Steps You Need To Take When Designing A True Foodie’s Kitchen

Loving food is a universal trait, but some nurture their affections more acutely than others.

Effectively exploring the world of gorgeous grub largely comes down to the type of kitchen that you have. It is the foodie’s kitchen that makes the biggest waves here, paying close attention to all the details to make space work in totality. It’s not enough to put some food in the kitchen and thereby dub it a ‘foodie’s kitchen’ – you need to fully commit yourself to an all-encompassing aesthetic here.

Keep reading to discover all the steps you need to take when designing a true foodie’s kitchen.

Go for A Custom Kitchen

To really secure a foodie’s kitchen, you may have to start over with what you already have.

If you live in Buckinghamshire, you can explore local made custom kitchens from Talk Kitchens to get a feel of how you can reset your kitchen’s aesthetic effectively. Channelling innovative ideas into their kitchens that are built to last, they model their offerings to your needs with piercing attention to detail. Visit their Buckinghamshire showroom, design and gather your quotes, and you’re effectively away.

Sometimes, hitting the reset button can clear your head before granting you an endless influx of inspiration. Why work with what you already have when what you can gain is so much better? The true foodie makes no compromises, so let your ambitions run free here.

Design With Cleanliness in Mind

Foodies aren’t just obsessed by food – they are intrigued by its creation, and all the qualities required for the best results possible.

When it comes to kitchens, dirt and grime can really linger in unexpected places, even when the kitchen looks otherwise pristine and immaculate. True foodies will care deeply about this fact because it’s presence can compromise the integrity of whatever it is that they love to make.

Where does design come in here? Well, stainless steel services can not only look fancy, but they make cleaning a lot easier also, eliminating many of the hidden dirty areas that plague the kitchen spaces. The inclusion of state-of-the-art dishwashers, bigger sinks, and enormous openable windows will help your efforts too, giving everything a healthier, and cleaner, glow.

Arrange Literature

Foodies tend to be well-educated folk, who care about what goes into their food and where it is sourced from.

Literature can demonstrate to visitors that you know what you’re doing and that you’re well-read on issues surrounding the production of food today. Wholesome cookbooks, how-to guides, and eco-friendly chef autobiographies can sell your image as a knowledgeable foodie. Do make sure to actually read the literature too, and not just leave it all gathering dust on a nearby shelf.

Unfortunately, there is an endless debate around foodie’s and whether or not they are insufferable as people, but there is always bound to be some level of strife wherever positive change is occurring. People can be jealous of what they don’t understand, and if you can turn your kitchen into not only a place for cooking, but for education too, it adds further credibility to what you are trying to achieve; make delicious, top-tier food.




Dating in 2021 – Anything Goes

We’re in uncertain times, and if I have to type that sentence again it’ll be too soon! It’s strange isn’t, we all know that we’re in these uncertain times but they’re something we share and talk about often. I guess it’s liking knowing we’re not alone is helpful, after all, if everyone is the same boat it doesn’t feel so lonely. When I was dating, I found the same. As someone who hasn’t always been as comfortable in their body as they are now, plus size dating was perfect for me.

Niche Dating Websites

If I was signed into a plus size dating website, I knew that the people on the site were looking for someone fat. It wasn’t something I had to drop into conversation or mention in order to make it very clear – they knew, I knew they knew and that was all fine. I imagine signing up to a website or app for BDSM dating is much the same. Any sexual kink or fetish is fine to have (of course) but if it is something that is a deal-breaker for you, then joining a website where you already know the person has an interest in this can be helpful.

Of course, I now know that introducing my body type like it is something sort of issue is not the right approach to dating – because all bodies are great! I met my boyfriend on Plenty of Fish and my body size was never an issue or something that I felt I had to highlight to him!

That said if you’re looking to become a mistress, or indeed find yourself one then I can see the merits of joining a website geared towards this because even though people from all walks of life join dating sites such as Plenty of Fish, there is one less thing to worry about if you know it is already something they approve of.

Meeting Someone

I have talked before about meeting someone new online, but I’ll talk about it forever if it keeps people safe. People who are into BDSM are no more likely to be dangerous than anyone you meet from another dating website, but there is no harm in keeping yourself safe.

If you’re meeting some you haven’t met before, always choose somewhere public to meet. Options are limited currently (there I go again, we all know that already) but you could always have some fun video chats before you meet up. Always let a friend know where you are going and check in with them as the date progresses so they know you are safe and sound. When I met my now-boyfriend, I did get in the car with him a few hours after we met but I text his car number plate to my friend. We drove to where I lived then so I could pick up some stuff, but I made him park around the corner and wait in the car so he didn’t know my exact flat. I now know I was perfectly safe and we have a giggle about the precautions I took, but you just never know. Be safe, always.


*Collaborative Post

The Best History Buff's Guide to Venice 

Venice has approximately 100 museums, monuments, and galleries to enjoy if you are a historian. Among the canals of the Venetian Lagoon connected by over 400 bridges, you can explore the 100+ islands alone or with a guide who will give you all the history you want to know about the city. 

First inhabited by Venetians in the 10th century BC, this popular destination was the capital of the Republic of Venice until 1797. The city began as a seaport for trading and fishing but expanded into a vibrant metropolis of businesses, with many old historic buildings in between. 

Between visiting museums and wandering the city, you can talk to locals about the history or head over to the library where you can find out more. Shop at the street markets where you may be able to find some old treasures. But first, drop off your bags at a luggage storage locker in Venice to make your way around the city hands-free. 

Staying Safe When Online Dating

It's been a while since I dated, however I am definitely aware of online dating and how it all works. Throughout my time as a singleton I joined a few different dating websites and definitely had a mixed bag of experience. Of course, I met my partner online too and look how that worked out, so I'm definitely pro online dating! However, what I would say is that staying safe when you're meeting someone new is essential.

Making Sure You Stay Safe

Whenever you're meeting someone for the first time, you need to keep in the back of your mind that they might be not exactly who they say they are. Of course, most people you speak to online are legit so you should be fine, but it's certainly something you would bear in mind. 

The Benefits of Renting Your Home

Before moving in with my boyfriend I always rented the places that I lived and that suited for. Of course, if you add the fact that buying a house is super expensive so has always been out of my reach anyway! I know that there is often an underlying expectation that someone in their thirties will have bought their own home, but I wanted to share with you my experience of renting so you can see it isn't all bad.

Moving House is Easy

Anyone can move house, but if you actually own your home then it can be much more costly and time-consuming. For starters, if you have sold your house and placed an offer on a new one, the conveyancing process can take 12 weeks or more - that's without taking into account the time it took to sell your house and the cost for using conveyancers.