Dealing With Dry Skin

I have always suffered from dry skin especially on my scalp and face. I've now found a routine that works for me, so thankfully it is less of an issue however when I was younger it was a nightmare. (I saw routine, I mean the right moisturiser for slapping on my face once a day - I'm not really a skincare routine kinda girl, sorry).

How To Meet New People

Can you believe it's April the 1st already? I've lived in Hampshire a while now and although most of that in a pandemic, I really should start getting out and meeting new people. Relocating to a new area was fun and exciting, but I work from home living here so meeting new people has been tricky. Where you might meet lots of people within a new job normally I haven't had the same opportunity so have to get inventive. I have been considering how to meet new people so thought I would share some tips with you, if I have missed any you think I should have shared, please do so in the comments!

Can I Really Meet a Partner Online?

The answer is yes! You might need to sift through a few people that aren’t suitable and go on a few dates that become something you talk about at parties to get a laugh, but if you stick at it is perfectly possible to meet a partner online. I’m testament to the fact it can work and there will be plenty of other people with stories of dating that has been just as successful. 

5 Things to Know Before you get into Blogging

 Starting April with something a little different - a guest post by the lovely Violet Glenton!

I’ve been blogging for 5 years under my current website now. Before this I blogged under 2 other websites, one on Art and another about travel. Throughout the years I’ve learnt a lot about things you should know before you start a blog or whilst beginning one and I’ve put together this little list to help. 

4 Steps To Help You Enhance & Enjoy Your Home More



You may like your home and know you don’t want to move. However, you may be struggling to feel happy in it because you’ve put off taking good care of it.

Be glad to know there are steps you can take that will help you enhance it so you can enjoy your home more and get the most out of it. It’ll require some effort and dedication on your end but know that you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and take pleasure in these updates once you’re finished with the projects. You’ll soon feel happier in your home and more comfortable spending time in your spaces.