The Best History Buff's Guide to Venice 

Venice has approximately 100 museums, monuments, and galleries to enjoy if you are a historian. Among the canals of the Venetian Lagoon connected by over 400 bridges, you can explore the 100+ islands alone or with a guide who will give you all the history you want to know about the city. 

First inhabited by Venetians in the 10th century BC, this popular destination was the capital of the Republic of Venice until 1797. The city began as a seaport for trading and fishing but expanded into a vibrant metropolis of businesses, with many old historic buildings in between. 

Between visiting museums and wandering the city, you can talk to locals about the history or head over to the library where you can find out more. Shop at the street markets where you may be able to find some old treasures. But first, drop off your bags at a luggage storage locker in Venice to make your way around the city hands-free. 

Staying Safe When Online Dating

It's been a while since I dated, however I am definitely aware of online dating and how it all works. Throughout my time as a singleton I joined a few different dating websites and definitely had a mixed bag of experience. Of course, I met my partner online too and look how that worked out, so I'm definitely pro online dating! However, what I would say is that staying safe when you're meeting someone new is essential.

Making Sure You Stay Safe

Whenever you're meeting someone for the first time, you need to keep in the back of your mind that they might be not exactly who they say they are. Of course, most people you speak to online are legit so you should be fine, but it's certainly something you would bear in mind. 

The Benefits of Renting Your Home

Before moving in with my boyfriend I always rented the places that I lived and that suited for. Of course, if you add the fact that buying a house is super expensive so has always been out of my reach anyway! I know that there is often an underlying expectation that someone in their thirties will have bought their own home, but I wanted to share with you my experience of renting so you can see it isn't all bad.

Moving House is Easy

Anyone can move house, but if you actually own your home then it can be much more costly and time-consuming. For starters, if you have sold your house and placed an offer on a new one, the conveyancing process can take 12 weeks or more - that's without taking into account the time it took to sell your house and the cost for using conveyancers.

Dating Someone You're Compatible With

Whether you're new to online dating or someway of a seasoned professional, you'll know the importance of finding someone that you're compatible with. Of course, there isn't ever going to be someone you match with 100% and that is okay - in fact, that often helps to keep things interesting. However, there are somethings that are important to match on when you're in a relationship, so there is no harm in setting out to find these when you first start dating.

Finding Someone Compatible

There are some things it is important to be compatible with and others that just don't matter too much. For example, if you're into Coronation Street and he's more into Eastenders, that doesn't matter and is easily something you can compromise over. 

Dating - Everyone Can Do It

 I've been on a bit of a retro hit the last couple of days and I'm currently listening to This Ain't a Love Song by Scouting for Girls on Spotify - they did some pretty cracking songs didn't they? Anyway, I digress.

I might be ever the optimist but I fully have all my hoped pinned on 2021 being very different to this year. Does everyone remember sweaty nightclubs and shots of Jaeger in Wetherspoons? Okay, it’s been a while since I lived that life due to be old and boring, but you know what I mean? I want to go to B&M without feeling like I'm breaking the rules, is that too much to ask?