Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Meeting New People in 2021

With current restrictions being lifted on the 2nd December, lots of us are looking forward to getting a bit of normality back into our lives. However, as much as this could be possible we have to keep in mind that there is likely to be local tiers - and that these will change. This means that if meeting new people in 2021 is on the agenda, then we're likely to need to get a bit inventive to make this happen.

Online Dating

In the past, meeting new people was easy. You could simply sign up to any number of dating websites and get talking to people almost instantly. Although this is still the case, most of us are much more wary of meeting up with numerous strangers, even when restrictions are lifted and we are allowed to. So, what you should do is invest time in online dating, so that you have a better chance of meeting the right people online - and therefore, need to meet up with fewer people in real life.

Joining a website that is local to you is a great way to meet people that live nearby. This avoids any worries about different local tiers & also the need for using public transport. Just look for something such as Northamptonshire dating, or somewhere local to you and get signed up.

Getting To Know People Online

You should invest some time into getting to know people online. Always keep your wits about you and stay safe, however, there's no harm in swapping contact details and getting to know someone away from the site. Whatsapp and video calls are a great way of getting to know someone well - and this will give you an idea of how much you click and whether you want in invest in meeting up with them.

Have a look for online games and things you can do on platforms such as Zoom for ways to get to know one another too.

Socially Distanced Dates

If you decide that you do want to take the plunge and meet someone, there is no harm in considering a socially distanced date first. Walks in the park, outdoor sports and even a drink in a pub garden can all work. The good news is that the country has definitely adapted to our need to be outside, so you should find that there are lots of options - including pods where you can keep warm and places with plenty of heating.

Looking After Yourself

Dating can be tough and during a local pandemic certainly no easier. Just remember that all of it can go at your own pace - there are no right or wrongs. Everything is getting through 2020 and likely some of 2021 in the best way for them. There is certainly nothing wrong with this and something I would recommend for you.

If you have any tips for meeting new people in 2021, let me know below - I'd love to hear them!

Debz x

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Top 5 Netflix Series of 2020


Guest Post by Georgina Grogan of She Might Be Loved.

One of the perks of having chronic pain and having to spend a lot of time in bed is that I’m great for Netflix recommendations. I’m the go-to person for my friends and family to tell you all about the latest releases and what you should be watching. Usually, I’ll watch something the day it comes out and even when I’m working, I'll splitscreen a series or film. When Debz asked me to write about my top 5 Netflix Series of 2020, I thought, just 5? That’s going to be a tough one but I’ll do my best!

SnowPiercer - If you take one name away from this post, let it be this! SnowPiercer, the same concept as the film with Chris Evans but 10000% better. I can’t stress enough how much better it is. The concept is the World has frozen over and the other way to survive is to be on the SnowPiercer Train that is constantly running so it doesn’t freeze as well. The train is 994 cars long and there’s everything from gardens for growing food to an aquarium. Sounds great right? Except there are classes. First Class, Second Class, Third Class and the Tailies, desperate people who risked everything to jump on the train before it departed. The cast is really fantastic in this series, it was already filming a season 2 before season 1 went live, and honestly I’m not surprised because it’s that gripping.


Locke & Key - This came across as a family show from the advert but it’s actually rather dark and creepier. It’s even classed as a horror on IMDb. It follows the story of a mother and her children moving back into the family house, after their father dies very traumatically. The series is all about them finding keys that do and unlock different things, including being able to unlock any door they have seen in their lives. There’s a demon who also wants the keys and not all the keys do fun things. I won’t say anymore as it’s really a great series and season 2 is on the way!

Queen Sono - I watched this in a day, I absolutely loved it and. It follows Queen Sono who is a secret South African agent who takes down the bad guys whilst trying to solve who assassinated her mother and why. There’s a lot of action and the main actress is really fantastic, it’s not just me who thought so as it’s been renewed for season 2! I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Dead to Me - On these last two recommendations I’m cheating a little bit as they didn’t come out in 2020, but another season for them did. So they still count as top 5 Netflix series of 2020. Dead to Me is one of the best series Netflix has produced in my opinion, season 1 had me gasping, crying, laughing and I honestly could not wait for season 2. Thankfully, it didn’t disappoint. It follows the story of a woman who’s husband just got run over and she goes to a grief group and meets another woman who just lost her husband too. The humour, although it doesn’t sound funny at all, is beyond. Christina Applegate is incredibly funny, her sarcastic dark humour is unreal. It’s a shocking, raw series that you won’t regret watching! Season 3 is on the way too so the story hasn’t ended yet.


Van Helsing - I always love to rewatch a series before a new season and Van Helsing is something I’ve rewatched a few times. I think it’s a fantastic series, the concept, the actors, it’s all brilliant and one that I highly highly recommend. We’ve all heard of Van Helsing, well this is set in the present day and the main lead, Vanessa, is a descendant of Van Helsing. It’s apocalyptic with Vampires and a lot of action. I don’t want to ruin too much as the first serious is REALLY great. Season 5 is coming but it will be the final one, I’m not mad at that because it has really been that interesting of a series that I feel they’ll finish it really well.

Tell me, what’s your top 5 Netflix series of 2020?

Thursday, 19 November 2020

Robot Toys That Would Make Great Gifts This Christmas

 As someone who doesn't have children, it can be hard to know what to buy the young ones in my family. I'll admit to often taking the taking the easy way out and just asking their parents for ideas on what to buy them. I love buying gifts for people, but I am keen to make sure that what I buy is something that people are likely to like - so asking their parents just makes sense.

That said, when it comes to buying for children, the internet is full of fantastic toys, gadgets and gizmos that everyone would like. I'm a fan of toys that can be used for either gender (which is all toys to be honest but you know what I mean) and also electronics. My favourite toy as a kid was a robot - hence why I have a robot tattoo!

RC Stunt Car - £21.99

How cool does he look? Suitable to aged 12, I feel like this a gift that a child will remember receiving and that's a really good thing. He can go in all sorts of directions and even flip & spin - so hours of fun to be had!

RC Racing Car - £23.99

He might not have the same stunts as the stunt car about, but with speeds of over 10 miles per hour - he's going to be lots of fun. Suitable for similar ages to the above car, these could be great presents for families where there are two children and you can buy them one each.

RC Robot - £21.59


Obviously I am a bit biased, but how cool does he look? I love that he looks like a generic robot and has loads of really cool features. If you have a child that seems like they already have everything, I feel like this is a unique gift that would really go down well. He can sing and dance, sense gestures and be programmed to do up to 50 commands, I'd love one of these I don't care if people say I am too old!

RC Dinosaur - £49.99

I'll be honest with you, the fact that he wags his tail when you stroke his head is a winner for me. It would be like giving a kid a pet dinosaur and presents don't get much cooler than that. Of course, he can also roar, battle and dance so he's pretty much an all rounder!

Robot Dog - £22.99

If you're after a robot toy that comes with a side of cute then Robot Dog is perfect. He's got loads of cool features including the fact he can bark and wink!


What I love about all of these is that they're available on Amazon Prime - and as someone who sees my Amazon delivery driver a few times a week, that's really handy for me! I am a fan of shopping local and have been trying to support small businesses online too, but when it comes to things like this, often Amazon and its next day delivery can't be beaten!

Which robot toy would you choose?

Debz xx


Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Is CBD Effective For Chronic Arthritis Pain?

If you have chronic arthritis, you’ve probably already heard about CBD as a treatment for your pain


Cannabis may be one of the most beneficial and versatile plants on earth. Although hemp and marijuana are both classified as cannabis, there are several important differences between those plants. 

The key difference between the two is THC content, the natural chemical compound that gives you the “high” feeling. In the hemp plant, that compound is insignificant. In fact, the plant contains 0.3% - or less - of THC in dry weight. 

Unlike THC, CBD - another compound found in cannabis plants - does not cause the intoxication or the feeling of “high, and it actually has many positive effects.

Many people mistakenly believe that the non-psychoactive cousin to marijuana is used only for recreational purposes, they just have no idea on the extent of its usefulness.

CBD comes in many forms, each with its own benefits. One of the most common ways that people take it - and maybe the fastest way to experience its benefits - is as CBD oil (or tincture), a liquid that contains a concentrated amount of the compound.  

CBD oil is also easy to use - taken by mouth -, comes in various flavours and produces effects quickly. It’s ideal for people who suffer from pain and seek short-term relief.

Part of CBD oil’s popularity is that its health benefits are extremely wide-ranging: it provides relief for many physical and mental affections, including chronic pain, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and insomnia.

CBD can safely improve your arthritis symptoms 

The most debilitating symptoms suffered by arthritis patients include pain and decreased movement within the joints, all of which can be severe and worsen over time. 

Arthritis can also coexist with other medical problems such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity. 

Although traditional medication and treatments can alleviate many of the symptoms, every day more people are searching for a more natural way to ease these negative effects

If you are interested in an alternative to traditional medicine to treat your arthritis symptoms, CBD may be worth considering. 

Of course, depending on the type of arthritis you have, it may be important to continue your prescribed medications even if you have additional relief with CBD products. 

CBD Oil Alleviates Chronic Pain from Arthritis Disease

One of the main CBD oil benefits for arthritis patients is that it can effectively relieve pain. It has been shown that a small dose of CBD oil can significantly decrease joint inflammation, swelling and muscle soreness, and serve as a protectant to the nerves.

It should be noted that some types or brands of CBD oils have natural extra ingredients that can boost its power, such as turmeric, camphor or arnica. 

Arthritis Pain Often Leads to Mental Health Affections

It’s hardly surprising that arthritis is linked with a variety of mental health affections such as anxiety and depression. Living with regular pain and fatigue is very tough. 

Also, there’s evidence that high levels of inflammation will increase the amount of chemicals in the blood, and that makes mental distress more likely and more serious. 

Many studies and anecdotal experience have shown that the use of CBD is an effective complementary therapy for treating generalized mental disorders, it helps relax the muscles and have positive thoughts. 

CBD Oil For Dogs With Arthritis 

As CBD gained popularity, the market has enjoyed an influx of readily available CBD, including CBD oil for treating some pet affections, such as chronic pain from arthritis in dogs. 

Due to its effectiveness addressing both pain and inflammation, CBD may help improve a dog's mobility. 

The best thing about using CBD oil to alleviate pain in dogs is that it has many other benefits to their health. Besides helping with their arthritis it can boost their cardiovascular health, improve immune and brain functions, and help them relax before vet visits, among other positive effects.

As the popularity of CBD continues to rise and many pet owners are incorporating CBD oil as a complementary treatment, every day more vets are more open to the idea. There are many success stories that can't be disregarded. Still, more studies are needed to finally prove that CBD products can be beneficial to our furry friends. 

Always do your research & check with a professional before you self-diagnose yourself with any illness. You're special and it's important to take care of yourself.

*Collaborative Post

Non-Touristy Places to Visit in Barcelona: 3 Undiscovered Spots

Alternative Ways to Discover the City

Barcelona is a super-touristy city, and it’s little wonder why. Its numerous landmarks and attractions have transformed the city into the second-most visited in Europe. Still, there are plenty of places where you can go to avoid major crowds and still enjoy some impressive sightseeing.

Here are three unusual places to experience the city like a local.

●   Casa Vicens (Vicens House)

The cosmopolitan and modern Spanish city of Barcelona is home of the genius of Antoni Gaudí, a Catalan architect that expresses his creativity in breathtaking design buildings such as Sagrada Familia, Casa Batló and Park Guell.

They all are worth visiting, but also crowded with tourists. If you want to appreciate Gaudí’s architecture there are a lot of other buildings designed by him that from 2017 are open to the public, so you better hurry and get an inside scoop before they get crazy popular. 

Casa Vicens is the first house built by the famous architect and has recently been renovated, 130 years after its original construction. It’s decorated in Eastern-inspired tiles and plenty of floral details, and located on a calm street just steps away from Fontana metro station.

If Gaudí’s artwork has a soft spot in your heart and you really wish to immerse yourself in Spanish culture, consider checking out Spanish school Barcelona. The city offers a life-changing learning experience, in a context surrounded by art and culture.

●   Bunkers del Carmel (Carmel Bunkers)

If you need a quiet day above the city chaos this hilltop is a truly hidden gem. Several old underground military bunkers (with a fascinating history beyond their military function during the Spanish civil war) located on the top of the Turo de la Rovira hill, covered with sprawling apartment blocks built for working-class immigrants in the district of El Carmel.

The place offers one of the best viewpoints across Barcelona, and as it’s a less-touristy spot, you will have enough space to relax watching the sunset surrounded by locals (they go there to socialise). 

From there you can see many of the most popular landmarks of the city, such as the unfinished and controversial Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s masterpiece.

Please note that the hilltop it’s not very accessible due to the absence of stairs. If you go, just make sure to bring comfortable clothes, trainers and some water as well, because the hike is a bit tiring. 

●   Museo de la Xocolata (The Museum of Chocolate) 

Spanish chocolate is absolutely delicious and has a long and fascinating history. If you are obsessed with chocolate, this museum will probably become your favourite spot in Barcelona. 

Located in the Born district, on the ground level of the former convent of Saint Agustine, the Museo de la Xocolata is a private museum owned by the city pastry-makers’ union that shows the history of chocolate in Europe and its manufacturing through different phases: from the cocoa bean up to industrial production processes. 

Many of the displays are chocolate sculptures (including Barcelona’s famous buildings), so the smell of chocolate is all over the place, teasing your appetite. 

The museum has several areas (although is one of the smallest museums in Barcelona): the area where history is explained, the place to see the making, and of course, a coffee shop where you can treat yourself with a slice of chocolate cake or a big cup of fresh and delicious hot chocolate.

You can also visit Chocolatería Valor - even though in Barcelona city centre - for delicious churros and coffee (locals love meeting there in the afternoons).

To say that Barcelona has plenty of places to visit is an understatement. Of course, most of them are swamped with tourists, but, as you see, there are cool alternatives that are just worth seeing as the popular places everybody knows. Do your research before you go!

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T-Shirts: There Are Just So many To Choose From

I think over the next couple of weeks you’ll notice me posting up some ideas on what to buy people for Christmas. Actually, my family and I don’t swap big-extravagant gifts but I know other people do and it can be nice to have some inspiration. I’m actually taking part in a couple of Secret Santas this year so if anyone has any ideas on small, but cute gifts that might match these let me know

Practical Gifts

I’ve always been a fan of giving practical gifts – that doesn’t mean I am likely to buy someone an ironing board or a toaster, but something someone needs is always good. One of the best birthday presents I have had recently was a slow cooker and a toaster, so I’m easily pleased.

I think clothing is always a good gift idea, who doesn’t want more clothes? Obviously, you’ll need to think about the person you’re buying for and the style that they like. For example, if they’re someone that likes to wear jeans and t-shirt quite a lot then getting them some new t-shirts for Christmas can be a great idea.

The great thing about fashion is that there is so much to choose from. When it comes to clothing, there are so many different styles and we definitely use clothing to get across our personality and what we are like as a person. With so many different fun t-shirts for sale, if they are into t-shirts then you should be able to find some great ones without too much stress.

Getting The Right Thing

If you’re anything like me, the biggest deal with buying someone a present is making sure it is something that they like. Clothing can be a tough one, as you need to make sure you get the right size as well as something they’ll actually want to wear. We all know this can be tricky when it comes to plus sizes too – however, don’t be afraid to shop around as there are most definitely options out there. Pixels, who have a range of t-shirts go up to a size 2XL which although isn’t the biggest size range I have seen isn’t the worst; the mens come up slightly bigger according to the size chart so that is something worth considering too.

What Else is There?

Of course, when it comes to clothing t-shirts aren't the only choice. If you're struggling to know what size to get then why not think about getting them a funky facemask? Children and babies might like a onesie and grownups might even like a hoodie! Clothing choices are so vast and varied that it really is easy to find something that will suit the tastes of everyone.

That said, just because Christmas is coming up that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself too! After all, 2020 has been a tough year so if you fancy getting yourself a new t-shirt I say treat yourself, you’re worth it!

Debz x

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Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Clever Storage Ideas for an Organised Wardrobe

A wardrobe that’s full-to-bursting makes choosing outfits time consuming and stressful. It’s way better when your wardrobe is a haven of inspiration and colour or style coordination.

Cut the Closet Chaos

The way you use the space plays a big part. You can, for instance, create a lot more hanging space if you install a second rail below the main rail. All you need is a length of metal tubing and a couple of end supports. You can even buy wardrobe rail kits online that come with everything you need, although it’s pretty easy to put one together yourself.

Extra rails work great if you have mostly separates, but what about when your clothes are longer, such as dresses or full length coats?

In this case, why not split your hanging items into categories, so all the longer items are to one side of the rail. You’ll have room for a plastic drawer tower or a shoe rack underneath shirts or skirts so you have extra space for jumpers, footwear, accessories or undies.

Moving the little things like socks and underwear into alternative storage in the wardrobe frees up dressing table or chest space for hairstyling and makeup.

A Wardrobe for all Seasons

You don’t have to keep every stitch of clothing at home all the time. One popular approach to clothes storage is to keep out of season items in self-storage.

The idea is to rent a storage room large enough to act as a walk-in wardrobe. Install as many hanging rails, chests of drawers or shelves as you need, then use this as the place to keep out of season clothing pristine till you need it again. As long as the fixtures are all freestanding, you can have whatever you like.

There’s an added benefit too, on top of gaining all that extra space in the wardrobe at home. When you haven’t seen clothes for a few months, you tend to forget exactly what you’ve got. As the seasons' turn, you’ll rediscover you own a treasure trove of garments that will all seem fresh again. And if you come across anything you definitely won’t wear this season, you can donate or sell it knowing you won’t regret it.

And you can, of course, use your self-storage room for other household storage overflow as well as clothes.

Squeeze Every Last Inch Out of the Wardrobe

Back at home, you should now have a much more manageable wardrobe. But there are still one or two tricks for getting everything super organised:

·         If you’ve got a top-shelf, use shelf dividers to help keep items stacked and folded as they should be.

·         Use a hanging basket or tray under the shelf where you can pop gloves or hats, or any other small items that may not have their own home.

·         Fit a narrow rail or a few hooks inside the wardrobe door. Great for hanging scarves, belts, beads, or ties.

·         If you’ve got a bit of extra space at the bottom, use a tension rod (normally for light window dressings) to make a shoe rack. It’s easy to hook heels over to keep shoes corralled.

·         You can use drink can ring pulls in place of hanger extenders. Just connect two hangers together to increase your hanging space.

When you love clothes, you’re likely to have a decent-sized collection and a fair amount of money invested. Getting the wardrobe organised keeps expensive items in good condition longer, so you get even more pleasure out of them.

That’s got to be a good thing!

If you have any handy tips I've missed, please share them below!

Debz x

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