Meeting New People in 2021

With current restrictions being lifted on the 2nd December, lots of us are looking forward to getting a bit of normality back into our lives. However, as much as this could be possible we have to keep in mind that there is likely to be local tiers - and that these will change. This means that if meeting new people in 2021 is on the agenda, then we're likely to need to get a bit inventive to make this happen.

Online Dating

In the past, meeting new people was easy. You could simply sign up to any number of dating websites and get talking to people almost instantly. Although this is still the case, most of us are much more wary of meeting up with numerous strangers, even when restrictions are lifted and we are allowed to. So, what you should do is invest time in online dating, so that you have a better chance of meeting the right people online - and therefore, need to meet up with fewer people in real life.

Joining a website that is local to you is a great way to meet people that live nearby. This avoids any worries about different local tiers & also the need for using public transport. Just look for something such as Northamptonshire dating, or somewhere local to you and get signed up.

Getting To Know People Online

You should invest some time into getting to know people online. Always keep your wits about you and stay safe, however, there's no harm in swapping contact details and getting to know someone away from the site. Whatsapp and video calls are a great way of getting to know someone well - and this will give you an idea of how much you click and whether you want in invest in meeting up with them.

Have a look for online games and things you can do on platforms such as Zoom for ways to get to know one another too.

Socially Distanced Dates

If you decide that you do want to take the plunge and meet someone, there is no harm in considering a socially distanced date first. Walks in the park, outdoor sports and even a drink in a pub garden can all work. The good news is that the country has definitely adapted to our need to be outside, so you should find that there are lots of options - including pods where you can keep warm and places with plenty of heating.

Looking After Yourself

Dating can be tough and during a local pandemic certainly no easier. Just remember that all of it can go at your own pace - there are no right or wrongs. Everything is getting through 2020 and likely some of 2021 in the best way for them. There is certainly nothing wrong with this and something I would recommend for you.

If you have any tips for meeting new people in 2021, let me know below - I'd love to hear them!

Debz x

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