female body. Nobody is horrified when a man's nipple is shown, why should it be different with female nipples? However, this is a completely different debate.

Fashion tape is also a good option
In case you never heard of it, this is a double-sided tape that is safe to use on your skin, allowing you to stick your clothes to it, to keep them in place. Most celebrities use it, especially when they have to wear a low cut top or dress. You can purchase it in a drug store or a lingerie store. All you need to do is tape the edges of your garment to your skin and that way you will be confident your boob won´t pop out.

Important information

It is not recommended to exercise without a bra. You can stay braless most of the time, but when it comes to exercising, it is better to use a sports bra. It is better to secure your breasts so they don't bounce generating discomfort or pain, interrupting your workout.

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Bras and the different shapes of bodies

For most people finding the correct bra, the one that fits perfect, is not easy. We have to face the fact that human bodies are not all the same, they are not equally shaped, and when it comes to the clothing industry this is a fact that is not seriously taken into account, especially when talking about undergarments.

People all over the world struggle to fit in the standard sizes the industry offers, their designs are based in fashion and not comfort, without considering the diversity in terms of body shapes and sizes. Luckily, nowadays, that concept is changing; more and more brands are bringing new designs to the market that address these issues; such as the
True Kind Bras. These types of bras prioritizes comfort and support before anything else, its design adjusts to different shapes, and it comes in all sizes.
Hopefully, we are heading towards that path, leaving behind the illogical idea of the ideal standard body, allowing us to enter a new era where diversity is embraced.

How to get the right bra for your silhouette

There is a lot to consider besides knowing your cup and band size, you also need to consider the shape of your breasts; the width, length and placement.
At least seven different types of breasts have been identified to help people understand better their shape and which bra is a better match for it. This means not every woman can wear the same type of bra, because not everyone has the same shape and size of breasts.
To learn more about these considerations, and which bra is best for your bust, we will detail the different types of breast and the bras that favor them.

Types of breasts

East West: Your breasts point outwards, leaning towards the sides of your torso, leaving a space in the center of your chest. The best match for this type of bust could be a T-shirt bra, to shape your breasts.

Bell Shape: This is a very common shape. Your breasts are a little bit thinner at the top and then they round out to a curve. Underwire bras and preferably full-coverage are the best options for these types of breasts; since people with these shapes are often bustier, extra support and lift is required to make the breasts look rounder.

Separated Twins: This shape is similar to the east-west only the breast tends to be a bit bigger and the space between them, in the middle of the chest can be larger. In this case, a balconette bra can be a great option; it will provide better side support and perfectly complements the shape or your breasts.

Round Shape: This type of breast is pretty round and uniformly full on the top and on the bottom. This is the shape lots of people yearn for, these breasts don't need much lifting or structure, so basically you could wear any type of bra, or not wear any at all. From a true kind bra to a thin, unlined, light coverage style; you can explore all types of bras without much trouble, just make sure to provide your breast with enough support.

Asymmetric Shape: In this case, the breasts are not the same size and can be asymmetrical in shape. Some people have asymmetrical breasts and it is perfectly normal. In fact, many other body parts are often asymmetrical. Most people with this shape automatically buy padded bras, but those are not the right option, as they may bring more attention to de asymmetry. Instead, you should get a bra with removable inserts, this way you will be able to even your chest taking out one of the inserts.

Slender Figured: The breasts are longer than wider and slimmer at the top. They are often petite size. Probably the best option is a plunge-padded bra that will lift the breasts and center them creating the illusion of a cleavage.

Remember these are not rules; these are just guides to help you understand better your options when purchasing your underwear. Of course, you are free to acquire any type of bra you like, just make sure it fits comfortably.

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Vaping: What Are The Pros and Cons?

Despite the fact that most humanity's inventions lead to global progress and are widely popular among the end user, electronic cigarettes still entail many disputes even decades after the day of their Invention. Obviously, there is a conflict of interest between Big Tobacco and Big Vaping, which initiates unsavoury reputation and myths around the vape products and industry in general. But are e-cigs as bad as they tell us? And what are the pros and cons of vaping? Let's find out together.

What is Vaping?

Electronic cigarettes – the innovative way of nicotine cravings’ satisfaction. These battery-powered devices have cartridges filled with a liquid (also called e-liquid) which typically contains Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG), plus flavours and the option of nicotine. 

  • Propylene glycol creates a throat sensation similar to smoking. 

  • A higher ratio vegetable glycerine gives more vapour. 

  • Different flavours are added for personal preference. 

  • Nicotine is optional, and comes in different levels of strength starting from 0mg option (no nicotine at all). 

The liquid is heated into a vapor that is inhaled by a consumer (also called vaper). People are temped to turn to e-cigarettes (or vape devices in other words) as a way to ease transaction from traditional tobacco cigarettes to not smoking at all. While ones use vaping as a quit tool, the others join vape community and make e-cigarettes an ntrinsic part of their lives.

What Are Pros of Vaping?

1. No Smell Of Smoke.

One of the discernible advantages of vaping is that it doesn’t produce stinking smoke, that eats up into clothes, hands, hair, furniture, etc. Moreover, smokers themselves smell like an ashtray. Vaping allows to completely avoid this unpleasant odour, offering a pleasant gentle smell of mint or fruit. It’s always a pleasure to kiss a vaper.

2. It’s Less Dangerous Than Smoking.

Public Health England (PHE) maintains that vaping is 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes based on their extensive research. They released a short video of an experiment, which reveals the amount of tar accumulated in lungs of a heavy smoker comparing with lungs of a person who vapes. What does lead to circumstances like that?  

Tobacco cigarette contains 7,000 poisonous chemicals, 60 of them are known to be cancer causing (carcinogenic). All of them including tar are released during the combustion process. And now let’s compare a usual e-cigarette that contains only 4 ingredients already mentioned above: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavourings and Nicotine. You may think that nicotine is exactly that dangerous element that leads to many diseases. It is not quite correct. Nicotine is highly addictive chemical. Fortunately, when it comes to e-cigarettes, adding nicotine is optional and many e-liquids are nicotine-free. 

Furthermore, vaping has totally different way of getting to the lungs: there is no combustion process. 

3. Tons of Flavours to Choose.

It’s never going to be boring choosing an e-liquid for vaping due to endless assortment of e-juice flavours: starting from fruit flavors and ending with dessert or tobacco blends. Moreover, new flavours are being created all the time, so you’ll never run out of new ones to try.

4. Control Over Vapour Output.

Most of vaping devices have control over the volume of vapour they can produce. Low-powered devices create small vapour, whereas the high-powered mods and kits are more suitable for making dense clouds. A little tune by the power output, airflow, and coil type will raise or reduce vapour production. Plus, the PG/VG ratio influence the clouds amount as well.

5. Control Over Nicotine.

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, e-liquids come in different nicotine strengths, varying from nicotine-free to high-strength nicotine level. It’s important to pick up the right level at the very beginning of the vape journey, decreasing it gradually and reaching the cherished zero nicotine level. This way people can avoid excessive irritability and other consequences, that may appear when quitting smoking.

6. Easy To Buy and Use.

The vaping industry improves day by day: a plenty of vape shops have appeared lately, new vape devices, e-juices, pods, tanks and accessories are daily released. 

Typically, the price range varies and makes electronic cigarettes available for every taste and budget. There are all-in-one vape kits that can cost less than £10, while a starting price for a juice can be only £0.20. Online stores often run a vape sale, so most of the vaping stuff can be bought at bargain prices.

What Are the Cons of Vaping?

1. Potential Side Effects.

It’s uncommon, but there are some side effects that people connect with vaping. Dry mouth, sore throat, headache, coughing, nausea and chest pain – this is a number of potential discomfort vaping may cause. It’s worth to mention that all the above side effects can actually happen from giving up smoking and sudden nicotine cessation.

2. Scary Headlines.

The number of myths and scary headlines around vaping industry are booming. Let’s shed some light on the most popular ones and see whether they true or not: 

  • Vaping can cause popcorn lungs. While this headline appears here and there, there’s been no reported cases with popcorn lung effect got by people who use e-cigarettes. 

  • E-cigarettes explode. There were some cases indeed when it might seem like an e-cigarette exploded, but in fact the batteries did. It could happen because of wrong charging of the device or using a damaged battery. This is why it’s crucial to charge the battery only with an original charger and unplug fully charged battery. Also, before using a battery, it is vital to make sure it is not damaged, has no scratches or dint. The best is to store vape batteries in plastic cases avoiding moving them around in the pocket with metal things like coins and keys. 

  • E-liquids contain antifreeze. Propylene Glycol (PG) that makes part of e-liquids is also used in antifreeze production, but it does not mean that e-juices contain antifreeze itself. Propylene Glycol is an organic compound that is used in food industry, and can be found in many cosmetic products and pharmacology as well.

When reading the headlines like these, the common sense should always prevail.

3. Stamp Of Tobacco Cigarettes.

Not all people treat e-cigs loyally. Most non-smokers confuse vapour clouds with tobacco smoke. They might be concerned about the vapour effect on their health. However, the latest medical research shows that the second hand vapour is much less harmful for health than tobacco smoke. 

3 Ways To Give Up Smoking in 2021

With 2021 fast approaching, many of us are starting to think of New Year’s Resolutions and things that we would like to do differently next year. 2020 has been a challenging one for all of us, so there is no doubt that most of us would like to see a very different year next year - fingers crossed eh?

If you are someone that wants to break a bad habit or change something in their lifestyle, then you're probably considering the new year a good time to do this. Lots of us look to the New Year as a fresh start for something and therefore now is definitely as good a time as any. Although this article looks at giving up smoking, really the tips can be used for any habit you want to break - or adapt for any new habit you want to start.

Think About How To Be Motivated

On day one you're probably going to be raring to go - feeling super keen and as though it really isn't as hard as you thought to give up. This motivation is great, but for most people will slip in a few days’ time - a hard day at work, something stressful in our personal life or simply just Saturday night which is when you'd usually have a cheeky drink and a cigarette. Before you get to this stage consider what is likely to keep you motivated when things get tough.

There is no doubt that quitting smoking is going to save you lots of money - think about what you might spend that money on? Why not get a separate savings account or an old school money jar and put your smoking money in this. When you see it going up by nearly £10 a time that is going to be great motivation. Maybe you can have a goal in mind for something you'd like to buy with the money after you have been saving for a year.

What Alternatives Are There?

Going cold-turkey when it comes to giving up any habit can be tough. If you're someone that is giving up chocolate for example - you might find a sweet treat you enjoy instead or have the odd piece of chocolate to keep you going. Realistically, if you're giving up smoking then the odd puff on a cigarette is not going to be helpful. That is why many people use vape as a stop smoking aid. With companies now offering vape wholesale, prices have come down too - making it an affordable alternative to smoking! 

When it comes to vaping, there are different types, strengths and flavours to choose from - so shop around and try different ones to find the vape combination that suits you.

Get Social

One way to stay on track is to give up with someone else – if you don’t have a friend who wants to give up why not find a Facebook group with other people in a similar position to you and that way you can share how you’re doing. Having someone to reach out to when you’re finding things tough can help too – you can also offer support to people who need it!

Do you have any stop smoking tips?



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What Jewellery Should I Buy A Loved One?

Whether you're looking for something for Christmas, or you're thinking ahead for another gift jewellery is often a good choice. The great thing about buying jewellery for someone is that there are so many different types to choose from. This is great news because it means that no matter who you are buying for, you should be able to find something that suits. A website such as Abelini Jewellery, for example, has a whole host of diamond jewellery to choose from, which makes browsing for the perfect item easier than ever.

Buying Diamond Jewellery

If you are looking for something with real sparkle then it has to be diamond jewellery every single time. There is something really special about a diamond - they're a girl’s best friend after all. For me personally,I tend to wear fashion jewellery for day to day wear - I know what I am like and would lose or break it! However, something like a diamond ring or pendant is really special and well worth looking after.

How To Choose What To Buy

If you are going to invest in a piece of jewellery like this, whether for yourself or someone else, you should research who you buy from. Make sure you're buying from a company that has a good reputation as well as a good range of items. 

If you are shopping online have a look for a website that includes things like a diamond guide and information on hall-marking. These are signs that you're buying from a reputable company and therefore you're going to get a piece of jewellery made to the highest standard.

Don’t be afraid to contact them and ask questions about your potential purchase, any company that recognises what an important purchase something like this is will be more than happy to help.

Shopping For a Diamond Eternity Ring

If you're going for something really special like diamond eternity rings then this is even more important. A piece of jewellery like this is a grand gesture and therefore something you want to get right. Make sure you consider the person you're buying for - what style of jewellery do they usually wear? Do they want something like a half eternity ring or would they prefer seven stones? There are lots to choose from, so spend your time browsing and make sure you choose something perfect.

Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery?

Debz xx


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Tips & tricks: How to get started with sewing

While spending more time at home, you have a fantastic opportunity to pick up a new hobby. Sewing is a great way to use your hands, and at the same time create your own clothing or house interior. Regardless if you are a beginner to sewing, or are skilled with the sewing machine, this article will bring you some tips and tricks when you get started with sewing.

Sewing machine and supplies

Crucial for getting started with sewing is a sewing machine and sewing supplies.

If you are deciding on buying a sewing machine, doing proper research is always recommended. There are a lot of great brands and machines out there, but you should make sure to find one that suits your needs. If you are planning on using your sewing machine alot, and working on big projects, it might be worth investing in a more expensive sewing machine. With that being said, there are also a lot of affordable brands out there that will work great for your sewing projects. Research is key!

When getting sewing supplies, a great tip is to only get the most necessary items first, such as fabric scissors, seam ripper, sewing pins, tape measure, pattern paper, chalk or washable markers. For basic projects, not much more is needed - and once you get more experienced you can invest in more supplies.

Sewing patterns

The most fun part of getting started with sewing is to find a sewing pattern for your projects. Sewing patterns can be bought physically or digitally. The digital sewing pattern often consists of a printable PDF (which can be printed at home), and instructions on how to make the garment. There are lots of sewing patterns to choose from, and easy beginners sewing patterns can be downloaded for free.

The scrunchie is a perfect beginner sewing project. If you sign up for the free Yarnie newsletter, you will receive 7 different sewing patterns for free.

Yarnie's The Needle Craft Newsletter is a great resource for anyone who is interested in quality free sewing patterns. It's completely free to sign up and every newsletter features a free pattern, alongside inspiring articles with talented needlecraft creators and designers. You will also be able to widen your sewing skills with the tips and tricks included in the newsletter.

Free quilt patterns and sewing patterns are included in the Yarnie newsletter.

Fabric & thread

A good fabric for beginners is a fabric that is easy to sew with, but also isn't so expensive. You shouldn’t worry about making mistakes. In the beginning you might use up a bit more fabric and this is part of the learning process. A light or mid-weight woven fabric, such as cotton, linen or cotton-linen blend is a great fabric to start out with, as it won’t stretch or slip while sewing. 

There are a lot of fabric and thread manufacturers to choose from, and the possibilities to shop online are endless. If you prefer to go to a physical store to buy your fabric and thread (to also get a feeling what it looks and feels like) you can visit your closest craft fabric store, or visit the local market.

If you want to be sustainable in your selection of fabric, then repurposing an old thrifted fabric is a great way to upcycle a sewing project. In thrift stores there are a lot of second hand fabrics, such as old tablecloths, bed linen and much more.

Have fun sewing and learning a new craft!

Staying Motivated When Working From Home

I have been working from home now for over a year and it is something that I really enjoy. I work for myself, so when it comes to staying motivated - paying the bills certainly helps! However, I do know that without the hustle and bustle of an office it can sometimes be hard to stay on track. It looks like working from home may be here to stay for lots of people so here are my tips.

Make Your Workspace Somewhere You Love

I have spent a while making sure that my workspace is somewhere both comfortable and fun. At the very least make sure you invest in a comfortable chair - but if you have space then a proper desk helps too! On top of that I have bought some really fun notepads and lots of different colour pens - as someone who loves a list, this really helps. 

On the wall around where I am sat, I have lots of photos of people I love and some really lovely, positive canvas prints - including one I really like which says "believe in yourself". If you have seen my Instagram then you know I really like quotes like this so having them around me all day helps.

Stick to A Routine

If you have to stick to set work hours this is easier to do - however, if you work for yourself it is really easy to get off track. I try to make sure I am up and at my desk by 9am. One thing I have found is that getting dressed (even in comfy clothes), washing my face and brushing my hair makes a massive difference to how I feel. It is so tempting to roll out of bed and start work in your PJ's - and yes I have done that on occasion, but it definitely affects how you feel. 

Treat Yourself

One of the nicest things about working from home rather than in an office is that you can be a bit more adventurous with lunch; pop something in the slow cooker and dish it up at lunchtime or make yourself some air fryer chips - the possibilities are endless and well worth exploring!

Set Yourself Goals

Much like you would at work, set yourself goals of things you need to achieve. Can you get that report in by lunchtime? How many customers can you speak to before your afternoon break? These definitely help with motivation and are a great way to help make sure the job gets done. Remote working may well be something that is here to stay, so anything like this that helps get things done can only be a good thing.

Stay in Touch

Just because you work from home doesn't mean you shouldn't keep in touch with work colleagues. I work alone but I do use Linkedin and Facebook for networking and that is something i enjoy. Make sure you keeping touch with team mats - it will help you keep track of what is happening in the work place and also means you always have someone to reach out to if you get stuck.

If you have any tips share them below!

Debz x