Letting in Birmingham

As most of you probably know by now, I recently relocated to the Midlands. A few people have asked me why the big move but honestly I don't have an exact answer. I fancied a change and so just went for it.

When I decided to make the move I wasn't sure how I could make everything work - I couldn't find a house without a job and I struggled to find a job when I wasn't permanently located in Birmingham. In the end I ended up in a house share, which I plan to stay in for a few months before finding my own place.

I'll be honest and say I just jumped into the move - I decided I wanted to do it, so I did. I didn't really do much research and I don't really know much about my rights as a tenant. That's why when HomeLet invited me to share this with you, I jumped at the chance. I definitely should have been more sensible with my move, so sharing this with others seems the next best thing!

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That said, I have to say my move here has been about as smooth as it could be - touch wood. I had heard complete horror stories about living in a shared house and wasn't sure I would like it at all. but honestly it seems really fantastic. The people I live with are friendly enough, I have plenty of space and my landlord is pretty on the ball with stuff!

However, if you're planning to do the same as me - please do more research because I assume everyone isn't as lucky!

Have you moved area before? What tips would you share?

Debz xx

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